Monday, April 28, 2014

Kissable Luscious Lips with E.l.f Studio Lip Exfoliator Review!

Who doesn't want smooth, luscious, and kissable lips? I think the answer is no one! This  New York winter put a serious beating on my lips. Nothing ruins a good lipstick look like dry chapped lips. I love wearing lipstick but I can't stand when it clings to the dry patches. This little product was literally my lips savior and I don't think I can ever go without it again. 

The website describes the product as such:

Gently exfoliate lips to remove dry, chapped skin with our Lip Exfoliator! A sweet sugar and smoothing sensation, infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils to nourish and protect. This Lip Exfoliator treats and smoothes lips for a conditioned and revitalized feel.

The exfoliator comes in a tube just like a lipstick. It is a rather neat concept I have to say. Most of the lip scrubs I have seen come in little pots. I like this concept much better. For one it is much more hygenic because you aren't sticking your fingers in the product to get it out. Secondly it is much less messy since there is no rubbing around with your fingers. You simply rub the stick on your lips in a circular motions and then wipe it off with a wet cotton pad. 

There are little granuals throughout the product as you can see in the picture. This is what helps scruff off the dead skin on the lips. The granuals are encased in a deeply moisturizing lip balm. 

This is seriously awesome. After using it my lips always feel so good. They feel nice and smooth and hydrated and I don't have any chapped patches. It is incredibly easy to use and only takes a minute. I also love that it smells like sugar cookies. At only $3 I think this is a def must have for the lipstick lover or anyone who wants a smooth pout. I already have 2 back ups of this product in my vanity at home. You can purchase your at or at Kmart or Target!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm Back....Maybelline Eye Studio Limited Edition Spring Shades and New Shades!

First of all I would like to apologize for being away for so long. I didn't realize how long it really had been since I posted and for that I am sorry. For me life just got to be a little to hectic and busy and I needed to put my blog on the back burner for a while. I got a new job working for a skin care and cosmetics company which was very exciting but also required a lot of my time. That is all in the past though because I am back and ready to get back to the blogging grind. I have so many new products that I am very excited about! I still continued to try a lot of new products and brands even while I was away so I have plenty of things to talk about. So here we go my loves...

If you have been reading my blog for a while then you know that I am a huge fan of the Maybelline Eye Studio eyeshadows. They are one of my favorite eyeshadows from the drugstore and every time they come out with new shades I get all giddy inside and it becomes my mission to find them. They tend to put out a couple limited edition quads for each season. The quads that came out for fall were soooo good! Well I finally found the new limited edition quads for spring at Riteaid last week and picked up a couple of them.

I found them on a display that contained the new MegaPlush Mascara's (which are colored mascaras if you are in to that sort of thing), Lasting Drama EyeStudio Gel Eyeliner, and 3 new limited edition shades of the EyeStudio Quads. I decided to only pick up two of the quads because the third looked a lot like one I already had in my arsenal. I also noticed while I was there that they had come out with a couple new quads in the permanent collection that I didn't have. I picked up one that really caught my eye.

This green is the color I opted out on but it looked gorgeous and I am sure it doesn't disappoint so if you like those colors...go get it!

Top left is Mad For Mauve which is in the permanent line. Top right is Covetable Cobalt and on the bottom is Plum Passion which are both limited edition.

This is Mad About Mauve which is a gorgeous versatile little palette. I love that it is neutral with an edge. Almost all of the Maybelline EyeStudio quads have the same set up where in they have a large highlight shade which tends to be rather shimmery. There are two lid shades in the center and a darker shade at the end for lining and depth.
Here is the quad swatched over a primer. The first shade is a beautiful off white highlight shade. Next there is a warm taupe and a dark olive green which are both great colors for the lid. There is a dark amber brown at the end. All four of these colors applied like a dream. They applied smooth, even, and had great pigmentation. The wear time was awesome too. Even after 8 hours of work they stayed put and kept most of their intensity.  All four shades are rather shimmery though so if you would rather have matte colors then this is probably not the quad for you.

Verdict: A win for this one! I see it being a staple in my makeup case especially when it gets closer to fall.

                                                 Maybelline EyeStudio Quad in Plum Passion

Swatched over primer. This quad caught my eye almost immediately because it possesses almost all of the things I love about eyeshadows....purple and sparkly. It looked like the perfect soft colored palette for spring. First we have a pale pink highlight shade, a light pink with a gold duochrome, a violet with gold glitter, and then a dark purple with gold glitter.

I am still a little bit on the fence about this palette. I mean it is gorgeous. The colors and girly and soft and beautiful but I was hoping it would pack a little more pigmentation. If you want a very soft look then this would probably be great. I on the under hand like a little more color payoff. This palette also applied a little patchy and had some fallout. By the end of the day the glitter from the violet shade was all over the place. I looked like a glittery pixie which could be a good thing but not when you're at work.

Verdict: I probably would have passed on this one if I went back in time but I will find a way to get use out of it. It is workable but you will def need a good primer. I paired it with the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk to give the color a little more umph!

This is my favorite quad out of all the ones that I purchased. It is Covetable Cobalt and it is amazing. Now it is not your everyday natural palette by any means but it is a lot of fun! I love the metallic silver and that pop of blue is awesome. You also get a nice satin white for highlighting and a black with blue sparkle for lining or adding depth.

This palette was a lot of fun to play with but it was also great in quality. The eyeshadows applied smooth and super pigmented. The black is one of the best and most intense blacks that I have ever found in the drugstore. The blue does produce a little bit of fallout so you are going to want lay down a powder underneath your eye when applying it or do your eye makeup first. The metallic sheen that the silver has is beautiful too.

Verdict: A must have for the edgy makeup wearer. This palette could be the ultimate look for a night out and could be used with other palettes so easily. I think it is worth every penny and compares to some of my high end eyeshadows. The silver is a good dupe for Shellshock which is the silver shade in the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette and the blue looks a lot like Madness which is the bright blue in the same palette. If you were looking for a dupe for those shades this is a great way to get a dupe and save some money.

I can't wait to see what the next quads will be. I think Maybelline really does well with these eyeshadows. Do you have any? Have you tried these? If so share your thoughts with me....