Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Smashbox On The Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Luxe Palette Review, Pictures, and Swatches.

I love the Holidays. I love all the Christmas brings. I always hear people grumbling when the holiday seasons come around but I happen to really enjoy them. I think every beauty lover likes the holidays even more because of all the makeup deals that happen this time of year. You have loads of website sales but this is also the time of year when all the companies put out there array of holiday sets. Holiday sets make me happy because they are usually way cheaper than the products are normally. If you have read my blog for a while then you know that I am all about affordable makeup. High end makeup does not typically fit into my low end budget but the holiday sets that the highend brands put out usually are within my financial reach. It's a great way to try out products before committing to buying them full price and full size.

Though I am usually a drugstore girl there are times when I splurge and get high end products. One brand that I have always been quite fond of in the snazzy makeup world is Smashbox.

I got one of their eye shadow palettes years ago as a gift and fell in love. I think I own most of their larger eyeshadow palettes at this point and I have never regretted buying a single one. Their eye shadows have always performed beautifully and have always been great quality. So of course when I say their holiday lineup the Luxe palette immediately called out to me. For one the packaging is just gorgeous. I love the jewel theme both on the outside and on the inside with the little gem in the middle of the palette. It is classy and hones in on all the things a girl and makeup!!

The palette is only available at Ulta store or at! It is $42 and comes with 28 eye shadows. The shadows are a decent size. I would say they are about the size of a postage stamp or .04 oz each to be specific.

The packaging isn't the most durable but I still like it. It is a cardboard packaging kind of like the Naked palettes if you have ever seen those. It has a magnetic clasp at the front to help keep it from opening randomly. I love the jewel holographics on the front. I'd say this would be a good palette for light traveling however, I wouldn't bring it anywhere your bags could get thrown around.

You get quite an array of colors and finishes in this palette. There are mattes, satin finishes, and even some very shimmery shades. I love that you get some bright colors and plenty of neutrals so you could really create quite a few looks with this. I also love that it comes with awesome matte blending and highlighting shades. I can't stand when palettes don't have at least one good shade for the brow bone.

Because the palette is kind of strangely configured I went ahead and numbered the shades. I will list them below and give them a rating based on how I thought they performed. Not all of these shades wowed my pants off. Actually there were quite a few that disappointed me which hardly ever happens in a Smashbox palette.

1. Marzipan- A flesh tone matte shade. A terrific brow bone highlight. A+
2. Ambient- A warm bronzey brown with a shimmer finish. A
3. Midas- A shimmering taupe. Kind of chalky and a little hard to build color. B-
4. Zoom- An olive green shimmer. Beautiful shade but it does create some fallout. B
5. Totally Nude- A matte tan. Great color for blending in the crease. A+
6. Fizz- A light brown shimmer. Creamy and beautiful. A
7. Cream- Ivory shimmer shade. A
8. Roast- Deep dark brown with gold microglitter. A
9. Sumatra- Matte chocolate brown. Didn't apply evenly. Very hard to blend. D
10. Sable- Matte light brown. Creamy and a great blending shade. A
11. Juniper- A purple toned shimmering taupe. A
12. Lavender- A light purple shimmer. Powdery and not very pigmented. B-
13. Purple Mist- A deep purple with gold micro glitter. Hard texture and chalky. Hard to work with.
14. Pastel- A light satin finish pink. A
15. Peacock- A beautiful shimmering teal. A+ one of my favorites in the palette.
16. Sapphires- a shimmering midnight blue. Hard to apply evenly. Patchy. B-
17. Navy- A deep matte blue. A
18. Lilac- a cool tone shimmering purple. Another favorite. A
19. Royal- A deep matte purple. Didn't swatch very well but it is a great texture and a great defining shade. A
20. Snow- A matte white. A
21. Asteroid- A deep shimmering grey. Creates a lot of fall out. Powdery. B
22. Gypsy- A dark charcoal with silver micro glitter. A
23. Babycakes- A peachy satin shade. A
24. Moonlight- My least favorite shade. I don't even know what it's supposed to be. It just comes off as a powdery glitter. Creates crazy fallout. You need a tacky primer for sure.
25. Framboise- A deep pinky burgundy. A gorgeous fall shade. I love this as a blending color. A
26. Smoke- A deep charcoal matte. Gorgeous for a deep "smoke"y eye. A
27. Mink- A deep shimmering taupe. A
28. Cabernet- A satin finish burgundy shade. Gorgeous A+
Left to right: Marzipan, Ambient, Midas, and Zoom
Left to right: Totally Nude, Fizz, Cream, and Roast
Left to right: Sumatra and Sable
From left to right: Juniper, Lavender, Purple Mist, and Pastel.
Peacock, Sapphires, Navy, and Lilac. 
Royal, Snow, Asteroid, and Gypsy. 
Babycakes, Moonlit, Framboise, and Smoke. 
Mink and Cabernet
So there are some definite winners and some ones that are really not that great. I think overall it is not a bad palette but I think there are some better Smashbox palettes out there. I really really like the Masterclass palettes. I just got the Masterclass III palette and I think it's really great. You get one side that's bright colors and one side that is more neutral plus you get blushes and bronzers and it's just an amazing palette. This one is good and I think it's worth the money but I don't think it's their best work.

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