Friday, September 5, 2014

Wet N Wild Limited Edition Fall 2014 Eyeshadow Palettes Review and Swatches

If you know anything about me than you know that I love the Wet N Wild eyeshadow palettes. I have sworn by these for some time now. I would say they are the best eyeshadows for the price that you can get. I have made it my mission to obtain and own every Wet N Wild (wnw for this post) eyeshadows that exist. Now when Wet N Wild adopted the Fergie line they came out with some rather disappointing palettes. They were chalky and poorly pigmented and I kind of lost hope for a little bit. However, do not fear because wnw has picked themselves back up and released some amazing new products for fall 2014. In this post I am going to review a few of the new limited edition eyeshadow palettes and in a separate post I will do a review on some of the new limited edition lipsticks that they also released.

The new eyeshadows are in the new 5 pan type set up. If you don't know wnw did some revamping of their products and came out with a few new things. They discontinued some palettes and replaced them with these new 5 pan style kind. I found mine on a display at Wegmans's but I know they have also been popping up at Walgreens, Tops, and Riteaid as well. I purchased mine for $3.99 a piece. I only bought 3 out of the 4 palettes because as you'll see below one was a palette with blue shades that I knew I wouldn't get much use out of. I forgot to take pictures of the display so this picture I got from who also has a post on these.

The collection also has a limited edition mascara that comes in it as well but I didn't pick that up either. I haven't had much luck with WnW mascaras in the past and I have way too many right now so I decided to pass this one up.

So I picked up the other 3 palettes which you can see above. I am almost too excited to write right now because I want you to go right out and get these. They are an amazing deal for the quality let me tell you.

The three that I picked up from left to right are Smoke and Melrose, Angels and Aubergine, and Melrose at Midnight. As you can see the set up is a little different than some of the older palettes. Now I don't mind the little how to's for applying colors that come on the back of eyeshadows but the way they labeled these eyeshadows are just strange. For one I personally would never put hot pink on my browbone. When I used this I used the base shade on my brow instead. Makeup is your oyster so you can do whatever you want with it but I personally wouldn't go by the labels on these for application.

This first palette is called Smoke and Melrose. This is a lovely warm toned neutral palette that I can def see myself wearing for more everyday looks. I did the swatches on bare skin so you can see how pigmented these are. As with more wnw eyeshadows a little goes a long way. These are soooo pigmented and beautiful. All the shades apply so smooth and they are so soft and creamy. I love that this palette also gives you a little bit of variety in finishes. The browbone shade is a beautiful matte which by the way I have been using as a blending shade for the crease. You can also see we have some amazing shimmers and some more satin shades.

This palette is called Angels and Abergine and I am so in love with this palette for fall. I love deep dark plum shades in the fall and this hits the spot. It reminds me a lot of the shades that Smashbox picked for their fall collection but at a much better price point. Yet again we get a variety of finishes. You get a nice black matte and some satin and shimmer shades as well. As with the other palette the shadows are intensely pigmented. That black is one of the best around. You literally need to barely tap your brush in it to get good color pay off. Also like the other palette these shadows applied so smoothly. They feel like silk. They also apply incredibly smooth and even. I see myself visiting this a lot for a more dramatic night look.

This palette is more of your cool tone neutral shades. This palette is called Melrose At Midnight. This is another great palette for everyday wear or if you like a nice soft natural look. Most of the shades in here have some sort of sheen so if you don't like that then stay away from this one. The definer shade has little gold microglitters that are gorgeous. Yet again you get great pigmentation from this one. They also apply smoothly and even. I have heard a lot of talk about this palette and Smoke and Melrose having some Urban Decay Naked Palette dupes in them. If you are more interested in that then visit where she talks more about what dupes they have.

Did I convince you yet that these are amazing? Well if not then just believe me that they are AMAZING!  I can't stress enough how wonderful these are. They are worth every penny you will spend on them. I dare to say that these palettes apply much better than 2/3rd's of my high end palettes. I also think these would be great for anyone who is new to wearing makeup. They are easy to work with and the shades are beautiful. You get two great everyday palettes to work with plus one that is a little more dramatic for when you're feeling sassy!!!

Have you found these yet? Tell me what you think about them and comment below where you found yours.


  1. ahhh i want all of these, so pretty!

    1. They are so worth it! I have used them so much in the last couple weeks! I own the Naked palettes and I do think they are just as good.