Friday, September 5, 2014

Avon Extra Lasting Eyeshadow Pencils Review and Swatches!

Hello there beautiful ladies. I know I say this every time but I am sorry for being gone so long. Months have passed and I have just been so busy with life that I have fallen out of the blogging spirit. We bought a house, got a dog, and wedding season was in full swing so sorry for my absence. However, I have not lost my love for makeup and have continued to buy and use a lot since I have been gone. I figured since I have a stock pile of awesome makeup lying around, that it was time to get back on the blogging wagon and review some things.

When I was in high school I was an Avon junkie. I would almost say that Avon is where my love of makeup truly began. There was a girl who rode my bus and her mom sold Avon and every time they got something new she would bring the book to me. Of course I would buy the products and it was my real stepping stone in to makeup. However, as I got older I ventured out in to a lot of other brands and Avon kind of fell to the way side. Lately I had heard some people singing great praises to some of Avons products and I figured it was about time to try out some things. I knew they had changed and improved their products so I ordered a variety of things. There were some amazing things and there were some duds.
Photo: Some of my favorites from August that I found myself reaching for often! My goal for September is to start blogging more so I'll post some reviews on these soon. 1)Clinique City Block Daily Face Protectant 2) Physicians Formula Glowing Nude Blush in Natural 3)Jordana 12 Hour Made To Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in Jade Jewel...though I love them all. 4) E.l.f Lip Exfoliator 5) Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup 6)Avon Extra Lasting Eyeshadow Pencils 7)Clinique Long Last Matte Lipstick the one pictured is Matte Peony 8)Prestige My Blackest Lashes Mascara 9)Ofra Universal  Eyebrow Pencil

I reached for all of these products over and over!
They were part of my August favorites that I posted to my Instagram. If you don't follow me my ig name is makemeover_insideandout 

One product that I LOVED is the Avon Extra Lasting Eyeshadow Pencil. I originally heard of these through Emily from Beauty Broadcast on YouTube and she raved about them. She said they were a pretty close dupe for the Mally Everycolor Shadow Stick which I don't own but that I have heard amazing things about also. Avon's option comes with a much less expensive price tag. Avon Extra Lasting Eyeshadow Pencil runs regularly for $8.50 but they often run sales on the website so I think I paid $4.99 a piece for mine which is much better than the $25 that Mally charges for their version.

I originally bought 2 shades and loved them so much I ordered 2 more.

Shimmering Sands is a nice cream colored shade. It is my go to highlight right now for the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone. It gives the nicest sheen and immediately wakes up the whole eye area.

Amethyst is a cool toned brown that almost borders on plummy taupe toned. It is a gorgeous shade that I expect to wear frequently during fall.

Violet is a true to color deep purple.

Shimmering Topaz is a warm toned copper brown.

Now when ordering online I will warn you of this. The color swatches they show are NOTHING like the colors in person. Thankfully I loved the shades anyway but the pictures on the website don't do them justice at all. For example Topaz Shimmer is not taupe at all which it appears on the website and is a copper color. So I recommend doing some research first. Thankfully they do have a great return policy if you do get something you don't love.


I can't sing enough praises for these. They are so creamy in texture. They glide on like a dream and blend beautifully. I find that they apply very even as well without any skipping. 

They real selling point of these bad boys is the wear time. They literally last forever. I really put these to the test some days and wore them through 15 hour work days and they stayed put. You do need a makeup remover to get them off though. Which says wonders about their wear time but if you aren't a fan of using makeup remover than you might not like that factor. 

They package isn't anything too fancy but it is nice. The pencils are slim and have a nice tight fitting cap which makes them great for travel. It also means that they won't dry out either. 

I love the construction of these. Instead of being something that resembles a fat crayon like a lot of cream shadow sticks, these come in a smaller more precise twist up type crayon. The smaller size makes it much easier to work with and get into smaller areas with ease. 

I really do think these are worth every penny. They have quickly become a staple in my makeup routine. They work great either by themselves and also work wonderfully as an eyeshadow base. I find they hold onto powder shadows well. 

Do you use these? Thoughts? Let me know below! Order yours here!

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  1. I love these pencils too! I have the same ones you do except the purple, plus a couple others. The reason the topaz one had a taupe swatch online is because Avon mistakenly switched it with the taupe shade LOL. I'd love to hear about your duds. Great post and pictures! (i found you on IG, btw)

    1. Well thank you so much for stopping by Erin! I am definitely going to be adding more to my collection here shortly. I love them that much. Well that def clears up my confusion for the taupe colored swatch then. Thankfully I still love Topaz because it is not what I was expecting when I ordered haha. I have ordered a few things that I wasn't really in love with most recently I did not like the Brightening Concealer or the Extra Lasting Concealer (reviews to come)!