Monday, September 29, 2014

Avon Extra Lasting Concealer Review and Swatches!

Hey there pretty people! How are you? I hope you are doing well today. It's a cool night here in New York and I thought it was the perfect time to do a little bloggin! Today's review is on a new Avon product that I have been trying lately. Well it's new to me but I am not sure if it is new to Avon! As I mentioned in my Avon Extra Lasting Eyeshadow Pencil review (check it out if you haven't yet. You won't be disappointed) I have lately been back into trying Avon cosmetics. I used to love Avon and then after high school for some reason I stopped even thinking about the brand. Lately, something reignited my curiosity for Avon and I hauled a bunch of new products to try out.

I picked up a multitude of things from the Extra Lasting line to try out. I mean c'mon who doesn't want something to last extra long? I definitely want everything on my face to last forever so those words just called to me. I also have been in a huge concealer buying binge lately. I have used the same 2 concealers for like years now and I finally convinced myself to branch out and see if the pastures are greener in other concealed fields.

The concealer comes in a long cylindrical tube with a doe foot applicator. It is a sort of thinner consistency. I got mine in light since well I am rather pale. I have been trying this now for weeks so let's talk about how I feel about it.


I am a bit of a cosmetic germophobe so I tend to be kind of wary about doe foot applicators but I guess if it's only touching my own face it's okay. I do usually prefer a squeeze type tube. This does make for easy travel though. It is the size of an average lipgloss.


It feels really nice. It has a nice creamy texture and is neither too thin or too thick. It is a good concealer for covering minor blemishes but if you need full coverage this is not for you. I would say this is medium in coverage but it looks very natural. 

                                              Before                                After


This is where my problems kind of lie. This concealer claims to be a very long wearing concealer. It actually claims to be an 18 hour concealer. I definitely did not see this to be long wearing. Now it wears a sufficient amount of time but it doesn't wear 18 hours. I put it on in the morning and at about the 5 hour mark I start to see some break down. I can see it lightening up and kind of separating a little bit. I also make sure to set my concealer with translucent powder which also gives it a little more wear time. At about the 8 hour mark it almost looks like I didn't even put much on. 

Final Verdict:

I don't feel like this is a completely garbage product I just think I bought it under false hopes. It is a good concealer and it does look natural but it just isn't long wearing like I'd hoped it would be. I will use this if I am running somewhere for a couple hours or a quick work day but I have others I'll go to for those really long days. 

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