Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Three Words...AMAZING CHEAP BLUSH! Jordana Powder Blush Review and Swatches.

Well hello there lovelies. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season. My year thus far has been amazing. Busy and a whirlwind but amazing! It is a whopping -2 degree here in New York so I figured it was a wonderful day to stay inside, bundled up, and blog. Today I have a post that I have been pretty excited about. If you have read my blog for a while then you know that I am always on the hunt for good quality affordable makeup products. I consider affordable to be around $10 so these puppies are dirt cheap.

I am a blush junkie, let me tell you. I have a whole drawer full of just blushes. I can hear my boyfriend in the back of my head saying "Don't you already have a color just like that?" everytime that I buy a new one. Of course the makeup enthusiast in my answer "No. This one is a little brighter with a cooler tone." So, for once in my life when a friend of mine told me about these awesome cheap blushes she found I decided to hold off on buying them. I convinced myself that I had better things to spend my money on and kind of forgot about them. Then about a month ago I was strolling through the lack luster cosmetics section of K-Mart when I stumbled upon the Jodana Powder Blushes and at only $2.99 a piece I really couldn't pass them up. I picked up three shades that I knew I would use during the winter months so I could give them a try.

I have had pretty good luck with Jordana over the years and some of my holy grail makeup products come from that brand. The Jordana Fabuliner is by far my favorite felt tip liner pen and I have been using the same one for 6 months and it hasn't dried out yet. I also love their new 12 HR Eyeshadow Pencils and liners (review coming soon) as well as their lip liners.

 Now the packaging is not the greatest. It is kind of cheap plastic but at $3 a piece what can you do.
 Here are the three shades I picked up. From left to right: Coral Sandy Beach, Redwood, and Tawny Beige. I stuck with deeper tones since that is what I usually where in the winter time but there is quite a variety in this line. These are only 3 of around 15 shades.
 Coral Sandy Beach is a gorgeous peachy mauve.
 Redwood is a deep red.
Tawny Beige is a mauve/beige color.

These swatches are done on bare skin without a primer. Two swipes of the color were done for each swatch. They all have a slight satin finish but are almost matte.

I absolutely love these blushes.

Texture- All of the blushes have a nice silky texture and are finely milled. I experienced little fall out with these as well and they didn't create a mess in the pan.

Blendability- I found these to blend really well. I didn't have any issues with them not blending out. They also didn't apply patchy or too overwhelming.

Pigmentation- The color payoff on these are really nice. They are by no means sheer but they also aren't overly pigmented for a blush either. I don't want to not be able to see a blush but I also don't like when they apply like pink paint either. These are the perfect in between. They are build-able so you can achieve the look you want.

Staying Power- These stayed on my cheeks really well. I would apply them in the morning while getting ready for the day and could still see them hours later. Left a nice flush on my cheeks all day long. \

Final Verdict:

They are sooooooo worth the money. I don't think a penny is wasted with these. With such a wide color variety and affordable price I am really surprised that I don't hear more about these.


If you are in the market to purchase some of these blushes now is the time. I usually purchase my Jordana products at K-Mart or Walgreens but I wanted to give you guys an online buying option since I know not all of you have access to those stores. One of my favorite online cosmetics sites carries the brand and when I went over to get the link I saw that all Jordana was on CLEARANCE! Which means these blushes are only $1.50 right now. click here to go get you some. While you are there you should also check out the other products I mentioned above and pick up some of those as well. 

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  1. I wish I could find these in Canada! They look awesome