Monday, November 25, 2013

Lazy Monday Poll #2

Hey hey there beautiful people. Yet again I am here with another Lazy Monday Poll...or Insomnia Solution as I should call them. It is way too late and I am wide awake so I figured I would find something to pass the time. I stumbled onto Makeup and Beauty blog and she has another Monday poll. Did you read last weeks? If not click here! It has been a while since I had taken a pole about myself. It brings me back to my early chain email days with my friends in high school. So here we go...

1. Do you wear mascara on your bottom lashes? 
Occasionally I do. It isn't an everyday thing for me but if I want to add extra drama to a smokey eye or something I will use it. I only put waterproof mascara on the bottom though. 2. Watching figure skating on TV: yes or no?
Yes, I love it3. What’s your favorite kind of pie?
Pumpkin all the way. With a big dallop of Cool Whip4. Is there someone in your life who’s always encouraged you to chase after your dreams?
Yes my boyfriend. He is the one who encouraged me to start this blog from the beginning. He also pushed me to pursue my professional makeup career. I couldn't thank him enough for giving me the kick in the butt that I needed. 
5. Besides laughter, what’s the best medicine?
Exercise. Anything that gets you up and moving. 6. Have you ever dedicated a song on the radio to someone?
In my mind yes7. Where do you feel the safest?
In my cozy little apartment with my boyfriend or at my parents house8. Who makes the best drugstore nail polish?
I have always been a fan of Revlon polishes. I will say that I also really like the new Covergirl polishes. 9. What shoes are you wearing today?
My black boots with a woven top that is like a mixture of a sweater and a sock. 10. Hello, would you like whipped cream with your hot cocoa?

Yes of course and extra marshmallows...what can I say I have a huge sweet tooth's your turn! Tag your it ha!


My First Ever Makeup Geek Products! Utopia and Insomnia Pigment Review and Swatches

 If any of you are beauty YouTube junkies like I am then I am sure you know what Makeup Geek Makeup is by now! I can't lie I have spent many hours late at night watching my favorite guru's on YT. I blame YT partly for my insomnia! I start watching one and before I know it I have been swimming in the ocean of YT for 3 hours! Oops!! In the never ending sea of beauty tutorials and review videos the one woman or guru that always stuck out to me was Marlena Makeup Geek. If you haven't checked out her channel yet ....get one that! You can take a peek by clicking right here! There was always something really fresh about her channel. She is very honest and upfront which I like but she is also so sweet and you can just sense that she is a really down to earth person. I also highly admire her for her courage in sharing her weightloss story which is very inspirational. After watching her religiously for years I was beyond floored when she announced she was releasing her very own makeup line! When I say beyond floored I mean I literally was jumping for joy in my apartment.

Now this happened quite sometime ago. I would say she has had her own makeup out for over a year. Why didn't I immediately buy it? I have no idea. For once in my life I was not impulsive with makeup purchases. When her pressed eyeshadows first came out I went through the website and none really screamed out to me. At the time money was tight and I already had colors similar to a lot of the ones she had in her line. I kind of put all of it on back burner and moved on. However, recently while watching another favorite YT guru of mine the Makeup Geek bug got replanted into my head. Once it was there it was there to stay and I had to act. There was one product that I knew I had to have and it was the Makeup Geek Pigment in Utopia. I also picked up one more pigment from the line which was Insomnia. Those seemed like the most unique shades to me. Now, I am not done collecting from the line but this is just the beginning. Let's take a look at my little treasures....

PACKAGING: The pigments come in sleek pots that say makeup geek on the top. They are clear so it is easy to see the color if you store them on your side. The packaging is my only gripe when it comes to these pigments. For whatever reason Marlena decided not to put a sifter in these jars. The jars came really full which is great but without a sifter it can create quite a mess. When I opened it originally it got all over the place because I just wasn't prepared. You can see if the photos below how it leaves little speckles of pigment.

PRICE: These pigments are very very affordable for their quality. On her website they are $6.99 which is about the same price as the Maybelline Color Tattoo Pigments so you are paying drugstore prices for a product which is worth much much more. I like that Makeup Geek chose to keep their products at an affordable price and that goes for all her products. There are some YT guru's right now that are coming out with their own makeup lines and their prices are really up there. Some higher than most high end pricing. The shipping was also really affordable as well. I think I payed $3 or less.

 You can see what I mean about now having the sifter in this picture. It gets all over the lid and the sides of the twisty part. that even a word?..ha...Utopia is a gorgeous dark dark bronze color that in some lights almost looks black. In the jar is looks like a glitter almost but it is sort of a sticky pigment.

 Is this not the most gorgeous color in the world? I can't stop looking at it!
 Here is what Utopia looks like applied with my finger over E.l.f Eyeshadow Primer. It is gorgeous. As you can see here it applies like a glitter sort of but also applies like a pigment. It is the most unique pigment I own that is for sure. It does go on smoothly though but you will have to get used to using a formula like this. I find that applying it with my finger works best or a stiff wet eyeshadow brush.
It has such a wonderful shiny pigment. It looks like your eyes are made of bronzed metal. I love shimmer so this is a dream for me. Now this shade like almost all other pigments does produce fallout so I recommend a sticky base. You can also use an eyeshadow shield, loose powder, paper towel, or the E.l.f Eyeshadow Shield Brush thing to help reduce fallout.

 The other shade that I got is called Insomnia. Like Utopia it is a very unique shade and one unlike any colors that I already own. I would say this is a mixture of a deep coffee brown but it has the coolest blue/green duochrome to it. It is a very finely ground pigment and applies really smooth.

 As you can see from this picture is brown but has a gorgeous green overtone.
 Here are both of them next to each other. You can really tell the texture difference here.
I can't wait to get more items from Makeup Geek. Neither of these disappointed me in the slightest. I really really want to try a couple of her pressed eyeshadows. I think those are going to be on my Christmas List. Do you have an suggestions on what shades I should get?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

BH Cosmetics Eye's on the 60's Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and Review!

Hey hey there pretty readers! How is everyone today? I am doing splendid..cold but splendid! Today I have for you another BH Cosmetics palette review. The other day I reviewed the BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil Palette. If you haven't checked that out yet then click here! If you aren't familiar with the BH Cosmetics brand than check out their website right here! BH Cosmetics makes a wide range of highly affordable palettes and cosmetics. If you are a makeup artist or someone who wants a lot of colors in one place than BH has you covered. Lately they have been putting out a lot of very bright, bold, and fun palettes with really cool themes. You have the Take Me To Brazil Palette which was full of bright vibrant colors and then you have the palette I will be reviewing today which offers yet another wonderful assortment of colors. Think of BH as the Crayola factory of eyeshadow palettes. If you can't find a color you love then you are crazy!!
The packaging has this cute retro theme with the bubbles and all. I don't think this would be a good palette for travel due to the holes. It opens up a lot of opportunity to get damaged. I also wouldn't recommend bringing this around in a bag or luggage because it is a cardboard package and doesn't provide much protection. Though the palette is very aesthetically pleasing it is not very durably packaged which for a makeup artist like me can be key sometimes.

In this palette you get 30 eyeshadow colors in a range of finishes and colors. There is a good assortment of mattes, satin, and shimmer shades in here. Each shadow is about the size of a dime. Though they are fairly small in size they are still big enough to fit an ordinary sized eyeshadow brush into. The palette has a nice array of bright colors and warm neutrals. However, if you are into a natural subtle look than this will probably not be the palette for you.

Here are a couple more close up views of the colors you are going to get in this palette. If you are like me then you are currently saying "All the pretty colors," like a brainwashed makeup addict.
I broke the palette up into sections to make identifying the swatches a bit easier for you...and me! The colors seem to be grouped in the palette in horizontal rows. Though there are a few that are just throw in there wherever they could fit them.
Okay I am going to be very honest in this post. The is row #1 and none of these colors did a thing for me. I know I am fair skinned so lighter colors don't show up as great on my pale pasty self but I had to dig to get these colors to appear with the exception of the last one. I was not all that thrilled about any of the mattes in this palette. They were all very chalky and lacked pigmentation. In the other palette the mattes were pretty good but in this palette they seem to have a totally different consistency.  The first row in general just really didn't work for me at all. No color payoff, chalky texture that produced a lot of fall out, and just really hard to work with.
Row #2 was a completely different story. These were all wonderful! I think the shimmers in this palette perform much better than the mattes. These all applied smoothly, evenly, and had great pigmentation. I didn't have to dig into it for the color to show up. They did product a little bit of fallout but nothing major.
The next row #3 was hit and miss. Like the first row the mattes weren't as great as I would have hoped. The light pink took about 4 swipes to get the build up that I have here. I will say that the matte red is one of the good ones though. That applied super bright and even. As you can see some of the colors appear more satin while others are really shimmery and glittery.
Row #4 was yet again the same as the others. The shimmers worked wonderfully and the mattes fell flat. As you can see by the last 3 swatches we yet again have little color payoff and I really had to work to get the swatches you see here. However, the first 3 colors are great.

The last row #6 was really nice. All the colors really worked well for me. They were bright, pigmented, wore well, and didn't take much work to build up.

Final verdict...meh I probably would have passed on this one. While there are some great colors in here there were also a lot that just didn't work. For the $10 I spent I wouldn't say it was a total loss. There are some shades that I can definitely work with here. If you are looking at buying this palette in hopes that you will be getting a colorful matte palette...don't bother. I prefer my Take Me To Brazil palette over this one and would say go with that one.

What do you guys think? Do you own this and if so what did you think of it? Thanks for reading!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Lazy Monday Poll!

While mindlessly scrolling through my blog feed on Bloglovin' (An awesome website that allows you to easily keep track of blogs you follow and keeps an updated list of unread posts for you. I'm on there ;-) follow me!)...anyway, while scrolling through my unread blog feed I stumbled upon a poll by Makeup and Beauty blog, whom I love. She just put up a little list of questions and answered them. I thought it was a cute idea so I borrowed her questions and figured I would answer them as well.

1. What’s one thing you’re trying to do less often? 
I have been on a journey the last couple months to better my health and wellness. A lot of my goals right now have to do with fitness and health. I actually started another blog about that portion of my life since makeup and health/fitness are of equal importance to me. I would say that I am trying to give into food temptation less. Say no to the brownie, yes to the carrots!!! Well say no to the whole brownie ;)2. What’s one thing you’re trying to do more often?
Find beauty sales. I have a bad habit of just buying things without seeing if I can get a better deal or if there are coupons somewhere. There are so many ways to save money and I am trying to utilize them more. 3. How often do you clean your house?
Not enough. I would say once a week we clean it well. My boyfriend is much neater than I and usually beats me to it. 4. What’s one of strangest compliments you’ve ever received?
You are really hot for a chubby girl...Yes, this really happened to me....often actually. 5. Fruit or vegetables?
Fruit all the way. Especially now that I am eating much healthier and cleaner I have been eating a lot of fruit. I have always liked fruit but I love it now. Everything but Honeydew melon pretty much. 6. What’s your favorite old-school beauty product?
I still love the Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara. I have used it on my brows for a long time. Since high school. 7. Do you like rainy weather?
No8. When was the last time you spoke in front of an audience?
Today I had an interview for a job that I am pretty pumped about. It wasn't a big audience but 4 people felt like a million. 9. What’s one thing you’re grateful for at this very moment?
Being safe and healthy. With all of the crazy storms, riots in my area, and disease in this world I am thankful for everyday that I am alive and well. 10. Are you passionate about anything that other people in your life don’t quite understand?

Makeup!! There are so many people that say "Don't you have enough," "What is so great about makeup."

Pass this little quiz along. Let me know your answers in the comments of post it up on your blog with a reference to me! I would love to learn a little more about all of you!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil Palette Review and Swatches!

With all this dreary weather we've been having I wanted to write about a palette that made me think of someplace warm. Somewhere with palm trees, the beach, and sunshine! After looking through my review makeup bin I found the PERFECT palette for today. This palette screams fun in the sun!

I bring you the BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil Palette.
The packaging is hit and miss for me. I love the design. It is bright and colorful and so much fun. I really want a print of that girl for my wall.
Wouldn't that be a nice little wall decoration? Ha maybe it's just me but I really like it.

What I am not so found of is that the packaging is a cardboard package. It is kind of flimsy and I don't think it would provide much protection. This would be a palette I would be afraid to tote around too much. There is a nice mirror inside though.

 If you are a lover of bright colors than this palette is right up your alley. It is full of bright, vibrant, and beautiful colors which are perfect for anyone who likes some spice in their life when it comes to makeup. As soon as I opened it creative ideas flooded my mind and I started thinking about a million looks I could do with this palette. There are a couple wearable shades in this palette but it is not for the neutral look lover! Which is great for me because I love experimenting with my makeup. You get a total of 30 shades of varying textures and finishes. 28 round pots about the size of a nickel and then two larger pans of a highlight and deepening color on the bottom.
I broke up the palette vertically since that is how they grouped the themes together. I also numbered them so you don't get confused during the swatching part. The rows seem to vary in finish running horizontally. It goes matte, satin, matte, shimmer.
 Here is a close up of rows #1 and #2. The first row are shadows with a pink/red tone. Row #2 is orange colors. As you can see the colors on the bottom are vary shimmery or frosty. Refer to the matte, satin, matte, shimmer order so I don't have to repeat it for every swatch pattern.
 Swatches of row #1. That bright pink is amazing and so is the red. It is a true bright red which I rarely seen in eyeshadows. You also have a nice magenta and a sparkly cranberry. The cranberry didn't have much color payoff though. Even on the lid it was a little lack lustre for me.
Here is row #2! Can you look at that bright orange???? Holy cow is that sucker bright. It is neon safety cone orange and I love every single thing about it. It's hands down the brightest orange in my collection and I can't wait to play with it. I also love the shimmery bronze color which is gorgeous.
 Next you have rows #3 and #4. Row #3 is the yellows and #4 is all green shades.
 Some of the yellows were awesome and some were disappointing. The two matte yellow shades were not great at all. I could barely get any color payoff, the applied uneven, and were very chalky. If you are looking for a good matte yellow this will not be the answer to your prayers. The satin finish yellow was a dream though. It was a little powdery and created some fall out but the color payoff is wonderful.
I had a similar problem with the greens as well. The first matte green wasn't so bad. Still not great pigmentation but it's workable. The next two shades weren't anything special. They were very pigmented. The last color is a gorgeous olive green that I really like. A perfect shade for fall!
 Next you have rows #5, #6, and #7. #5 is blue/greens. #6 is the more true blues and #7 are the purples (my favorite)!
 These shades were pretty good. The mattes were a little chalky but the color payoff wasn't bad. The satin finish light blue could be a little more vibrant.
 The blues in this palette are amazing. I love love love that bright matte blue. It is so pigmented and applied really smoothly.
This is my favorite row. Mostly because I love purple anything and I really like how purple shadows look with my blue eyes. All of the purple shades are awesome. Pigmented, smooth, and apply evenly. I love the periwinkle shade in this palette. It is unique to any other colors that I have. I like the lavendar a lot too.

 Then at the bottom you have the white and the black shade. The white is very frosty and has a lot of fall out. The black is matte and is a nice texture. I wish the white was also matte as I am not much of a "shimmer brow bone highlight," kind of girl. I do this it would work well on the inner corner though.
Overall I think this palette is worth the $10 price tag. Though some of the colors are lacking you do still get a lot of ones that are just awesome like the orange and bright blue. I can't wait to create some fun fall looks with this. I can see the colors of autumn leaves in here. If you want to buy one or check out the website click here!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Maybelline Limited Edition Color Tattoos in Matte Brown and Just Beige Review and Swatches!

(Photo credit

Oh man I am so happy to be able to bring you guys this review. After weeks and weeks of stalking the drugstore for the Maybelline Gilded In Gold Collection which contains the new Color Tattoos I was left empty handed. Thankfully one of my friends brought up the idea of looking at Wegmans. Wegmans is a grocery store chain that we have on the East Coast that actually has an awesome cosmetics section. Cosmetics are usually a little bit cheaper there and they keep pretty up to date with new collections. I figured "What the heck I'll give it a try," and guess what THEY HAD THEM! Well they had two of the three. They were all out of the pink color in the collection which made me a little sad but the two I really wanted the most were still in stock. I got them for about $6.30 after tax a piece which is a fair price. They are usually between $6-8 dollars at the drugstore though most drugstores have my one get one 1/2 off deals.

 The two colors that I got are Just Beige (left) and Matte Brown (right). What I like most about these shades are that they are completely matte. With the exception of Tenacious Taupe Maybelline hasn't put out any matte Color Tattoos. All of the others are metallic or have a soft shimmer. These are tride and true matte shades. They are great staple bases for any natural look.

Matte Brown is a milk chocolate colored matte brown ...clearly! 

Just Beige is a skin toned matte color that is a little peachy tones. It is almost like a lid concealer. I have been praying for a drugstore brand to come out with a skin toned matte eyeshadow base of pencil for quite some time. Jordana just came out with the 12 Hour Eyeshadow Pencil in Almond which is amazing and a lot like this just in pencil form. I usually always wear an eyeshadow base because I like giving my eyeshadow something to adhere to. However, most bases I own have shimmer so it is hard to get a completely matte look. 
Here is a concentrated swatch of both. This is two swipes on bare skin. When blended out on the skin they are not this opaque or dark but still lovely none the less.

Here is what they colors will look like blended out. The brown is wonderful and soft and silky. It blends evenly on the skin. I will warn you that these dry pretty quickly so you need to work fast. They last a lonnnnnggg time so once they are in place they are in place for good until you take them off with a makeup remover. The beige color is great as a color corrector. If you suffer from prominent veins or discoloration on the lids then this is going to be a godsend for you. This work wonders to even out shadows. Both are creamy and wonderful.

Overall, I highly recommend these to anyone who loves simple makeup or natural looks. They will really help make your eyeshadow last a long long time. I have always been a fan of Maybelline Color Tattoos but these are awesome.

Friday, November 8, 2013

NYX Love In Paris Palette Review and Swatches...You Are In Siene, A La Mode, and C'est La Vie

Hey pretty people. Happy November. I hope everyone is doing well. It is a chilly cold day here in Upstate NY so I decided today would be a good day to cuddle up inside and do some blogging. We got our first taste of real snow today and it is sooooo cold outside so I am going nowhere today. I have a pretty big box full of stuff that I need to review that I have already used so I thought today would be a good day to pull some stuff out and get blogging!

I decided to review some NYX palettes that I had gotten about a month ago but have used quite a bit and in general have really liked. I know the Love In Paris palettes aren't really new but I hadn't really had a chance to pick them up since NYX isn't sold anywhere near me. During the end of summer NYX was on Hautelook and I decided to pick up a few things. Among my little NYX haul was 3 of the Love In Paris Palettes.

Each palette has 9 eyeshadow colors that are a good size, about the size of a postage stamp. There are 12 palettes in total but I only picked up 3. Since I knew we were going into fall I picked out three that were neutral/fall colors that I thought I would get a lot of use out of. There are some palettes that are brighter and more colorful in the collection, if that is more your style.

The packaging is really nice. I like that the front is see through so you can see exactly what colors you are getting in the palette. I also think the little bow that clasps the palette shut is adorable. Even the smaller palettes in this line have that little bow. It is pretty solid packaging so I think it would be safe to bring this palette in a makeup bag or to take it with you when you are traveling. You can see the little bows in the picture above.

Each palette costs $10 which I think is reasonable for the quantity and quality of the shadows. I got mine in sets so there were other products with my palettes but they were still very reasonable. You can purchase them at of on the NYX website.

Now let's dig a little deeper and talk about the palettes specifically.

The Palette above is C'est La Vie which is a wonderful little palette for fall. It is perfect with a nice mixture of greens, neutrals, and cranberry colors.
 Above is swatches of all the shades in C'est La Vie without primer on bare skin. Overall for not having any primer the pigmentation is pretty good. I have worn almost all these eyeshadows on my lids by now and they wear pretty true to color and last quite a while with the Lorac primer I mentioned in my October Favorites which you can check out here.
 These are the top three shades in the palette. All of the shadows in this palette are either a shimmer shadow or have glitter in them so if you are not a fan of either of those this palette will not be for you. The first shadow is a light shimmery off white shade. It is a good inner corner highlight or brow bone highlight. The next shadow I have a love/hate relationship with. It is a glittery champagne color with a bit of a gold hue. Now it is a really pretty shade that I think could really liven up a look but it is kind of hard to work with. As you can see from the picture of the palette is creates a lot of fallout both in the package and on the face. You need a pretty sticky base to get it to stay put but if you do it is gorgeous. The last shade is a peachy/copper. It is a subtle shade but is smooth in texture.
 The next three are the neutral browns of the bunch. The first shade is a matte dark brown shimmer. It is very pigmented and applies smoothly. It works great for really deepening up the outter v and crease of the eye. Next we have a medium brown with gold glitter. The glitter is small and doesn't create fall out like the shade above. The last shade is a shimmery golden brown which I love for fall.
 Sorry for the poor picture here. The first shade is a deep cranberry color with gold glitter. I was disappointed with this color because I really wanted to love it. I love cranberry shades for fall but this one fell short of expectation. It doesn't apply even at all and was hard to blend. Even in the swatches it appeared kind of blotchy. The next shade is my favorite in the palette. It is a deep dark olive green with a gold duochrome and it is beautiful. It is unique to anything I own already and it applies like a dream. The last color is a dark green also but is more of a forest green. It also has a bit of a duochrome to it with a bit of a blackened undertone. Also a very beautiful color.

 A few more swatches. Overall, this palette is alright. I won't say it won me over but there are a few shades in there that I really love. For the price I think this palette can be a great fall go to. The shades applied smoothly but there are a few that produce some fallout or have a bit of a chalky texture.

The next palette is You Are In Siene. It is a bit all over the place as far as color scheme goes. There are some neutrals, a few grey/purple tones, a bright blue, and some dark colors. This is a palette where you could get a little create but it also gives you quite a few look options.
 This palette has great pigmentation and texture. All of the shadows are true to color, smooth, and give a nice dense wash of color. There are varying textures from matte to shimmer to glitter.
 The first color in the palette is a gorgeous copperish orange which I LOVE. It is a shimmer but applies smoothly with no fall out. The next shade is a cool tones light matte brown. It is completely matte with no shimmer. The next is a dark cool tones matte brown. It also applies even, smooth, and pigmented.
These are the next to rows. The 3 on the right are in the middle row. First you have an off white matte highlight color. Perfect for the brow bone. Next you have a warm brown shimmer shade. Lastly you have a grayish taupe with a satin finish. That shade is a dream. It is so smooth and rich. The bottom row starts with a bright blue satin. It is almost matte but there is a little bit of a sheen to it though on the lid it is unnoticeable. Next you have a warm toned shimmer shade. Lastly you have a dark grey glitter shadow. The glitter produces no fall out.

 I think this palette is one of my favorites from NYX that I own. I love the versatility of it. I like all the different looks you can do with one small product. I also like the quality of all the shades. They are all smooth, pigmented, and long wearing. This is def worth the money I spent on it.

The last palette is A La Mode. Which is a neutral palette with a mixture of browns and grays. It also has a mixture of textures so you get some mattes and some shimmers.
 The first three shades are all neutral. You have a matte white. It applied a little lighter than I thought it would. You are not going to get a stark bright white but it would be good for the brow bone. Next you have a medium cool tones matte brown. I love this color for deepening and blending out the crease. It applies smooth and even. Next you have a brown shimmer with a bit of a gold overtone. It applies beautifully but has a bit of fall out so a base will need to be used. This is a great all over the lid color.
 The next row starts with a bright shimmery gray. I cut it off in this picture but you can see it in the picture above. It creates a nice shine and comes off almost metallic. Next you have a dark brown satin which is almost matte. Very pigmented and gorgeous. I actually used this as liner one day and it worked well. Next you have a deepened gray shimmer. The bottom three shades are a medium brown shimmer, a matte taupe/grey, and lastly a dark shimmer gray.

Overall, I also really like this palette. All of the shades are good quality and go on even and smooth. I would call this the day to night palette. It gives you all the colors for a neutral natural day look but gives you the perfect colors to amp is up at night. To create a little POW!!

I would really like to get a few more of the palettes because almost all of them were more than worth the money. Have you guys tried any of the other palettes in this line? Let me know below! Also don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram!