Thursday, July 25, 2013

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Smokey Eye Pencil Review and Swatches.

I feel like I am being such a negative Nancy with my posts today but I always want my posts to be completely honest. If I don't like something I am going to tell you. I feel a lot of the products I have been trying lately are just failing to reach my expectations. First the Rimmel Shadow Primer which I reviewed here and now these pencils...ugh~

This is what the packaging looks like. I found mine for $7.99 at Walgreens. There are six shades all together but I only picked up the Smoldering Violet and Black Smoke because those were two colors that I knew I would wear often. There is also a green, charcoal, a blue color, and a brown if those are more up your alley. The claims behind this product are as follows "
Eye studio master smoky shadow pencil's creamy formula with ultra-saturated pigments glides on and blends easily with the built-in smudger for long-lasting, sultry color."

The pencil is dual sided. On one end you have the actual pencil which is mechanical and on the other end is a sponge which is to be used for smudging and smoking out the pencil.
 The pencil is a decent size. It is a "chubby" sort of pencil so it is wider than your typical eye liner. The one thing that stinks about this pencil (though there are others) is that there is no sharpener. When you first open it it is sharpened, as you can see below. Once you use it a couple time though you lose the point and it is kind of hard to get precision.
 These are what the two colors look like before they were smudged. Black Smoke is on the top. It is a softer sort of black yet still quite opaque. Smoldering Violet is on the bottom which is just a deep rich dark purple. They did apply smooth and creamy and even when I wore them this week on my eyes it did not feel like they were tugging at all.
Now here is where the product got a big womp womp from me. You are supposed to be able to blend this product out to get a nice smokey look but honey you can't smudge this at all. When I tried to smudge it with the sponge tip it erased the eyeliner like an eraser. (see above)! It did this both on my hand and on my eye. What is the point of having the sponge if it is going to remove the product
So then I try with my finger....same thing!! The black did not do it as much as the purple but it did lose a lot of its intensity. When I applied it on my eyes and tried to smudge it with my finger half the product came off. The end result was blotchy and messy looking and not at all smokey or sexy.
If you allow it to set a while it does have some lasting power but that doesn't really make up for what it lacks. I think if this product was repackaged as an eyeliner it would be nice but not for a smokey look. I think I will still to my NYX Jumbo Pencils for that.

Overall: I do not understand this product. Did neone test it out before they released it? It doesn't blend smoothly or well.

Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer Base Review!

Hey beauties. I finally have some time to catch up on some much overdue blogs this week! YAY....

It is nice to see that a lot of the drugstore companies are jumping on the primer band wagon. Both with face primers and eye primers. It felt like only a couple years ago finding a primer anywhere in the drugstore was almost impossible. I have used the Smashbox Primer and Too Faced Shadow Insurance for years because high end was the only place to get primers until the last couple years.

I always get excited to try drugstore primers because if they can beat either of those two products that are high end than I would end up saving a lot of money. There are some primers out there who have def come close and for that I am grateful. This primer however, is not one of them.

I found mine at Walgreens for $4.99. The packaging says that this product with "prevent creasing and intensify color." Meh...didn't happen.

Rimmel London Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer Primer
As you can see the product has a doe foot applicator like the E.l.f Eye Primer does. That part I do like. It is a white formula but blends out clear with a bit of an iridescent finish.

I have worn this product everyday for almost 2 weeks and I was less than impressed. I don't really think it lived up to either of it's promises on the package. I did not see that it really intensified the color. If that is what you are looking for than I would say you are better off with a cream base like the ones made by NYX. I also saw a lot of creasing with this product. I knew I was in for trouble when I applied it. The consistency is very thin and slippery and almost felt a little oily. It took me a bit to really get it to rub into the lid. I typically use Too Faced Shadow Insurance paired with a Maybelline Color Tattoo and that combination has worked amazingly well for me for a year or more. With this product I noticed creasing in less than an hour.

Overall: I am not thrilled. I think this product is a waste of your money. You are better off with the MIlani Primer or even the E.l.f one. If you have even the slightest bit of oil on your lids than I would stay far far away from the product.

Has anyone else used this? Thoughts?

Monday, July 15, 2013

June Favorites!

I know I am a couple weeks late but I wanted to try and start doing my monthly favorites. I like to change up the products that I use a lot and spend a lot of time trying out products that are new. I often like to just open drawers and pick out something I know I haven't used in a while and see how many times I can use it within the month. I do have certain staples that I use month to month like primers and foundations but there are many products that I change up all the time. I am going to do a monthly favorite post and just give a run down of some products that I use and love throughout the month.

My first favorite is this Revlon Photoready Shadow + Primer Palette. I bought a few of these palettes when they first came out but they got shoved in a drawer and forgotten until this month. I love this little guy! The colors are beautiful and the palette gives you enough colors to be versatile. You get a "primer" which is really an all over lid color. You also get three eyeshadow colors and a shimmer top coat. I do like that this palette lays out where everything should go.

I did the swatches on bare skin. As you can see most of the shades are shimmery. I love that but some of you may not. They are nicely pigmented and do last quite a while. I would however, use a cream base or cream primer instead of the one they give you.

I also love this Maybelline Color Show Sequins Nail Polish. I have been wearing it on my toe nails for the better part of the month. I did a review on all of these polishes that you can read here!
This color is called Rose Bling.

I also really like this new Maybelline Color Show Polka Dot Nail Polish in Clearly Spotted. It is one of the most unique polishes that I own and I have not been able to get enough of it this month. It lasted a long time and it looks really cool on both light, dark, and bright colored polishes.
My next favorite is a love/hate! It has been a great staple in both my personal makeup kit and my professional one. It is the Revlon Precision Brush On Lash Adhesive. I love this stuff for the most part. It will make you false lashes stay on forever!! The hold is great. I love the precision brush and it dries pretty clear. I think for the price it is a great product. My only gripe is the packaging. I can not get my bottle from getting dirty. I clean it off often but it still gets all gooped up and dirty. As you can see from the picture.
I also have been loving these L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows. I have been obsessed with the L'oreal Infallible Shadows for some time now but these two have been used a lot this month. The violet shade was a limited edition shade that came out this spring but I have still been seeing it around at the drugstores so I would snag it while you can. I did a review on all the shades in the collection here! The other shade and many many more were reviewed in this post.

If you read my blog on the regular then you know my love of the Maybelline Color Tattoos runs deep. The two above have not left my makeup bag all month and have seen a lot of love as you can tell. The color on the left is called Inked In Pink and is part of the Precious Metals Collection which I reviewed here. The other is called Barely Branded which was part of a limited edition collection but I know you can still snag this guy on Ebay.
These things are my favorite product EVER!! I use them as a base almost everyday. They last forever!
 I have been a big fan this month of neutral looks with a pop of color like a bright turquoise shadow or a nice purple. I also have like to use this little gem of a liner to add a little pizzaz as well. I usually apply it over a black liner. This is the NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Jade. It is a lot of fun to use. You can buy it here
My next little love is the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Nude. This is probably one of the best discoveries I have ever made. Now through years of watching Youtube beauty videos I knew that putting a white pencil in your waterline will brighten your eyes up but I thought white was a bit too harsh. When I saw these new pencils I thought this one would work perfect for the waterline but less intense. It is great. It really helps make my eyes look brighter and more open. It also helps cancel out some of the redness that I get from allergies.

I think that is about all of the products that I really was gaga over this month! What are some products that you couldn't get enough of this month?

Friday, July 5, 2013

EcoTools Fresh and Flawless Five Piece Complexion Brush Set Review!!

I have always been a lover of EcoTools brushes. They were one of the first set of makeup brushes that I have ever purchased and they immediately stole my heart. They are soft and well made yet affordable. I have gotten many compliments from my clients when I am using them saying "oooh these brushes are so soft." Lately I feel as if EcoTools are a dying breed. I have seen them a lot on clearance in my local stores in the past couple months and I have noticed they are becoming harder and harder to find in stores. My panic button was pressed!!! I had seen this complexion set online a while ago but had yet to be able to find it in stores. In fear that it too would disappear I decided to order it on before it was too late.

The set has five brushes for your complexion. All are made of the trademark wooden handles but have a cute little floral detailing on the part where the handle meets the bristles. They looked beautiful in the pictures. The selling point is that the brushes are supposed to have "an airbrush finish" and "soft bristles."

Well I finally received them today in the mail and I was really disappointed!! I am sad to inform you that these guys are going back! Let me explain why....
From the outside of the box everything looks well and good. My excitement is still in tact.
I open the box and that is when my brain goes "oh no." From here it probably looks fine. There are five brushes and the detailing on them is gorgeous. It comes with a flat concealer brush, a buffing concealer brush, a foundation brush, a blending brush, and powder brush!

And here is where the problems lay....
 These brushes are TINY. I mean they are too little to even be travel brushes. The picture above is the "powder brush" next to the normal Ecotools Powder Brush. As you can see it is really small.
 This is the powder brush next to the Ecotools Travel Powder Brush.
And this is all three next to each other. This was the biggest brush out of all the five. So you can only imagine what the other four looked like. The foundation brush is the thickness of my concealer brushes from other kits.

Yes they are soft but they are just way to small to use on your face. Eye maybe but even then the handle is too tiny to try and deal with. With a $15 price tag I would say these are a def bust. I will not be keeping these around. I think I will invest that $15 into another full size set because those I love to death!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Makeup Kit Must Have...E.l.f Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder Review and Swatches!!

Well summer is finally upon us or at least it is supposed to be. It is supposedly summer where I live but it seems more like monsoon season :( ! Summer is a time to bring out all of our cute and bright clothing and accessories. I also view summer as a time to bring out many bright and fun beauty products as well. My usually summer look is simple... neutral eye, bronze/glowing skin, a pop of pink blush, and a bold lipstick!! I have finally found a product that inexpensively helps me accomplish half of that look on myself and on others.

You know me I love a good bargain. It is my soul purpose in life to find affordable makeup/beauty products that actually work well! I have tried a lot of E.l.f Products over the years. Some I absolutely love like their Eyebrow Kit which I reviewed here! Along with many of their Mineral Eyeshadows which you can check out here! Part of the reason I love trying out E.l.f  cosmetics is because if they work they are crazy inexpensive. Most of their products are under $6!

After hearing about how good the quality of their blushes and studio bronzers were I figured I must give them a try. I caught a pretty good sale and ordered a BUNCH of products. Amongst the things I ordered were all of the shades they offered in the Blush/Bronzer duos and let me tell you what THANK GOD I DID!!!! These things are the new loves of my life. Let's see why.....
The first thing I like about them is the packaging. It is very sleek and durable. Since I am constantly on the go with my makeup kit I can appreciate good packaging. You also get a good quality mirror inside as well.

These kits come in three different shade ranges. Each compact has a blush and a bronzer.
The color above is St.Lucia. As you can tell by the swatches these colors are very pigmented. All of the shades have a slight sparkle to them which is kind of dumb for a contour but it shows up very lightly on the skin. The blush is a peach shade that is gorgeous. The bronzer is a warm brown. It has a slight orange tone but it does not look unnatural or muddy.
 The next color duo is Turks & Caicos. This color combo is also very pigmented. Both the blush and bronzer have a slight shimmer but it isn't overwhelming. This color combo is very "natural" looking. The blush is a more beige toned pink and looks very natural and pretty on the skin. The bronzer is a more muted true brown with no orange tint. This is probably the most suitable contouring shade of the three duos.

* Like I said these are very pigmented products. You only need a little to go a long way. A good brush and light hand and some practice will be needed.

This last color combo is called Antigua and is my favorite of the three. This combination to me just screams summer. I love the bright bold pink and the bronzer is nice also. It gives you a wonderful summer glow. The texture and pigmentation is the same amongst all the colors. It applies silky and smooth and lasted all day long.
These are all the swatches next to each other in order from left to right: St.Lucia, Turks & Caicos, and Antigua. This should give you a good idea of how all the colors compair to each other. All the swatches were done on bare skin with no primer and are just one single swipe.

Overall I love these little gems. For $3 you can't beat it. I ordered mine on but they also sell this brand at Target, Kmart, and Walmart.

Have any of you tried these or used these? If so what are your thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to read this and don't forget to follow me on all my social network sites.