Thursday, May 30, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Crush Cosmetics Review and Swatches!

Here we are again with another installment of Indie Spotlight. This week we will be looking at a company that I came across on Etsy. If you are unfamiliar with Etsy it is an online shop where you can buy hand-made goods from many people all over the world. Think of it as sort of an online craft store. Well what I didn't know until recently was that there are many amazing cosmetic companies on there. If you like mineral/organic makeup than you will fall in love.

As I was perusing around I came across a company called CRUSH Cosmetics and was immediately drawn in by the beautiful colors that flooded the page. I thought to myself "this is a company worth trying." So with a few emails between the order I managed to snag some samples. Let me tell you they did not disappoint. The company offers a variety of products from lipcolors to blushes and bronzers. I am def going to be looking into trying some of the glitters and lipgloss.
The samples like a lot of companies came in little plastic baggies that were labeled. As you know I can't stand those little baggies. They are hard to get into and very hard to swatch from. Thankfully that is about where my complaints end.

The picture above is all of the products I received on top of the E.l.f Mineral Primer. Look at how amazing these look without a foiling liquid. I immediately fell in love. The colors are from left to right: 1-Tainted 2-Diablo 3-Snowflake 4-Vixen 5-Grind 6-Vintage 7-Wicked 8-Bullet Proof 9-Bite me 10-Smokin'
 Left to right: Tainted, Diablo, Snowflake, and Vixen.
From left to right: Grind, Vintage, Wicked, and Bullet Proof.

                                                The last two are Bite Me and Smokin'

Tainted: Is a beautiful Jade Green with a black undertone.

Diablo: Which is hands down my favorite is this awesome fiery red with an almost copper look. Very shimmery shade.

Snowflake: Is a frosty white shimmer

Vixen: Is a light coral shimmer that almost borders on a glitter in consistency

Grind: My second favorite is a bright olive green with the most gorgeous gold duochrome

Vintage: Is a dark olive green with a gold duo chrome

Wicked: Black with a blue/turquoise duo chrome. So pigmented!!

Bullet Proof: Taupe Shimmer

Bite Me: Is a smokey grey almost matte shade.

Smokin': Is an orange/red glitter

Overall I absolutely love this company. The owner was amazing to correspond with and order from. At a price point of $5.50- $8.50 for their mineral eyeshadows I would say that they are also pretty affordable. Especially for the quality. The pigments are a dream to work with and when mixed with a foiling liquid they are out of this world. The colors are so pigments and very soft/smooth in consistency. With one swipe I got amazing color pay off. I only did two swipes of each color for the swatches above. A lot of companies offer colors that can easily be replaced with colors from another company but CRUSH offers many shades that I have yet to see elsewhere such as Grind and Diablo.

This is the look I created for Memorial Day using Diablo on the outside of my lid and Snowflake on the inner corner. I applied them over only a nude cream primer and the result was amazing! Click this link to order or to see what else this company has to offer. Don't forget to tell them I sent you when placing an order.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

E.l.f Makeup Lock and Seal Review and How To With Swatches!

Hey beauties...first off I want to say that I am soooo sorry that I have not done a post in so long. Blogger was giving me a heck of a time and for weeks now it would not let me upload pictures. Finally after completely reinstalling my Internet browser and updating my Dropbox I have got it all figured out...Phew!!! Thank you too those of you who have been so patient.

Today I am going to be reviewing the E.l.f Makeup Lock and Seal. If you have been following my Indie Spotlight series than you know that I have been purchasing/trying a lot of loose pigments lately. I love how a lot of them look without being wet but there were some that I wanted to have a little more oomph!! Now I know I could run out and buy the Mac Fix Plus that everyone uses but girl that's a little costly. I had remembered seeing this product by E.l.f on their website a while ago so I figured I would give it a try.

I found it at my local Kmart for $3. I know they also sell E.l.f at Target and now at select Walmarts so it should be easy to find.

What is it exactly? Makeup Lock & Seal is a liquid used to "lock in" your makeup or make it stay put. However, it can also be a mixing medium for powder products to make them more pigmented or intense. I bought it for the second purpose but I have tried it out for both functions.

To use it as a "lock in" you just simply put it over your eye makeup. You can wet the brush and go over your eyeliner, eyeshadow, or eyebrows when you are done with them and it will help to keep things in place and make them last a little bit longer. I have been using this for setting my brow powder and it is working pretty wonderfully. I have noticed that it has extended the wear. I have not tried it elsewhere because I do not have problems with my eyeliner longevity.

What I have been using it for A LOT is as a mixing medium. When you open the package it comes with a little brush and a little pot. I take a scoop of powder pigment and put it in the pot. Then I add a drop of the liquid. I wet my brush in the liquid and mix it together. The difference it makes is phenomenal. Let's take a look....

The swatches on the left are dry swatches on bare skin without primer. The swatches on the right are using the Lock & Seal on top of bare skin without primer. Do you see what a difference that makes??? It is crazy. It adds so much more vibrancy so these shades. It also makes them much smoother to apply and reduces the amount of fall out you get with these type of shadows.

Overall, I love it. I have now added this as a staple in my arsenal. I am going to continue to try some other similar products like this but for $3 you can't go wrong.

Have any of you tried it? Thoughts?