Monday, April 22, 2013

NYC Big Bold Bronzer Review and Swatches!

I stated in a post a couple weeks ago that I was not a big fan of NYC products but there are a few exceptions. I am not alone when I say that I LOVE the NYC Sunny Bronzer. It has been a staple in my makeup routine for a long time. It is one of the most affordable bronzers for contouring that I have ever found. For $2.99 it is quite a steal. If you are unfamiliar with the Sunny Bronzer it is a matte bronzer that it is a perfect brown for contouring.

When I went to Riteaid the other day I noticed that there was a new NYC display that had some new Big Bold bronzers on them. I bought both shades that they had in hopes that they would be as wonderful as there sister product.

The top bronzer is called Manha Tan and the bottom bronzer is called MetropoliTan. Side by side in person and in pictures both of the bronzers look to be the same shade. The bottom shade is a tad bit darker but upon appearance they look very similar. Both were $2.99 just like Sunny but are much bigger. I have noticed a trend with large bronzers lately both with the new Rimmel and Wet N Wild displays.
As you can see when put next to a normal sized compact you get quite a bit of product here.
I swatched both shades on bare skin with no primer. Manha Tan  is lighter when swatched but is also not very pigmented. I had to swatch over the same spot about three times to get it to show up in the picture above. MetropoliTan was darker and a bit more pigmented. Both shades are mostly matte but they do have the slightest bit of shimmer. Manha Tan's shimmer showed up more than it's counterpart. I would not recommend that one for a contour but for more of an actual bronzer.
I do like Metropoli Tan for a contour though. I have used it a couple times this week and I really enjoyed it. I have a pretty fair skintone so it worked for me. I don't know that either of these shades are going to work well for anyone with medium or dark skintones because they are just not pigmented enough.

Has anyone else seen or tried these? Let me know what you think!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Kiss My Sass Cosmetics Review and Swatches!

So we are on the second edition of "Indie Spotlight"! I love doing this series already because I have discovered a bunch of great products I did not even know existed. I already placed a second order with Dawn Eyes Cosmetics for some full size products. I will post another post about that in the future and show you the shades that were not in last weeks Indie Spotlight. You can read my first IS and why I decided to start this series by clicking here!

This weeks IS is on Kiss My Sass Cosmetics. First can we talk about how amazing this name is. I was immediately drawn to their page just because that name just cracks me up. Kiss My Sass(KMS) is an indie cosmetics company that offers a wide variety of products from eyeshadow to cream blushes, lip colors, and more. You can visit their website by going to

I picked out a bunch of eyeshadow samples.
First of all the packaging is adorable. The jars came wrapped in this zebra print tissue paper. I got 12 jars in all. I love that the samples come in jars. This makes them so much easier to use and store and I love that even the samples are shrink wrapped. Just a little touch that I personally like to see.
 I did all of the swatches on top of the E.l.f Eye Primer. All swatches were done with only 2 swipes of product.
 From left to right the colors are: Night Elf, Final Exams, Get Ur Freak On, Rock Star, Vegas, Minx, and Shady!

From left to right: Shady, Naughty Dog, Spellbound, First Nymph, XO, Ferocious!

Yet again this company was another winner for me. These shades are gorgeous. The only one that I didn't care too much for was XO. I found it to be very unpigmented. It was also a lot harder to get the pigment to stick to the skin. The other shades are beautiful though. I am already planning on which ones I want to buy in full size. All of the shadows are loose pigments. They seem to stay on really well also. I had to scrub a bit to get the swatches off. I wore a couple of these shades throughout a day and they stayed well. I noticed only minimal fading throughout an 8 hour period.

Since these are a loose eyeshadow I recommend using a primer and also some sort of base. I usually use a Maybelline Color Tattoo or a NYX Jumbo Pencil underneath shadows like these. That way it gives the pigment something to stick too. You can also apply these wet to get an even more vivid shade.

Each full size jar is only $5 for 1.2 grams of product. That is a wicked steal since you will pay more than that for drugstore eyeshadows. I am going to purchase some samples of other products besides eyeshadows so that I can give them a try. So far I can't say anything but great things about this company and I see myself being a loyal customer in the future.

Let me know what you guys think of this new series and if you like it. Also be sure to mention I sent you if you place an order with either of the two companies in the Indie Spotlight series.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Summer 2013 Limited Edition L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Review and Swatches!

If you read my last post then you know that I have a serious problem with buying Maybelline Color Tattoos. Well that is not my only "beauty addiction"! I am also very in love with the L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows. I have been obsessed with these since they first became available. When I found out that there was going to be four new Limited Edition shades for summer 2013 I knew that I had to have them. Silly me forgot to take a picture of the display so I can only show you the actual shadows. They are on a display with the new L'oreal Le Gloss and Candy Nail Decals. If you have never bought or used any of the L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows check out this post right here to see some shades in the permanent line and how to apply them.
          From left to right: Cherie Merie, With A Twist, Strawberry Blonde, and Dive Right In.

These swatches were done without a primer. As you can see all of these shades are gorgeous. I only had to do one swipe to get the swatches above so the pigmentation is pretty good. Cherie Merie is a deep reddish orange. With A Twist is a purple with a blue undertone. Strawberry Blonde is a light frosty pink with a bit of gold and Dive Right In is a light turquoise blue. I love them all. Strawberry Blonde seemed to be a little bit softer than the others. When I went to swatch that shade it sort of broke up a bit but it is nothing to concerning since each pot comes with a little tool for pressing the powder back down.

None of these shades are like any of the others in the collection or in any other Limited Edition collections. They are all perfect colors for spring and the orange shade is unlike any shade I have seen from a drugstore eyeshadow.

I am so excited to create some new looks with these. I found these at Riteaid for about $6.99 a piece but they are worth every penny!

 This was the look I created with the purple and the pink. I used them without a base so they weren't too pigmented.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Summer 2013 Limited Edition Review and Swatches!

Well if this picture proves one thing it is that I have a SERIOUS problem with the Maybelline Color Tattoos. I have raved about them forever and use them most everyday! They are one of the best eyeshadow bases I have ever found and have come to replace most of my other products like my NYX Jumbo Pencils. Click here to read one of my first blog posts ever that just happened to be on the Maybelline Color Tattoos. Since I have made it my mission to own every shade of these (OCD/Obsession/both?) I got very excited when I heard there were new shades for Summer 2013! Now I have only been able to find 6 of the 8 shades so far but I will find the other 2 and when I do I will do a separate review on those as well. After going to about 8 different stores I finally found the display at Riteaid.
The display looks like the one above except full ha! It has six shades and they are all limited edition. They were $7.49 a piece at the Riteaid I went to but Maybelline products were on sale for buy one get one fifty percent off so they were a little cheaper. I was able to purchase all six shades which I was super happy about.

Left hand column from top to bottom: Waves of White, Icy Mint, and Shady Shores. The right hand column from top to bottom is:Cool Crush, Seaside Frosts, and Lavish Lavender. Most of the shades fall into your typical summer colors. Gold, Blue, White. One thing that is very different about this collection is that it contains a lot of duo chromes. Most of the shades are a duo chrome type finish. My camera did not pick up well on the middle left hand color but it is a mint green shade.

Swatches from left to right: Cool Crush, Seaside Frosts, Lavish Lavender, Waves of White, Icy Mint, and Shady Shores.These are swatches of all 6 shades without a primer. Cool Crush is a silver/lavender color that is beautiful. Seaside Frosts is a greyed purple with a green and gold duo chrome. Lavish Lavender is a darker purple that also has a silver undertone. Waves Of White is a icy white with a blue/pink duo chrome. Icy Mint is a sheer mint color. Shady Shores is a golden color. Both Icy Mint and Shady Shores are VERY sheer colors. It took at least 3 swatches of color to get them to show up in the picture above and even then they were much more sheer than the other shades. The other shades have good pigmentation and were very build able.

I like that most of the shades in this collection are unique and unlike any other shades previously released. The only one that I thought might be similar to any other Color Tattoos I owned was Waves Of White which I thought would be a lot like Too Cool which is in the permanent collection but upon closer inspection the two are actually pretty different. 

In both pictures Too Cool is on the left and Waves Of White is on the right. As you can see Too Cool is more of a true white whereas WOW (ha) is much more pink in tone and on the skin has a heavy duo chrome.

The texture of these shades is just as good as all of the other ones I own. They are very smooth and creamy and easy to apply. They do not tug on the skin and most of them apply very evenly. These do dry out a bit overtime and the texture thickens a bit but they are still manageable and still apply well.

Overall I think this collection is beautiful. I do not think I would have bought Shady Shores or Icy Mint had I had known they were going to be so sheer. They are buildable but I usually don't wear these as stand alone shades so for me I wouldn't want to have to apply four layers. These colors do last for a long time. I let them sit on the skin for about a minute and rubbed them and they stayed put.

Have any of you tried these? Thoughts?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wet N Wild Coverall Pressed Powder Review!

Last week I did a review on the new Wet N Wild Coverall Cream Foundation and as I promised here is the review on the sister product which is the Coverall Pressed Powder. I am quickly becoming a huge fan of the new products that Wet N Wild are putting out and this product is no different.

I always use a setting powder after I apply a BB Cream or foundation due to the fact that my skin gets oily in my t-zone if I don't set cream products with a powder. It also just helps my face products stay on longer.

For $2.99 this powder is pretty awesome. The texture is so smooth and creamy and soft. It applies evenly and has a good amount of coverage. Since this powder is so soft it does create a little bit of excess powder and it seems like it is going to hit pan pretty quickly. I have been using it daily for about 2 weeks and I can already see a considerable indent in the product. I also like that it does not make my skin look or feel dry even on the parts of my face that usually tend to be emphasized by powders.

You really can not beat this product for it's price. I found mine at Riteaid for $2.99 but you can find it now at most drugstores and grocery stores.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Revlon Look Beautiful Be Stronger : New Colorburst Lipgloss!

There are 2 things that I am a complete sucker for when it comes to makeup 1)Bright colors and 2) Sparkles. Well the new Revlon Look Beautiful Be Stronger Spring 2013 Collection has caught me right in it's bright,bold, and summery trap!!!
If you haven't seen this collection yet it looks like that! It has the new Revlon Chroma Chameleon nail color shades which are a lot like the Sherer Chameleon nail colors that are at Riteaid and remind me of the Maybelline Colorshow Fall Collection that had the duochromes. Anyway what really drew me to this display was this... this picture doesn't really do them justice. They are so neon it is crazy! My mind immediately thought summer summer summer! Also I personally have never seen an orange lip gloss that color ever so I had to get it based on plain curiosity. I found these at Riteaid and they were around $6 a piece but Riteaid usually runs buy one get one half off sales so you will pay a little less.
                               The shades from left to right are: Atomic Pink, Killer Watt, and Orange Glow!
In the package they look like a cream/opaque gloss but they are more of a jelly gloss! My first complaint was the applicator. It is unlike one I have seem before and is not a doe foot applicator which you usually see.
It is just a pointed applicator. I hate it! It made putting this gloss on so much harder than it needed to be. It doesn't cover much space so I kept having to dip it back into the tube to get more product. It felt like a hassle.
Here is a swatch of the shades in the same order as the picture above. As you can see they are a sheer/jelly sort of consistency. The colors are still gorgeous but I was expecting a little more color payoff and opacity from them.
                                                    Atomic Pink on the lips!
                                                    Killer Watt on the lips!
                                                     Orange Glow on top of a skin colored lipstick!
                                                         Orange glow on the lips with nothing underneath!
As you can see the color payoff was not as bright as I anticipated. Now I am not saying they aren't pretty in their own right but I was expecting more bang out of them. I don't really enjoy the orange shade. It made me look sick looking and the color just did not compliment my skin tone at all.

As far as texture goes I do like it. It is not sticky or gooey. It feels nice and smooth and creamy on the lips. It doesn't last too awful long. After an hour and a cup of coffee it was gone so it is one you will need to carry around with you for reapplication.

Overall these are just so/so for me. I think they are just such mesmerizing colors in the tube that you think you need to have them. I think that the pink will be nice over a bright pink lipstick. Has anyone else tried these?

Look who wanted to help! :)

Indie Spotlight: Dawn Eyes Cosmetics!

First off I want to talk about this new series that I am beginning. I am calling it "Indie Spotlight," and I am soooo excited! A couple of weeks ago a friend and I were talking about high end makeup products and how sometimes the hype is just that. One thing led to another and we got onto the topic of Indie brands. There are so many amazing cosmetic companies out there that fly under the radar. Whether it be on Etsy or little private companies. I spend plenty of my time reviewing products and companies that everyone and their mother already know about so I figured why not help the under dogs out. So that being said I will start reviewing a new Indie company every week. Even though I have had close contact with a lot of the company owners (who are sweet as pie) I did purchase all the products myself and will continue to do so for the whole series! Onward we go!

My first company I chose was Dawn Eyes Cosmetics. You can visit their website here and can visit their Facebook here! I stumbled upon this company through Facebook actually and immediately fell in love. I really liked the fact that when you look at products you see pictures of swatches and not just a picture of product in a jar which can sometimes be misleading. I chose ten mineral eyeshadows that really caught my eye!

My samples arrived in little sample baggies with stickers that included the ingredients and the name of the shade that I chose on the front. For the sake of being honest I will say that I despise these little things! Not the product just the baggies. They create a mess and are hard to get product out of! That is about whether the cons end for me!
                            These are swatches of all ten shades over the E.l.f Mineral Primer!
From left to right you have: Hellenic Fire (An orange/red eyeshadow with a gold undertone), Azalea (a cool tone Magenta with an almost blue undertone), Chrome Collection #12(blue with a gold overtone), and Prim Rose (a beautiful sparkling yellow)
                                   Next from left to right you have: Very Berry (deep crimson with a purple undertone), Leptotes Marina (a shimmering medium warm brown), Fairy (blackened purple), and Gold Leaf (A true gold)
 The last four are: Moxy (A deep gray with silver flecks), The wuzzles (blue/green shimmer), Dragons Lair (A bronze/taupe shimmer), and Odyssey (black with silver sparkle)

Ugh these are gorgeous! I can honestly say there wasn't one shade that I didn't love. I was trying to pick some of my favorites but I just couldn't. Hellenic Fire is a gorgeous orange unlike any other shade in my collection! What I love most about this brand is how affordable it is! Full size jars are $3! Trust me these are worth any every penny! They are sooo pigmented!

As with all loose eyeshadow I recommend it applied wet. You will get much more color payoff when the product is used wet. You can use a foiling liquid like MAC Fix Plus or if you need to you can use eye drops! They apply best with a flat eyeshadow brush.

Something like this brush (Sonia Kashuk) will work wonderfully! I can't wait to create a look with these ( I am doing it tonight)! I will post pictures!

Don't forget to like my Facebook page here ! I am also on Instagram: littlemadeupmomo , Pinterest: Anastacia Mosher-Arnold, and Beautylish:

As always thank you so much for reading...and please go check out Dawn Eyes Cosmetics! You will not regret it!

The look that I created with some of the shades!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Help me out ladies!

I am entered in a contest for a spring makeup look that I is a fairly simple look. I would like you to go to the link and like and share the photo...I hope you like mine but if not show the other ladies a thumbs up. I would have done body painting had I had known it was allowed :)! thank you ladies!!!

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Wet N Wild Coverall Cream Foundation Review and Swatches!

There are a lot of things that Wet N Wild has done right. For example their eyeshadows, gel eyeliner, and Coloricon blushes but their face products have not always been their award winners. I have tried many of their face product in particular their old foundation formula. I hated it. It smelled weird, was streaky, the bottle was almost impossible to get product out of, etc...So when I heard that they were putting out a new formula in all new packaging I got a little bit excited. Over the years Wet N Wild has come leaps and bounds so I held out hope that this new Coverall Foundation would have a lot of new improvement. I finally found it at Riteaid last week along with the new Coverall Powder which I will review in my next post. Both cost $3.99 a piece which if it works well is not a bad price.

Okay so after wearing this everyday for a week I have to say that for $4 you can not beat this foundation. I love it for everyday wear and think it is quite possibly the best bargain out there if you don't want to dish out too much money. Now it does have a few glitches but nothing that was a deal breaker for me.

Coverage: Now this is one of the misleading parts. The title says "Coverall" which implies that it is full coverage or so I thought. I would say that this is more of a medium coverage but I did find it to be build able. Redness, dark spots, and acne scaring shouldn't be an issue for this foundation but if you need a true full coverage it may not cut it for you.

Texture: The texture of this foundation is a dream!!! It is a mixture between a gel/cream but it is quite possibly the smoothest foundation that I have seen in a while. It worked into my skin really well and evenly. I didn't have to work it in too much and there were not streaks. I also liked that it applied to all parts of my face evenly. I have some dry areas and usually foundation tends to cake up in those areas but this did not. It gave me an even canvas.

Wear Time: I wore this foundation everyday and wore it for 10 plus hours and it was a real trooper for the price. I had to touch up about 5 hours in. Now I paired it with the Coverall Powder to give it some extra staying powder and to make it more matte which may be the key. The two together are great and last a long long time.

Overall I think that for the low cost it is wonderful. I think this is great for beginners or for people on a budget.

Have you tried it? Let me know your thoughts!