Saturday, January 19, 2013

Maybelline Eyestudio Master Duo Thin or Thick Liner Review and Swatches

I can hardly keep up with all the new things that are popping up in the drugstore these days. I am trying to keep up but have been rather busy so for that I do apologize. I have been giving quite a few products a test run these last weeks and one of those products is the Maybelline Duo Eyestudio Liquid Liner. It is supposed to be an eyeliner that makes it easy for you to make a thick line or a thin line. The packaging looks like this
and this is the "revolutionary brush"

Essentially what this is is a normal pointed felt tip applicator but at the end of the point is a little flattish ball. Since the ball is flat on the sides depending on how you hold it gives to different looks. If you hold the wide side of the ball flat on the skin it gives you a wider line and if you hold the skinnier part against the skin it gives you a skinnier line. It is a little confusing I know but you get the hang of it after a few times of applying it.
This is what the liner looks like when applied. You can see how the two different techniques create different widths. As far as the product goes I don't hate it. It is not my favorite liquid liner but it isn't awful either. This is a glossy formula so it is going to come off a bit shiny but it is nicely pigmented. The Maybelline website lists that there are 6 different shades but I only saw the black while I was shopping. I got mine for $7.49 at Walgreens which is decent. As far as the wear goes I loved that part. It stayed on all day long even after going to the gym and when I did a smudge test it didn't go anywhere. It is a bit watery but it doesn't make it too difficult to work with and it dries quickly. I did find that when you try to go over it after it dries it doesn't work too well. The liner will start to come off with the new liner you are trying to put on top of it.

My gripe is more of the removal. If anyone has ever tried any of the "peel off" eyeliners that were coming out for a while or if you have ever worn the Stila eyeliners then you may know why I don't like this. When you try to remove it it comes off in flakes and gets all over everywhere. I can't just get away with using a makeup remover wipe because otherwise it ends up on my entire face. You also can't leave this on by accident when you go to sleep otherwise the same thing will happen.

Overall I think it is a good purchase. I like the idea behind this and I do like that I can do so many different things with it. If you are new to using liquid liner I would say this isn't for you. It does take a little getting used to.

Here is a look I created with this just to have some fun! I think the liner worked well here and you can see how it can really apply a nice thin point as well as a thick line on the upper lash line.

As always thank you for reading :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Continued...Maybelline Color Tattoos Metal Collection Review and Swatches!!

I stated in the post before that something was happening with my browsers. They wouldn't let me upload any other pictures so I have to review the other two Tattoos here. If you would like to see the first post about these click here

 These two are Electric Blue and Silver Strike.
Electric Blue is a dark navy blue. In the pot it looks absolutely beautiful however, I had some trouble working with this. The color applies uneven and took a lot of work to really blend it out and make it look decent. Silver Strike I loved. It is a silver pure and simple. It is shiny and beautiful. It wore for a long time and did not crease. It applies sheer but is easily built up. It is quickly becoming one of my favorites out of all the colors I own.

Overall I would say that they have yet again hit the nail on the head with these Metal Color Tattoo's. I don't know if I would have bought the blue shade or the Barely Branded but for different reasons. Electric Blue just simply did not work for me and took much more time to use than it was worth. Barely Branded I wouldn't have picked up because it is a lot like the limited edition Barely Beige which I already own however, if you don't have that shade than Barely Branded will be a great addition to your collection. I will say that I feel the formula is a little different with these than the other tattoo's that I own. I think it is mostly because they have been sitting around because I felt like the Metals were a bit greasy feeling though I didn't see that that affected application at all.

You can find these at most drugstores now I believe, I know I have seen them in Riteaid, Walgreens, CVS and Target. They range anywhere from $6-$8 dollars but trust me they are worth every penny.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this....As always feel free to leave comments or feedback...Until next time beauties!!

Maybelline Precious Metals Color Tattoos Review and Swatches!

 I am a huge Maybelline Color Tattoo fan. I wear them just about everyday for my eyeshadow base. So when I found out that there was going to be a new collection coming out I was pretty excited. Then I found out that the theme of this collection was metals (which means shimmer shimmer and shine) I was even more excited. If you read this blog normally than you know that I love anything that shimmers, shines, or glitters! I finally got my hands on all of the new Metals while I was at Walgreens the other day! I am going to put pictures, swatches, and comparisons below because there are a few colors in this collection that are rather similar to some previously released shades that you may want to skip on. Unless you are like me wherein you need them all. Let's take a look at the collection in it's entirety.

 From left to right: Gold Rush, Inked In Pink, Barely Branded, Electric Blue, and Silver Strike.

                                    These are swatches in the same order of the picture above.
 This is a close up of Gold Rush. It is a bright gold color with a strong yellow undertone.
 Here are Bold Gold, Gold Rush, and Gold Imperial. As you can see they are all in the gold family but are very different. Bold Gold which is one of my favorite Color Tattoos is more of a tan gold and is more subtle. Gold Rush is much more bright and yellow. Gold Imperial is a darker bronze gold.
You can see the difference in these swatches. All 3 of these are beautiful and all 3 I love. Gold Rush has a beautiful shine and is nicely pigmented. It is very buildable and wears a long time.
 This is a close up of Barely Branded and Inked In Pink. Both are very natural subtle shades. Barely Branded is a cream color with a golden sheen. Inked in Pink is a peachy pink with gold shimmer. I found that both of these shades seemed to be a bit thinner than the other colors. They come off a little sheer and feel almost greasy. I don't know if I just need to give them time to dry out or what.
 This is Barely Beige which was from the fall collection next to barely branded. Bother are similar but Barely Beige is a little more tan colored.
Here are Barely Beige, Barely Branded, and Inked in Pink swatched in order left to right. As you can see they are not very pigmented but all three are buildable. These are good as eyeshadow bases or for a soft subtle.

Well my computer is being a little wonky and won't let me attach the other pictures so I am going to publish another post with a continuation of the other two colors and an overall thought.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fergie Take On The Day Eye Primer Review!

Phew there has been A LOT of new products coming out at the drugstore. I did quite the haul about a week or so at Walgreens. It was overwhelming to say the least. The first thing I saw right as I walked into the beauty aisle was the new Fergie core collection display. Man oh man I wanted everything. I had to refrain from buying all the products but I did pick up some gel eyeliner, primer, 2 lip products, and the eyeshadow quads. I will be reviewing them all at some point but I haven't gotten to using them all yet so I am going to start with the product that I actually put to use. I picked up the Fergie Take On The Day Eye Primer. I have used this instead of my Too Faced Shadow Insurance for about a week now. It was $5.99 originally but there was a $1 off coupon so I got it for $5 which is a great deal.

Here are some pictures of the packaging and what the primer looks like. It comes in your basic squeeze tube package. I prefer this over a primer pot for sanitary purposes. The consistency is just like my Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It is a little thicker than the E.l.f Primer but it is not sticky or gooey by any means. When put on the skin it is a neutral skin tone color but sheers out completely when applied on the eyelid. I like that this primer rubs right into the skin. It does not leave the eyelid feeling greasy or sticky.

I have been using this for a week and it works really well. It kept my eyeshadow on just as well as some of my high end primers. I didn't notice any creasing and minimal color fading. I would say that for a fraction of the cost this works just as well as my holy grail Too Faced Primer does. The only thing that I do not like which I have the same problem with with my Too Faced is that the product seems to separate in the tube. When I go to squeeze the product out a clear watery liquid comes out first. Think of what happens when you don't shake up your mustard. It is annoying but I find that applying a little on a tissue first helps.

Overall I love this. It may very well end up saving me a lot of money in the long run. Have any of you tried this product? Let me know :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review!

Well I am still on my quest for a BB cream from the drugstore that actually lives up to all of it's promises. I love my Revlon Photoready foundation and my Revlon Colorstay foundation so when I hear that they were coming out with a BB cream I was pretty excited. I finally found it at my local CVS the other day. It cost $11 outright but I have a $6 CVS Bonusbucks coupon.

Above is a brief view of what the BB cream looks like. Revlon claims that it will act like a primer, foundation, skin perfecter, and a sunscreen. I was actually surprised at the SPF in this. I am always a little hesitant of foundations and stuff with a high SPF because they tend to create a white cast and make you come off like a ghost. I do like to protect my skin though so I usually just use a moisturizer with SPF under my foundation. I was actually surprised when I discovered that despite all of the sun protect it didn't distort the formula. I didn't notice that it gave me that ghosty look that I was expecting.

As far as the cover it is still pretty sheer. Even when I tried to apply more than one coat. You can't really build any coverage. I would not peg this as a foundation but more of a tinted moisturizer. It did help correct some redness in my skin tone so that was nice.

Texture isn't too bad either. It is thick when you first start applying it but it sheers out when you begin to smooth it onto the skin. I like that it didn't leave my skin feeling greasy or sit on my skin like the Garnier BB Cream does.

When first applied it gave my skin a nice dewy fresh look but I felt that that wore off quickly. Overall, I think that it is a good tinted moisturizer but not really a BB cream. If you are a girl who likes a full or medium coverage than this will not be the product for you. I do like it better than some of the other drugstore BB creams I have tried though.