Monday, December 16, 2013

Getting Festive!

I know I should be blogging about beauty since I am a little due for that but I am just feeling in the Christmas mood today. While reading another blog this morning (a non beauty blog...woah!) I came along a little set of Christmas questions that I thought were cute. Before I get started with those I will say that I am going to be doing some catch up this week on posts. I have a lot of fun products I have been using lately that I want to share with you. I just started working for Clinique a couple weeks ago so life has been a little hectic lately but I am falling back into the balance.

I got the idea for this post from a lovely blogger called Crafty Healthy Mommy. If you want to check out her post click here!

  1. Favorite Christmas song. Baby It's Cold Outside...though it took me until my 20's to realize that it is a rather provocative song!
  2. Christmas song you can't stand. Little Drummer Boy
  3. Favorite holiday movie. Elf by far. It used to be Home Alone but once Elf came out it was over. I have already watched it 3 times since my bf got me a new copy this week. 
  4. Real or artificial tree? my family always got a real tree growing up but with my little apartment I have been forced to get an artificial one.
  5. White or colored lights? white
  6. All matching ornaments or more random personal ornaments? I like the ones with sentimental value. My mother and grandmother have bought each of us children an ornament every year since we were born with the idea that when we got old enough to have our own tree we would have all these ornaments. They hold a very special place in my heart.
  7. Favorite ornament. I love the little homemade ones that we made as children. My mom still has almost all of them. Besides the weird cookie ones we made that rotted....ew!
  8. Angel or star tree-topper? star
  9. Does Santa wrap presents or leave them unwrapped? It depends on how busy Santa is. Usually they are all wrapped but this year Santa makes no guarantees. 
  10. Favorite childhood memory. Every Christmas when we were little on Christmas eve we got new pajamas. One year I got this pair of beauty and the beast pajamas with a matching set for my doll. I remember being so excited about them. Well wouldn't you know that was the year I got super sick and threw up all over them. 
  11. Coffee, hot chocolate, or eggnog? Eggnog...with hot cocoa or coffee?
  12. Christmas morning at home or do you travel? Now that my bf and I have our own place away from the families we are going to be traveling. 
  13. Traditional holiday meal or something unconventional? Traditional. I love a good roast or ham...and potatoes :0
  14. Personalized photo Christmas cards, store bought cards, e-cards, or "ain't nobody got time for that"?  "ain't nobody got time for that."

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