Sunday, November 3, 2013

October Favorites...Makeup, Music, and More!

Hey hey there pretty guys and girls. I know it has been a bit since I have blogged but wheeew was October a busy month for me. I had so much going on I feel like the month just went by in a flash. I also decided to go on a no-buy in October which meant I wasn't getting many new products to review. If you don't no what a no-buy is it just means I decided not to buy any makeup products during the month of October. I was/am accumulating quite a bit of new stuff to use and review though so expect November to be quick full of blogs.

Since I did not buy any new product that meant I got some time to dig in to some of my old favorites and/or products I just hadn't gotten around to using yet. I found a bunch of things that I forgot how much I loved and it was like shopping my own collection. I actually am excited to do a no-buy again so that I can dig up some other goodies I already own. Anyway, here are some things I was obsessed with in October.

1) The Balm Nude Tude Palette

Uhhhhmazing. That is the only thing that comes to mind when I think of this palette. I reviewed this palette a year ago when I bought it and I used it quite a bit then but it kind of got shuffled into the back of my palette drawer and forgotten about. If you want to see my review click here! It is a great nude palette with a variety of textures and it is adorable. The Balm has some of the best packaging ever! 

2) Jordana Fabuliner in Black

product image
This is your typical felt tip eyeliner pen but better. It has a nice fine tip that is the perfect mixture between stiff and flexible. It is very pigmented but doesn't stain. It also has phenomenal staying power. I can put this on and work ten hours and it doesn't fade, transfer, or smudge. You want to know what the best part about this little guy is? It is only $2.99!! Seriously this little guy works better/ lasts longer than almost all of my eyeliners high or low end. Plus it doesn't easily dry out. I have had mine for at least 6 months and it is still going strong. 

3) Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer

LORAC - Behind The Scenes Eye Primer
I received this primer for free at Ulta when I bought my Dazzling Dozens kit a month or so ago and since I ran out of my E.l.f Primer that I usually use I figured I would put this to the test. It actually makes me sad that I love this product so much because it is a pretty penny at $21 in comparison to $1 for the E.l.f but it works so well. It isn't greasy or oily and doesn't crease on my lids. It literally makes my eyeshadow stay on until I take it off at night. I will do a more in depth review and show you the difference it makes with shadows this week. 

4) Coastal Scents Go Palette in Moscow

Go Palette Moscow
I did a full review on all of the Go Palettes from Coastal Scents here but this one has been my favorite this month. If you read that review than you know that not all the Go Palettes are winners in my book but this one is great. I have been loving the bronze, green, and cranberry shades for fall and have created so many nice looks with this palette. For $9 I would say this is well worth the money.

5) Dr. Jart + Premium Beauty Balm

Dr. Jart+ - Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45
I received a deluxe size sample of this in a Birchbox a while back and had yet to getting around to use it. Since I was aquiring quite the basket of little sample packs and tubes I figured I would use a few up and this was one of the ones I grabbed. I ran out already and am seriously considering buying the set that Sephora has. The tube by itself costs $39 which is RIDICULOUS! I mean it is great but I could never spend that much on a BB Cream. The set of four however, is $34 granted the tubes are smaller but you still get more product in total. I loved how creamy this bb cream was without feeling heavy or making my skin oily. It also had a decent coverage almost like that of a light/medium foundation. It did wonders for my already dry fall skin. 

6) Revlon Colorstay Lip Butter in Pink Truffle

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter, Pink Truffle
I know everyone has heard all about Lip Butters and how great they are by now so I will just say this....I love this color for fall. The perfect soft berry/pink color!

7) Bath and Body Works Fragrance Mist in Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day Fine Fragrance Mist - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works
I can thank my mother for this one because she was the one who turned me on to this scent. She doesn't live near a B & B but I do so one day she asked me if I would buy her this perfume. She said one of her friends wears it and she had to have it. Well once I smelled it I had to have it too. It is a beautiful mixture of fruity/floral and just smells so feminine and fresh. It makes me feel refreshed all day! 

8)Revlon Beyond Natural False Eyelashes

Revlon Beyond Natural Professional Eyelashes, Natural Defining
These are just as the title says "Beyond Natural." They look like your eyelashes but better without looking noticeably fake or overly dramatic. I also like how natural they feel while you're wearing them. They are not stiff or heavy. I also love Revlons Precision Eyelash Glue as well. It is a staple in my professional makeup kit. 


1) Katy Perry - Dark Horse 

2) The Strange Familiar- Run Away Heart

3) Britney Spears- Work B****!

4)Birdy- Terrible Love

Snacks and Such:

1) Trader Joe's Cookie Butter

Crack...crack in a jar is what this is. It is crushed up gingerbread like cookies with a peanut butter texture. It is amazing! Once you taste it you will be addicted. 

2) Chobani Bites Coffee with Dark Chocolate Chips

I eat these little guys instead of dessert or ice cream. They are that good. They satisfy my coffee cravings and sweet tooth at the same time. I have been on a little journey to better health and fitness over the last couple months and have been trying to incorporate a bunch of healthier food into my diet. I actually have another blog devoted to my health journey which you can check out right here

3) Tribe Zesty Spice and Garlic Hummus

Yummy yummy. Spicy and savory all in one. I love this hummus with sweet peppers or on a sandwich. 

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  1. I love love love pink truffle! I also haven't tried the Balm yet but I really want to, their shadows look amazing.