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NYX Love In Paris Palette Review and Swatches...You Are In Siene, A La Mode, and C'est La Vie

Hey pretty people. Happy November. I hope everyone is doing well. It is a chilly cold day here in Upstate NY so I decided today would be a good day to cuddle up inside and do some blogging. We got our first taste of real snow today and it is sooooo cold outside so I am going nowhere today. I have a pretty big box full of stuff that I need to review that I have already used so I thought today would be a good day to pull some stuff out and get blogging!

I decided to review some NYX palettes that I had gotten about a month ago but have used quite a bit and in general have really liked. I know the Love In Paris palettes aren't really new but I hadn't really had a chance to pick them up since NYX isn't sold anywhere near me. During the end of summer NYX was on Hautelook and I decided to pick up a few things. Among my little NYX haul was 3 of the Love In Paris Palettes.

Each palette has 9 eyeshadow colors that are a good size, about the size of a postage stamp. There are 12 palettes in total but I only picked up 3. Since I knew we were going into fall I picked out three that were neutral/fall colors that I thought I would get a lot of use out of. There are some palettes that are brighter and more colorful in the collection, if that is more your style.

The packaging is really nice. I like that the front is see through so you can see exactly what colors you are getting in the palette. I also think the little bow that clasps the palette shut is adorable. Even the smaller palettes in this line have that little bow. It is pretty solid packaging so I think it would be safe to bring this palette in a makeup bag or to take it with you when you are traveling. You can see the little bows in the picture above.

Each palette costs $10 which I think is reasonable for the quantity and quality of the shadows. I got mine in sets so there were other products with my palettes but they were still very reasonable. You can purchase them at of on the NYX website.

Now let's dig a little deeper and talk about the palettes specifically.

The Palette above is C'est La Vie which is a wonderful little palette for fall. It is perfect with a nice mixture of greens, neutrals, and cranberry colors.
 Above is swatches of all the shades in C'est La Vie without primer on bare skin. Overall for not having any primer the pigmentation is pretty good. I have worn almost all these eyeshadows on my lids by now and they wear pretty true to color and last quite a while with the Lorac primer I mentioned in my October Favorites which you can check out here.
 These are the top three shades in the palette. All of the shadows in this palette are either a shimmer shadow or have glitter in them so if you are not a fan of either of those this palette will not be for you. The first shadow is a light shimmery off white shade. It is a good inner corner highlight or brow bone highlight. The next shadow I have a love/hate relationship with. It is a glittery champagne color with a bit of a gold hue. Now it is a really pretty shade that I think could really liven up a look but it is kind of hard to work with. As you can see from the picture of the palette is creates a lot of fallout both in the package and on the face. You need a pretty sticky base to get it to stay put but if you do it is gorgeous. The last shade is a peachy/copper. It is a subtle shade but is smooth in texture.
 The next three are the neutral browns of the bunch. The first shade is a matte dark brown shimmer. It is very pigmented and applies smoothly. It works great for really deepening up the outter v and crease of the eye. Next we have a medium brown with gold glitter. The glitter is small and doesn't create fall out like the shade above. The last shade is a shimmery golden brown which I love for fall.
 Sorry for the poor picture here. The first shade is a deep cranberry color with gold glitter. I was disappointed with this color because I really wanted to love it. I love cranberry shades for fall but this one fell short of expectation. It doesn't apply even at all and was hard to blend. Even in the swatches it appeared kind of blotchy. The next shade is my favorite in the palette. It is a deep dark olive green with a gold duochrome and it is beautiful. It is unique to anything I own already and it applies like a dream. The last color is a dark green also but is more of a forest green. It also has a bit of a duochrome to it with a bit of a blackened undertone. Also a very beautiful color.

 A few more swatches. Overall, this palette is alright. I won't say it won me over but there are a few shades in there that I really love. For the price I think this palette can be a great fall go to. The shades applied smoothly but there are a few that produce some fallout or have a bit of a chalky texture.

The next palette is You Are In Siene. It is a bit all over the place as far as color scheme goes. There are some neutrals, a few grey/purple tones, a bright blue, and some dark colors. This is a palette where you could get a little create but it also gives you quite a few look options.
 This palette has great pigmentation and texture. All of the shadows are true to color, smooth, and give a nice dense wash of color. There are varying textures from matte to shimmer to glitter.
 The first color in the palette is a gorgeous copperish orange which I LOVE. It is a shimmer but applies smoothly with no fall out. The next shade is a cool tones light matte brown. It is completely matte with no shimmer. The next is a dark cool tones matte brown. It also applies even, smooth, and pigmented.
These are the next to rows. The 3 on the right are in the middle row. First you have an off white matte highlight color. Perfect for the brow bone. Next you have a warm brown shimmer shade. Lastly you have a grayish taupe with a satin finish. That shade is a dream. It is so smooth and rich. The bottom row starts with a bright blue satin. It is almost matte but there is a little bit of a sheen to it though on the lid it is unnoticeable. Next you have a warm toned shimmer shade. Lastly you have a dark grey glitter shadow. The glitter produces no fall out.

 I think this palette is one of my favorites from NYX that I own. I love the versatility of it. I like all the different looks you can do with one small product. I also like the quality of all the shades. They are all smooth, pigmented, and long wearing. This is def worth the money I spent on it.

The last palette is A La Mode. Which is a neutral palette with a mixture of browns and grays. It also has a mixture of textures so you get some mattes and some shimmers.
 The first three shades are all neutral. You have a matte white. It applied a little lighter than I thought it would. You are not going to get a stark bright white but it would be good for the brow bone. Next you have a medium cool tones matte brown. I love this color for deepening and blending out the crease. It applies smooth and even. Next you have a brown shimmer with a bit of a gold overtone. It applies beautifully but has a bit of fall out so a base will need to be used. This is a great all over the lid color.
 The next row starts with a bright shimmery gray. I cut it off in this picture but you can see it in the picture above. It creates a nice shine and comes off almost metallic. Next you have a dark brown satin which is almost matte. Very pigmented and gorgeous. I actually used this as liner one day and it worked well. Next you have a deepened gray shimmer. The bottom three shades are a medium brown shimmer, a matte taupe/grey, and lastly a dark shimmer gray.

Overall, I also really like this palette. All of the shades are good quality and go on even and smooth. I would call this the day to night palette. It gives you all the colors for a neutral natural day look but gives you the perfect colors to amp is up at night. To create a little POW!!

I would really like to get a few more of the palettes because almost all of them were more than worth the money. Have you guys tried any of the other palettes in this line? Let me know below! Also don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

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