Monday, November 25, 2013

My First Ever Makeup Geek Products! Utopia and Insomnia Pigment Review and Swatches

 If any of you are beauty YouTube junkies like I am then I am sure you know what Makeup Geek Makeup is by now! I can't lie I have spent many hours late at night watching my favorite guru's on YT. I blame YT partly for my insomnia! I start watching one and before I know it I have been swimming in the ocean of YT for 3 hours! Oops!! In the never ending sea of beauty tutorials and review videos the one woman or guru that always stuck out to me was Marlena Makeup Geek. If you haven't checked out her channel yet ....get one that! You can take a peek by clicking right here! There was always something really fresh about her channel. She is very honest and upfront which I like but she is also so sweet and you can just sense that she is a really down to earth person. I also highly admire her for her courage in sharing her weightloss story which is very inspirational. After watching her religiously for years I was beyond floored when she announced she was releasing her very own makeup line! When I say beyond floored I mean I literally was jumping for joy in my apartment.

Now this happened quite sometime ago. I would say she has had her own makeup out for over a year. Why didn't I immediately buy it? I have no idea. For once in my life I was not impulsive with makeup purchases. When her pressed eyeshadows first came out I went through the website and none really screamed out to me. At the time money was tight and I already had colors similar to a lot of the ones she had in her line. I kind of put all of it on back burner and moved on. However, recently while watching another favorite YT guru of mine the Makeup Geek bug got replanted into my head. Once it was there it was there to stay and I had to act. There was one product that I knew I had to have and it was the Makeup Geek Pigment in Utopia. I also picked up one more pigment from the line which was Insomnia. Those seemed like the most unique shades to me. Now, I am not done collecting from the line but this is just the beginning. Let's take a look at my little treasures....

PACKAGING: The pigments come in sleek pots that say makeup geek on the top. They are clear so it is easy to see the color if you store them on your side. The packaging is my only gripe when it comes to these pigments. For whatever reason Marlena decided not to put a sifter in these jars. The jars came really full which is great but without a sifter it can create quite a mess. When I opened it originally it got all over the place because I just wasn't prepared. You can see if the photos below how it leaves little speckles of pigment.

PRICE: These pigments are very very affordable for their quality. On her website they are $6.99 which is about the same price as the Maybelline Color Tattoo Pigments so you are paying drugstore prices for a product which is worth much much more. I like that Makeup Geek chose to keep their products at an affordable price and that goes for all her products. There are some YT guru's right now that are coming out with their own makeup lines and their prices are really up there. Some higher than most high end pricing. The shipping was also really affordable as well. I think I payed $3 or less.

 You can see what I mean about now having the sifter in this picture. It gets all over the lid and the sides of the twisty part. that even a word?..ha...Utopia is a gorgeous dark dark bronze color that in some lights almost looks black. In the jar is looks like a glitter almost but it is sort of a sticky pigment.

 Is this not the most gorgeous color in the world? I can't stop looking at it!
 Here is what Utopia looks like applied with my finger over E.l.f Eyeshadow Primer. It is gorgeous. As you can see here it applies like a glitter sort of but also applies like a pigment. It is the most unique pigment I own that is for sure. It does go on smoothly though but you will have to get used to using a formula like this. I find that applying it with my finger works best or a stiff wet eyeshadow brush.
It has such a wonderful shiny pigment. It looks like your eyes are made of bronzed metal. I love shimmer so this is a dream for me. Now this shade like almost all other pigments does produce fallout so I recommend a sticky base. You can also use an eyeshadow shield, loose powder, paper towel, or the E.l.f Eyeshadow Shield Brush thing to help reduce fallout.

 The other shade that I got is called Insomnia. Like Utopia it is a very unique shade and one unlike any colors that I already own. I would say this is a mixture of a deep coffee brown but it has the coolest blue/green duochrome to it. It is a very finely ground pigment and applies really smooth.

 As you can see from this picture is brown but has a gorgeous green overtone.
 Here are both of them next to each other. You can really tell the texture difference here.
I can't wait to get more items from Makeup Geek. Neither of these disappointed me in the slightest. I really really want to try a couple of her pressed eyeshadows. I think those are going to be on my Christmas List. Do you have an suggestions on what shades I should get?


  1. Utopia is soooo pretty. I dont think I could wear it though.

  2. Looking so good!!!! Pigment eyeshadow had many advantages. The one of the best example is it looks pretty and gives a natural look to a person. It had no side-effects and that is the reason people prefer this. It is easily suited to every person.

  3. Was Utopia pictured with flash? I looked on the website and it didn't look like that beautiful gold color in the swatch.