Monday, November 25, 2013

Lazy Monday Poll #2

Hey hey there beautiful people. Yet again I am here with another Lazy Monday Poll...or Insomnia Solution as I should call them. It is way too late and I am wide awake so I figured I would find something to pass the time. I stumbled onto Makeup and Beauty blog and she has another Monday poll. Did you read last weeks? If not click here! It has been a while since I had taken a pole about myself. It brings me back to my early chain email days with my friends in high school. So here we go...

1. Do you wear mascara on your bottom lashes? 
Occasionally I do. It isn't an everyday thing for me but if I want to add extra drama to a smokey eye or something I will use it. I only put waterproof mascara on the bottom though. 2. Watching figure skating on TV: yes or no?
Yes, I love it3. What’s your favorite kind of pie?
Pumpkin all the way. With a big dallop of Cool Whip4. Is there someone in your life who’s always encouraged you to chase after your dreams?
Yes my boyfriend. He is the one who encouraged me to start this blog from the beginning. He also pushed me to pursue my professional makeup career. I couldn't thank him enough for giving me the kick in the butt that I needed. 
5. Besides laughter, what’s the best medicine?
Exercise. Anything that gets you up and moving. 6. Have you ever dedicated a song on the radio to someone?
In my mind yes7. Where do you feel the safest?
In my cozy little apartment with my boyfriend or at my parents house8. Who makes the best drugstore nail polish?
I have always been a fan of Revlon polishes. I will say that I also really like the new Covergirl polishes. 9. What shoes are you wearing today?
My black boots with a woven top that is like a mixture of a sweater and a sock. 10. Hello, would you like whipped cream with your hot cocoa?

Yes of course and extra marshmallows...what can I say I have a huge sweet tooth's your turn! Tag your it ha!


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