Saturday, November 16, 2013

BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil Palette Review and Swatches!

With all this dreary weather we've been having I wanted to write about a palette that made me think of someplace warm. Somewhere with palm trees, the beach, and sunshine! After looking through my review makeup bin I found the PERFECT palette for today. This palette screams fun in the sun!

I bring you the BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil Palette.
The packaging is hit and miss for me. I love the design. It is bright and colorful and so much fun. I really want a print of that girl for my wall.
Wouldn't that be a nice little wall decoration? Ha maybe it's just me but I really like it.

What I am not so found of is that the packaging is a cardboard package. It is kind of flimsy and I don't think it would provide much protection. This would be a palette I would be afraid to tote around too much. There is a nice mirror inside though.

 If you are a lover of bright colors than this palette is right up your alley. It is full of bright, vibrant, and beautiful colors which are perfect for anyone who likes some spice in their life when it comes to makeup. As soon as I opened it creative ideas flooded my mind and I started thinking about a million looks I could do with this palette. There are a couple wearable shades in this palette but it is not for the neutral look lover! Which is great for me because I love experimenting with my makeup. You get a total of 30 shades of varying textures and finishes. 28 round pots about the size of a nickel and then two larger pans of a highlight and deepening color on the bottom.
I broke up the palette vertically since that is how they grouped the themes together. I also numbered them so you don't get confused during the swatching part. The rows seem to vary in finish running horizontally. It goes matte, satin, matte, shimmer.
 Here is a close up of rows #1 and #2. The first row are shadows with a pink/red tone. Row #2 is orange colors. As you can see the colors on the bottom are vary shimmery or frosty. Refer to the matte, satin, matte, shimmer order so I don't have to repeat it for every swatch pattern.
 Swatches of row #1. That bright pink is amazing and so is the red. It is a true bright red which I rarely seen in eyeshadows. You also have a nice magenta and a sparkly cranberry. The cranberry didn't have much color payoff though. Even on the lid it was a little lack lustre for me.
Here is row #2! Can you look at that bright orange???? Holy cow is that sucker bright. It is neon safety cone orange and I love every single thing about it. It's hands down the brightest orange in my collection and I can't wait to play with it. I also love the shimmery bronze color which is gorgeous.
 Next you have rows #3 and #4. Row #3 is the yellows and #4 is all green shades.
 Some of the yellows were awesome and some were disappointing. The two matte yellow shades were not great at all. I could barely get any color payoff, the applied uneven, and were very chalky. If you are looking for a good matte yellow this will not be the answer to your prayers. The satin finish yellow was a dream though. It was a little powdery and created some fall out but the color payoff is wonderful.
I had a similar problem with the greens as well. The first matte green wasn't so bad. Still not great pigmentation but it's workable. The next two shades weren't anything special. They were very pigmented. The last color is a gorgeous olive green that I really like. A perfect shade for fall!
 Next you have rows #5, #6, and #7. #5 is blue/greens. #6 is the more true blues and #7 are the purples (my favorite)!
 These shades were pretty good. The mattes were a little chalky but the color payoff wasn't bad. The satin finish light blue could be a little more vibrant.
 The blues in this palette are amazing. I love love love that bright matte blue. It is so pigmented and applied really smoothly.
This is my favorite row. Mostly because I love purple anything and I really like how purple shadows look with my blue eyes. All of the purple shades are awesome. Pigmented, smooth, and apply evenly. I love the periwinkle shade in this palette. It is unique to any other colors that I have. I like the lavendar a lot too.

 Then at the bottom you have the white and the black shade. The white is very frosty and has a lot of fall out. The black is matte and is a nice texture. I wish the white was also matte as I am not much of a "shimmer brow bone highlight," kind of girl. I do this it would work well on the inner corner though.
Overall I think this palette is worth the $10 price tag. Though some of the colors are lacking you do still get a lot of ones that are just awesome like the orange and bright blue. I can't wait to create some fun fall looks with this. I can see the colors of autumn leaves in here. If you want to buy one or check out the website click here!


  1. Wow look at all the bright colors, what a fun palette!!

  2. im going to get this rather than morphe😉