Wednesday, November 20, 2013

BH Cosmetics Eye's on the 60's Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and Review!

Hey hey there pretty readers! How is everyone today? I am doing splendid..cold but splendid! Today I have for you another BH Cosmetics palette review. The other day I reviewed the BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil Palette. If you haven't checked that out yet then click here! If you aren't familiar with the BH Cosmetics brand than check out their website right here! BH Cosmetics makes a wide range of highly affordable palettes and cosmetics. If you are a makeup artist or someone who wants a lot of colors in one place than BH has you covered. Lately they have been putting out a lot of very bright, bold, and fun palettes with really cool themes. You have the Take Me To Brazil Palette which was full of bright vibrant colors and then you have the palette I will be reviewing today which offers yet another wonderful assortment of colors. Think of BH as the Crayola factory of eyeshadow palettes. If you can't find a color you love then you are crazy!!
The packaging has this cute retro theme with the bubbles and all. I don't think this would be a good palette for travel due to the holes. It opens up a lot of opportunity to get damaged. I also wouldn't recommend bringing this around in a bag or luggage because it is a cardboard package and doesn't provide much protection. Though the palette is very aesthetically pleasing it is not very durably packaged which for a makeup artist like me can be key sometimes.

In this palette you get 30 eyeshadow colors in a range of finishes and colors. There is a good assortment of mattes, satin, and shimmer shades in here. Each shadow is about the size of a dime. Though they are fairly small in size they are still big enough to fit an ordinary sized eyeshadow brush into. The palette has a nice array of bright colors and warm neutrals. However, if you are into a natural subtle look than this will probably not be the palette for you.

Here are a couple more close up views of the colors you are going to get in this palette. If you are like me then you are currently saying "All the pretty colors," like a brainwashed makeup addict.
I broke the palette up into sections to make identifying the swatches a bit easier for you...and me! The colors seem to be grouped in the palette in horizontal rows. Though there are a few that are just throw in there wherever they could fit them.
Okay I am going to be very honest in this post. The is row #1 and none of these colors did a thing for me. I know I am fair skinned so lighter colors don't show up as great on my pale pasty self but I had to dig to get these colors to appear with the exception of the last one. I was not all that thrilled about any of the mattes in this palette. They were all very chalky and lacked pigmentation. In the other palette the mattes were pretty good but in this palette they seem to have a totally different consistency.  The first row in general just really didn't work for me at all. No color payoff, chalky texture that produced a lot of fall out, and just really hard to work with.
Row #2 was a completely different story. These were all wonderful! I think the shimmers in this palette perform much better than the mattes. These all applied smoothly, evenly, and had great pigmentation. I didn't have to dig into it for the color to show up. They did product a little bit of fallout but nothing major.
The next row #3 was hit and miss. Like the first row the mattes weren't as great as I would have hoped. The light pink took about 4 swipes to get the build up that I have here. I will say that the matte red is one of the good ones though. That applied super bright and even. As you can see some of the colors appear more satin while others are really shimmery and glittery.
Row #4 was yet again the same as the others. The shimmers worked wonderfully and the mattes fell flat. As you can see by the last 3 swatches we yet again have little color payoff and I really had to work to get the swatches you see here. However, the first 3 colors are great.

The last row #6 was really nice. All the colors really worked well for me. They were bright, pigmented, wore well, and didn't take much work to build up.

Final verdict...meh I probably would have passed on this one. While there are some great colors in here there were also a lot that just didn't work. For the $10 I spent I wouldn't say it was a total loss. There are some shades that I can definitely work with here. If you are looking at buying this palette in hopes that you will be getting a colorful matte palette...don't bother. I prefer my Take Me To Brazil palette over this one and would say go with that one.

What do you guys think? Do you own this and if so what did you think of it? Thanks for reading!!

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