Wednesday, September 4, 2013

NYX Be Fierce Palette Review, Swatches, and Photos!

If there were a beauty encyclopedia you would find my name under Paletteaholic! I don't know what it is about palettes but it is like moths to a flame for me. I love them and every time there is a new one that tiny little devil pops up on my shoulder and whispers "you must have it," into my ear. It is no secret here on DBTBB that I have a thing for NYX palettes in particular. There are a lot of things that NYX does well and their palettes are usually pretty awesome. You can find a lot of substitutes for more popular palettes from NYX. I did a couple reviews of palettes that are good substitutes for the popular UD Naked Palette. To check those palettes out click here or click here! I also have a good collection of other NYX palettes. To check out reviews of some other amazing NYX options click here (Smokey Look Palette) click here too (Runway Collection Palette) there are a few more that I own and if you want a review on my unreviewed NYX Palettes then let me know!.......okay okay Staci get to the point. Well, there is another NYX Palette that I have managed to get my little palette hoarding hands on and that is the NYX Be Fierce Palette. I have been using the heck out of this little guy and I am in love.

Can we first talk about the box...I know some people may think "omgoodness she's naked blah blah blah," but I think the photo is actually quite cool and fierce! I wish that this image was on the palette itself but alas it is not. The palette is a two tier palette. Open the lid on top and there are the eyeshadows and a decent sized good quality mirror. Pull the drawer out on the bottom and you have your blushes and lippies.

 So this is what the palette looks like outside of the box. It is a pretty sturdy package with a full size mirror (one that actually stands up)...side note real quick: Can I just say how much I dislike palettes that have a mirror that just flops over when you open it. What am I going to do with that? I can't lean directly over the palette to do my makeup and who wants to hold a big old palette in their hands. If you are a butter fingers like me then that is just asking for trouble....Anyway, I like that this mirror is a functional mirror that you could actually use to do your makeup. This palette is a perfect size. It's like the Goldilocks porridge of's just right. I would say it is about the size of a cd case if you stacked 3 cd cases on top of each other. It is a nice little travel palette!
 There are 25 shadows all together in this palette. Each shadow is decent sized (about the size of a postage stamp). As you can see you get a good variety of colors with this palette. Now if you are someone who loves bright colored looks than this palette is probably not the one for you. Most of the colors are very neutral shades but it does give you some great smokey dark colors as well. As you will see with my swatches you also get a wide variety of finishes...mattes, satins, shimmers, and almost metallics)! I like when palettes have a couple different finishes in them because I don't always like a matte eye and I don't always want a shimmery look either. I also love that you get two great browbone highlight shades which some palettes tend to leave out sometimes.
 Here is a close up of the top three rows. You can really see the finishes here.
 Here is the bottom half of the palette. Can I just say that I am in love with that cranberry type color right now. I have been using it with that dark brown to create some cool fall looks! I know I am doing fall looks already...goodbye summer sniffle sniffle!!!
 And now you are probably thinking "What the heck is that?" So when I placed my order for this palette through I also ordered a few other NYX products as well including this little palette above which I had seen on Melmphs channel on Youtube a while back. Now both are amazing palettes but what I was disappointed with when I opened both is that the Be Fierce Palette had almost identical colors to the Love In Florence Eat, Love, B Fab Palette! So essentially I could have done without the little palette above and saved myself $7! I just wanted to point this out so no one else makes the same mistake!
 Here are comparisons of colors from the Be Fierce Palette -vs- colors from Eat, Love, B Fab!
 As you can see with the exception of the peach color the rest are almost spot on dupes for once another! Dang!! The peach from the Be Fierce palette comes off a little more orange than the other which on the skin is more of a coral.
 This is the bottom tier of the palette which includes 3 blush shades and 7 lipcolors. The blushes also have different finishes. The blush on the left is a satin shade so it has a small amount of sheen, the center shade has quite a bit of shimmer in it but it isn't glittery, and the third shade is matte. The lipcolors are all a sheer cream finish except for the two on the left which I would say are frosty. They don't have a lot of pigmentation. I would say they come off more like a tinted balm on the lips. Think of the phrase "Your lips but better." My one nitpick about the composition of this palette is the lack of cover on the lipgloss. I don't like when palettes put together powder and cream products without some sort of covering over the cream products. Once I used the blushes a couple times the powder from them got into the lippies and I just find it kind of gross. What I ended up doing was depotting the lip products into little jars but then it kind of ruins the fact that you can travel and have all your products in one place. Le sigh!!

These are the shades on the far right in the top row. I didn't swatch the highlight shades because they really didn't show up that well on my pale forearm skin! They are both matte one being white and one being a cream! Look at that gold though. Going into fall I am excited to use this gold color in some looks. I will say that this purple shade lacked pigmentation but it is about the only one in the palette that did.

This is the second row in the palette. Again you get a nice variety of finishes here! I did all of the swatches over primer. I used the E.l.f Essentials Primer!
Third row in the palette. All either shimmer or satin shades. I love that most of the rows give you colors to create a perfect look right in that row. These colors all go wonderfully together and are great shades for the upcoming months.
Fourth row! There is that beautiful cranberry color I was telling you about. Love it!
And the bottom row. I love that dark chocolate brown. It is so pigmented. Great for really darkening up a look or for creating a soft natural liner! I also really like the warm gold as well.
Here are swatches of the blushes. I love NYX blushes. They are always great quality either in a palette or the individual packages. They are so soft and blendable while still being pigmented. I love that they give you a couple options both in formula and color so you really have the colors to go with any eye look. I have used this palette on some brides and these blushes always look flawless and natural.

Overall: I think for $20 this is a beautiful, versatile, and affordable palette. It is great for on the go but also ideal for everyday use. I like that I can always find a look with this palette and I don't have to use a million eye products to do it because it is all in one place. The eyeshadows are blendable, long wearing, and pigmented which is all the things I look for. If you are not a big fan of shimmer you may not like this palette because there are a good amount of shimmer shades in here. However, if you like that then this palette is right up your alley. I have had it about 4 weeks now and have def gotten my moneys worth out of it already. I have used it on myself and my clients numerous times and really love it.

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