Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lorac Dazzling Dozen Review and Swatches!

I know I don't typically post reviews on here of high end products but this was just one product I could not pass up. I finally got a chance to go to an Ulta store while visiting a friend. The closest one to my actual house is over an hour away so I don't get a chance to go there often. Now I do order stuff from time to time from the website but I like being able to look at products before I buy them. I like to see what size they are and swatch them if possible before I spend a good amount of money. While walking around I spotted this Lorac Eyeshadow set called Dazzling Dozen. It has 12 full size single eyeshadows but what really got me was the price... $ for some of you that seems like a lot but for 12 eyeshadows from any high end brand that is a steal. Most high end companies sell their single eyeshadows for up to $20 a piece! I through it in my cart immediately. As of right now the set is still available on the Ulta website. You can check it out by clicking here.
Now I will warn you early that this is not what the set actually looks like. Why, you ask? Well because I didn't realize until I got home that I got a defected one and that 2 of the shades were exactly the same. I got two of the Bronze shade and didn't get Serenity. I am currently trying to get in touch with Ulta to see if I can send the extra one that I didn't open back in and get the one I am missing. I don't want to have to send the whole thing back because I already opened and used some of them and I think that would just be a waste. So I am going to review all the colors minus the one I did not receive.

I tried my best to capture the glitter and purple hue in the shade. It was one of the harder ones to photograph. This is Dazzle and it is a beautiful dark deep plum shade with glitter. Though it has a good amount of glitter in it I did not find it to be one of those "glitter shadows," that ends up transferring all over your face. With a good eyeshadow base like the NYX Eye Base the glitter stays put on the lid. This shade is so pigmented and beautiful.

This color is called Starlight. It is a gorgeous black glitter eyeshadow. It comes off very glittery both in swatches and on the eye. The glitter isn't chunky though it is microglitter so you don't get a whole lot of fall out with this. Though I do recommend always using a primer or eye shadow base.

This shade is called Luxury. It is a very similar glitter formula as the previous two but it is a deep dark brown.

Here are all three of the glitter shades swatched next to each other on bare skin. From left to right you have Dazzle, Starlight, and Luxury. As you can see they are all pretty glittery. If you don't like that then these will definitely not be for you. I on the other hand LOVE glitter shadows. They are all very pigmented and apply even. Despite the glitter they are all very silky feeling as well.

This shade is Shimmer Reflect. It is a frosty white shade which would be great for the inner corner or a brow bone highlight if you like a shimmery highlight.

This is Gleam. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures guys. I don't know what was going on with my camera but I was having a heck of a time getting it to focus the day I took these pictures. Anyway, Gleam is a light tan taupe color. It is also a frosty shade just like Shimmer Reflect.
These are both the shades swatched over bare skin. As you can see they are both rather frosty shades but they apply very nicely. Both are very pigmented and silky smooth.

 So before I show you bronze I want you to bask in the glory that is double Bronze! By that I mean be sad with me that I got two of the same color.

So here is Bronze. It is a warm chocolate brown shade. It is a satin shade but has a little bit of shimmer.
This shade is perhaps my favorite one out of the whole set. What can I say I am a sucker for color and this is about the only bright shade in the collection. It is called Celebutante and it is GORGEOUS! It is a turquoise green shade with a frosty finish. It applies well, blends well, and is super pigmented.
Here are Bronze and Celebutante!

The next shade is Mango which is a gorgeous matte peachy pink color. In this picture is looks darker than it really is. It is a very soft both in texture and how it looks on the eye. I did find that this shade was a little bit powdery when applied.
 This shade is Au Naturel. It is a matte/slightly satin finish light cream color. Perfect for highlighting your brow bone. I like that they threw a color like this in there.
The shade on the top is Au Naturel and the bottom is Mango. 

 This color is called Smokin' and it is a matte medium brown! I love this color lately for blending out the crease. It is so creamy and perfect for the crease or possibly a good eyebrow powder.

 This is Sapphire which is a dark matte blue. This one is probably my least favorite out of all the colors. The color is beautiful but it applies really patchy and uneven. I wanted this to be so great but it just lacked for me.

Sapphire looks beautiful in the swatch but I had to swipe it a couple times to get it to look this good. Smokin' is on the bottom and it is just as awesome as in the picture.

Overall I love mostly all the colors. I think this is an awesome bargain and you should snatch it up before it disappears. The packaging is a little cheap but I don't really mind that much. They are all fairly pigmented and have a great texture.


  1. Wow this is a great bargain for high end shadows can't believe how good it is! sadly no Ulta in canada otherwise i'd be tempted to snatch this up :)

  2. Unfortunately mine came all shattered except maybe two shades. So I will be returning to Ulta. It sucks but 21 days of beauty is gone, maybe next time I will have better luck. Otherwise shades are beautiful, high pigmented, creamy with few mattes in it. As an alternative, I can recommend STILA in the Garden, - very beautiful and quality pallette.