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Wet N Wild Limited Edition Pop Art Craze Collection Review and Swatches and Dupes!

Wet N Wild is infamous in the beauty world for their incredibly affordable and high quality eyeshadows. With palettes costing no more than $6 and having the quality of high end brands they have secured their niche in beauty circles. I didn't really discover Wet N Wild eyeshadow until about 3 years ago but when I finally picked up some it was love at first swatch. The colors are pigmented, long wearing, silky smooth, and overall just AMAZING! If you have yet to own any I recommend you go out there and grab you some right meow!!!! I mentioned a few of my favorite trios in a summer post here. Some of my favorite WnW (short for Wet N Wild ;) ) palettes I mentioned in this post and I also did a review on some other limited edition palettes in this post!
So above is my Wet N Wild eyeshadow collection...pretty obvious that I love the right?

Wet N Wild usually releases a couple limited edition eyeshadows each year. Sometimes they are the 8 pan palettes or other times they are singles and trios. I am like a hound dog when it comes to finding these limited edition collections. I will stop at nothing until I have them even if that means going into the drugstores every single day. So of course when I found out that they were going to be releasing another new Limited Edition collection that included 6 all new trio's I got 50 shades of excited. I originally started hearing about this on Emily Noel's blog and Nouveaucheap!!

When I finally saw this little picture I knew that I needed to have all of them. I am not afraid when it comes to makeup. I have no shame. I will rock glitter and hot pink during the day and not think twice about it so when I saw these colors my heart started to race.

Well after weeks and weeks of stalking every Walgreens in a thirty mile radius multiple times per week I finally found these babies. Now I know my posts lately have been rather gloomy but I always want to be honest. I do not want to praise something that I didn't enjoy using no matter what company it is from or how much it cost me so keep that in mind as I continue with this post.

The collection is based around the Pop Art area. Think Andy Warhol! There are 6 trios in this collection and they are all fun, colorful, and eye catching. If you are someone who likes a neutral eye you probably won't find anything you like in this collection with maybe the exception of To Muse and Carouse.

Upon first inspection it appeared to me that all the shades were matte. Now I love me a good matte eyeshadow but my eye and hand always tends to gravitate towards shimmer shades when I am doing my own makeup so I was slightly bummed. Wet N Wild has released two all matte 8 pan palettes within the last couple years one which was called ironically I Heart Matte. Those palettes were FRICKIN AWESOME. Unlike a lot of other companies WnW managed to make matte shades that were both pigmented and smooth. With that being said I still had high hopes for these trios.

 Hard Being The It Girl: So as I said most of the colors appear at first glance to be matte but there are a few that have the slightest satin finish to them like the nude color in this palette. This one just screams summer/spring to me. The blue in this palette is very pigmented but it did apply quite uneven. I had to apply it a couple times not for lack of color but just to get a nice even swatch.

 I'm Seeing Triples: I had higher hopes for this palette. (Keep in mind all of my swatches are done without primer on bare skin). This one has the most daring/bright shades out of all the trios I would say. It will def make you step out of your comfort zone. All of the shades are matte. I expected them to be a bit more pigmented and pack more of a punch. I used a primer with these the other day and it made a world of a difference. I would say with a primer these are much much better. I love the pinky/mauve color in this one the most.

 Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up: Ahhh love this one. It reminds me of flowers! The shades did apply a little uneven from this one but the color pay off was pretty good. Like the trio before I would say that all of these trios should be used with a primer. The yellow in this trio is to die for. It is so pigmented and applied so smooth. It does have a bit of a satin finish but not much.

To Muse and Carouse: This trio is probably the closest you are going to get to a "neutral" look. It is the most toned down of all the trios I would say. I love the peachy color in this palette. It is a great color for blending but I also like the other two shades as well. The brown applied wonderfully with just one swatch. Very pigmented, smooth, and even. I would say that all three shades had a bit of a satin finish.

Three's A Party: The trio screams Halloween to me. It reminds me of vampire colors or something. I will say that this is a very classic/ unexciting trio for me. I really only bought this for that nice deep red. Though I own a shade just like it the NYC put out in a duo with their Halloween collection last year. If you are looking for a nice white or black shadow this is a good option. All three shades were matte without any satin finish.

A Regular At The Factory: The yellow in this trio is the only one in the whole collection that is a true shimmer. I really like this trio. The color pay off was awesome. It is hard to find an orange in the drugstore that performs well. Not that I use orange a lot but I like to add it in as a pop or color for blending or for summer looks.

* I will say that I noticed this collection to be a little more chalky than usual. WnW shadows usually always are soft and produce some fall out when applying but these seemed to do so a little more than the others. I don't know if the fact that they are matte played into this or not.


Now I can't tell you how many times my boyfriend has seen something that I have bought and said "don't you already have something in that color?" and my response is always "um no...this one is more red," or something along those lines. Now I know not everyone is like me and some people won't buy certain products if they think they have something similar to it already. So for those of you I took the time to go through my WnW and Black Radiance shadows and see if any of the new stand out shades are like others in the collection.

This is the orange from A Regular At The Factory on the left next to the orange from the Fauna trio on the right. As you can see they are similar but the swatch on the right has a bit more yellow to it.

The first swatch is the yellow from the Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up trio, middle swatch is from the Bright Idea Trio, and the last swatch is from the Urban Jungle 8 Pan Palette from Black Radiance. All three colors are very similar but as you can see the first swatch is not a shimmer shade. 

There are a lot of options for purple shades from this company. Both in the Pop Art Collection and many previous ones. These are all the purples I found comparable too the purple shades in the new collection. 1. Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up 2.Going In The Wild 3.Posh Plums (Black Radiance) 4.I Heart Matte 5.Shimmer The Night Away 6.Dancing In The Clouds 7.Fauna

There are also a lot of blues in this collection and others. 1.I'm Seeing Triples! 2.Hard Being The It Girl 3.Shimmer The Night Away 4.I Heart Matte 5.A Regular At the Factory. 

Phew...that was a long post sorry guys. I hope it helped you decide whether or not you need this new collection in your life. Let me know if you pick it up and what your thoughts are or share your looks that you created with it. 

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  1. I see this at the store but I don't think I'll ever use these bright colors so I don't even bother. They are so pretty swatched, though!!