Thursday, August 15, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Dark Heart Designs Cosmetics Review and Swatches!

Hey hey pretty ladies. It is that time again for another installment of my Indie Spotlight series. If you are new to my blog a couple times a month I do a review of indie makeup brands! There are some seriously amazing makeup companies out there that you probably have never heard of. I have found some amazing products from Indie companies and they are usually very affordable. If you want to see any of my previous Indie Spotlight posts than you can click here,, here, or here!

This week I am reviewing a company called Dark Heart Designs Cosmetics. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this company because I love them. I have yet to receive any products that are not absolutely awesome! I am slowly building my collection from the brand but for today's post I am going to be reviewing a particular collection. It is called the Peacock collection and it is stunning. When I originally went on the site to decide what I wanted to order I had no idea where to begin. Everything looked gorgeous and there is a wide variety of products to choose from but as soon as I read Peacock I immediately turned in to the seagulls from Finding Nemo "mine mine mine mine".

If you have been a fan of my blog then you know I am a color lover! If it is fun, bright, and bold I have to have it. So these products in this collection had my name all over it. Let's take a look and I guarantee you will fall in love with it like I did.

 This shade is called Firework and is one of my most favorite colors in the collection. It is a warm toned gold shimmer that is perfect for fall. I love using this on my inner corner to really brighten up my eyes.
 This color is another shade that is perfect for the upcoming fall months. This beauties name is Unwritten. It is an olive green matte base with a slight turquoise over tone.
 This color is called Amazing. It is a gorgeous turquoise satin shade with pink micro glitter.
 Be Yourself is a turquoise green satin shade with blue micro glitters. This is in my top 3. It is such a fun color for summer. It reminds me of sparkling water and I can't get enough of it.
These are swatches of those 4 shades from left to right we have Firework, Unwritten, Amazing, and Be Yourself. You can see the difference in texture between these shades. I love that this collection had a variety. Trust me I love anything that sparkles but not always. Firework is a very shimmery shade where as Unwritten is almost completely matte.

 Look at this dark sultry beauty right here. This shade is called Marry The Night. It is a deep dark navy blue with blue micro glitters. First off can I just that I love the names of these shadows. I am a music junky and every time I see the names of these eyeshadows I just start singing the songs. I am a nerd I know!! Anyway.... this shadow just screams sexy smokey eye to me!

 This shade is Perfect both by name and performance. It is a dark purple satin shade with pink and purple micro glitters. It is a fun way to add a little color to your life. I think it is so soft and beautiful and girly.
 This shadow is called Fighter which is a dark chocolate brown with a black base. Mostly matte with a very subtle satin sheen. I have used this wet and created an eyeliner with it that looked great. It was so natural. I also mixed a bit of this with some loose face powder and used it as a bronzer for a photo shoot! Very versatile shade and I love multi tasking products. Anything that can save me a couple steps and some time is my best friend.

 The Middle is the name of this next shade. Another one that is a stand out for me. I think this is also a great color for the fall months that will be coming up shortly. Well hopefully not too soon! It is a gorgeous deep forest green with a blue duo chrome.

 Ugh look at how gorgeous these colors are. I just want to run and put them on right meow!! The shades from left to right are Marry The Night, Perfect, Fighter, and The Middle.

This shade is my second favorite. It is called We Found Love (are you singing it in your head too?)! It is a soft green almost mint color with a gold duo chrome. It is sooooooooo pretty!! I turn all valley girl when I talk about this one but I love it that much. I have been loving it on my lower lash line this week.

Move Along is a mostly matte red based brown shade. It is a good blending color and works well for brows if you are a red head! It can apply a little streaky so make sure you use a base of some sort. 

 Do you see that beautiful duo tone in We Found Love. I love how it shimmers and shines and changes color depending on how the light is hitting it. I could wear this color everyday and be totally okay with that. It is one of those shades that I know is going to be in my "use all the time" drawer.

These are all the shades in the collection. As you see you get a wide variety of colors here. From bright and colorful to dark and sultry. The possibilities are endless. I also like that you have many options when it comes to texture (shimmer, satin, matte, duochrome). It def reminds me of the colors of a Peacock!

 Here are some looks that I did using eyeshadows from the collection. I love these. They are so pigmented and last forever. I also like that they all apply smoothly and aren't chunky and they blend really well. As with all loose shadows I recommend using some sort of base like an eyeshadow pencil or a cream base such as NYX Eyeshadow Base. That way the shadow has something to adhere too and it will look more vibrant and last longer. You can also use a foiling product like the E.l.f Lock and Seal that I reviewed here. If you don't know what foiling is or how to do it I suggest reading that post because I explain all of that. You can use eye drops to do the same thing. I also know that Dark Heart Designs sells a product called Elixr that does the same thing though I haven't used it so I don't know how well it works. I am planning to buy that and review it so watch out for that!!

This collection isn't just eyeshadows. There are also a blush and two lipsticks that make up the complete collection!

The blush like everything else is beautiful. It is called Crash and Burn and is a purple based blush with a pink overtone. It is soft and girly and just lovely. I swatched it on my bare skin and you can see how pigmented it is. It blends like a dream and has a sheen but it is not glittery. I think this would be wonderful in the spring time.

There are also two lipsticks that come in this collection. I received sample sizes of all the products so this is not what a full size lipstick will look like. There are two lipstick shades. Born This Way is a butter cream colored lipstick with a gold duochrome. It applies fairly sheer but is buildable. It has a shiny finish. I liked how these felt on my lips. They were neither dry nor sticky. They feel a little slick but it wears away and they lasted quite a long time. I didn't have to touch mine up for about 2 hours which I think is pretty good after eating and drinking coffee all morning ha! My two loves coffee and makeup! I think Born This Way would be lovely over a peach colored lipstick!  It's My Life is a cool toned grey based lavender lipstick and man is this puppy gorgeous!! I have been in a purple lipstick/gloss kick lately and have been hauling purple toned lippies like it was my job. Well I suppose it kind of is but that's not the point! This lipstick is pretty awesome!! It is very opaque and applies evenly. It does have a bit of a sheen but not as much as the other lipstick. It did not feel dry on my lips either. My only gripe with these lipsticks is the smell. They are not scented so they kind of have a weird chemical smell but it is not overwhelming. They remind me of lipstick ten years ago. They didn't smell bad but they didn't smell like the candy and cupcake smelling lip products that we have now!

Overall I love love love this collection. I think the color scheme is wonderful and all the products performed to meet my expectations! With a price point of around $6 the company and this collection is very affordable. You can visit their Facebook or Website at the links below! The owner is such a doll. I really had a great ordering experience with her! I also love that all her products are cruelty free and vegan! The animal lover inside of me always appreciates things like that.


  1. Hey, just found your blog and LOVE it!!! :) Following you now :) Some of those swatches are amazing, especially "the middle".