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Good Quality Eyeshadow For A Dollar...Say What?!! E.l.f Studio Brightening Eye Color Review and Swatches!!

Who doesn't love a little extra money in their pocket? The answer: No One!! I am a bargain shopper by heart. I have been since I could remember. I would sit at the kitchen table and cut coupons out for my mom and would try and convince them as to why they didn't need to always buy name brand. This little bargain bug has followed me even into the beauty world. I have always loved to try and find alternatives for high end makeup that won't break your bank. Hence the name of this blog!! When I find affordable products that really work I get all warm and fuzzy inside. This post may be my most affordable makeup product yet! AMAZING EYESHADOW FOR ......drum roll please.....ONE DOLLAR!!

E.l.f Cosmetics and I have a love hate relationship. There are a lot of their products that have become staples in my life like their eyebrow kit and contouring blush and bronzer duo. There are quite a bit that have missed the mark for me too like their Studio Precision Eyeliner, Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon, and some of their brushes but they do have some hidden gems that I love love love. With a price point of around $3 the brand is certainly one of the cheapest. I am going to be raving about their Essential Eye Brightening Eyeshadow Quads today and ya'll they are only one dollar.

This first quad is called Butternut. Each quad has 4 shades that are a good size. If you have a larger eyeshadow brush you may have some trouble getting into the product but it isn't too bad. As you can see all of the shades in this quad are shimmery. They are not glittery or chunky but they do apply with a nice sheen to them. What really got me with these eyeshadows (all of them not just Butternut) is how pigmented they are. When I purchased them I didn't have very high hopes because let's face it for a dollar you usually get what you pay for. I was pleasantly surprised. They perform like much more expensive brands. They are a bit powdery but they are also very soft. They apply smooth and even and have amazing color pay off!


This quad is called Punk Funk and it is sooo much fun! If you are a color lover like me then this quad will become your favorite. The colors are so bright and pigmented. They really pack a punch! I usually don't see very good bright colors from drugstore brands but this one is awesome. The white is a satin shade so it has some sheen. The blue and purple are mostly matte but they have a few sparkles however, when applied on the eye they look matte. The pink is a glitter shadow. All four are really nice. Look at that purple!!!

This quad is def worth way more than you are going to pay for it. It is called Day 2 Night. It is a dream and the colors are so pretty! If you love a good neutral look than this one is for you. The cream color is a satin, the two inner browns are mostly matte with a bit of a sheen, and the bronze color is a true shimmer shadow. All four are highly pigmented and apply smoothly. That bronze is a dream for us blue eyed beauties.

This one is called Silver Lining. Like all the colors in this collection it is greatly pigmented and the colors apply wonderfully. A great pick for green eyes! All the shades are a satin finish so they have some sheen without being glittery or metallic.

This quad is called Blue Moon. I love this palette and use it quite a bit. I love that all of the quads give you perfect colors to create a complete look. Blue shades can be hard to pull off but with the soft brown it makes it easier to pull a look together. The brown is mostly matte. I like using it as a transition color with a lot of other shades. The shades blend really well also.

This quad is one of my favorites out of all of them! Sparkly glittery things have a way of attracting me. As soon as I saw this one I got all gitty and girly. Looks at how sparkly those shades are. While most of the palettes have shades that have shimmer these are actual glitter shadows. The white in completely matte which is actually really nice in a palette like this. It gives something to balance out the glitter. I like a matte highlight with a shimmer/glitter eyeshadow and this works perfect and can you look at the black!!! is so pigmented. It has a matte base with a few glitters but it is not nearly as shimmery as the other greys.

 The next quad is called Ivy. Another good option for a neutral look but with a little bit of color to it. The dark green is matte but the rest are shimmer shades. The olive green has an awesome gold duochrome to it.

This last one is another neutral option called Brownstone. Yet again it has great pigmentation, great quality, smooth, and even application! The third color swatch is a matte brow and the others are satin/shimmer shades.

You can buy these on the E.l.f website but you can also find them at Walmart, Kmart, and Target. One thing I have found when I started looking at the website and other places for this blog was that not all the quads can be found at any once place. Some of the quads I mentioned are not on the website but are still at my Kmart. Some on the website I haven't seen anywhere but the website so you might have to do some hunting for some of these quads. I have bought a couple others so if you want to see them let me know!

Overall: I love these. I think for a dollar these are absolutely amazing. They perform wonderfully. They are pretty compact too which makes them easy to throw in a travel bag or carry with you anywhere. They are very soft and blend like a dream!!

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  1. wow! these are really nice! bookmarking this page for next time I make an ELF order for sure. looks like fantastic quality, ELF is hit or miss but I sure love when they are a hit!