Friday, August 23, 2013

Fall Releases I Am Excited About!!

It makes me sad that I even have to type the word fall. Here in New York mother nature was rather cruel this summer and really shortened out summer. The leaves on the trees in my yard started turning weeks ago. Now I do love fall don't get me wrong. I love sitting in sweaters with a cup of hot apple cider and stuffing my face with anything with the word pumpkin in it but I will miss the summer time! One thing that I really love about fall is the new makeup collections coming out. I love smokey green eyes, burgundy lips, and deep rich nail polishes!! A ton of makeup companies are already releasing sneak peeks of their fall collections or are already releasing them and I am all sorts of excited!!

1) The new Wet N Wild Tough Girl Collection:

Image Credit: Nouveau Cheap

Wet N Wild is releasing yet another limited edition collection! Wet N Wild has been putting out limited edition products with record timing this last year! Too see the Pop Art Craze trio's that are still floating around click here! I also picked up some LE 8 pan palettes during the spring that I love. Anyway, let the hunting begin because there have already been sightings of this collection at Kmart and Walgreens. Though the trio's are the same it seems that the stores displays are very different. Kmart has the display above with the mascara. Walgreens just has an end cap with the trio's by themselves but Walgreens has two additional trio's that aren't on the display at Kmart...thank you for making that difficult. Either way I am excited. I see a purple palette (woohoo!!) and a nice neutral brown one too. There is also a nail polish display that goes along with this.

2) BH Cosmetics Take Me To Brazil Palette

Okay though the colors in this palette don't necessarily scream Fall to me I still want it badly. BH Cosmetics leaked some pictures via their Instagram over this past week revealing a very vibrant and colorful palette that was just released. Do you see those colors? I mean c'mon how fun does this palette look? I want it in my little hands right now! It is on sale for $10 right now which I think is pretty awesome.

3) Sephora and Pantone Universe Elemental Energy Eye Palette
Sephora + Pantone Elemental Energy Eye Shadow Palette for Fall 2013
Now I know this is out of my usual price range but I am just drawn to this thing. I keep going back to the website and gawking at it. I love the attention to detail and how they incorporated the feels of nature into the eyeshadow themselves. I also love the colors. There are so many possibilities with this palette. You also get a nice mix of matte and shimmer. I bought the Pantone and Sephora palette last year and I love it. This baby is $38 which is more than I would usually spend on an eyeshadow palette but I just want it soooo bad.

5) Maybelline Baby Lips Medicated Lip Balm

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue Medicated Lip Balm

Yay just in time for my lips to chap off this little guy gets released. I found these at Walmart already. I love the regular baby lips so I was excited to see that they offered a medicated version. I also like that they are still tinted. So you get treatment and a little pop of color.

5) The new Jordana 12 Hour Eyeliner
Jordana Fall 2013

I need that purple and that blue liner in my life. That is all I am saying. I am also excited to try those lip crayons. I hope they are like the Kissable Balm Stains...

6) Maybelline LE Fall On The Runway lipsticks

I have stepped out of my comfortable lipstick box this summer and experimented with a lot of new bright, fun colors. To my surprise I didn't look half bad and got quite a few compliments. I think I am ready to try a few purple shades this fall and I think Maybelline could hear my thoughts about it because their new collection has some amazing purples in it!! Come to me my little loves....The bottom one looks a lot like the vivid lipstick I already own so I may pass that up but Violet Intrigue looks amazing!!

Well ladies that is a few of the things I am already adding to my mental wish list. ....What are some of yours?

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