Thursday, July 25, 2013

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Smokey Eye Pencil Review and Swatches.

I feel like I am being such a negative Nancy with my posts today but I always want my posts to be completely honest. If I don't like something I am going to tell you. I feel a lot of the products I have been trying lately are just failing to reach my expectations. First the Rimmel Shadow Primer which I reviewed here and now these pencils...ugh~

This is what the packaging looks like. I found mine for $7.99 at Walgreens. There are six shades all together but I only picked up the Smoldering Violet and Black Smoke because those were two colors that I knew I would wear often. There is also a green, charcoal, a blue color, and a brown if those are more up your alley. The claims behind this product are as follows "
Eye studio master smoky shadow pencil's creamy formula with ultra-saturated pigments glides on and blends easily with the built-in smudger for long-lasting, sultry color."

The pencil is dual sided. On one end you have the actual pencil which is mechanical and on the other end is a sponge which is to be used for smudging and smoking out the pencil.
 The pencil is a decent size. It is a "chubby" sort of pencil so it is wider than your typical eye liner. The one thing that stinks about this pencil (though there are others) is that there is no sharpener. When you first open it it is sharpened, as you can see below. Once you use it a couple time though you lose the point and it is kind of hard to get precision.
 These are what the two colors look like before they were smudged. Black Smoke is on the top. It is a softer sort of black yet still quite opaque. Smoldering Violet is on the bottom which is just a deep rich dark purple. They did apply smooth and creamy and even when I wore them this week on my eyes it did not feel like they were tugging at all.
Now here is where the product got a big womp womp from me. You are supposed to be able to blend this product out to get a nice smokey look but honey you can't smudge this at all. When I tried to smudge it with the sponge tip it erased the eyeliner like an eraser. (see above)! It did this both on my hand and on my eye. What is the point of having the sponge if it is going to remove the product
So then I try with my finger....same thing!! The black did not do it as much as the purple but it did lose a lot of its intensity. When I applied it on my eyes and tried to smudge it with my finger half the product came off. The end result was blotchy and messy looking and not at all smokey or sexy.
If you allow it to set a while it does have some lasting power but that doesn't really make up for what it lacks. I think if this product was repackaged as an eyeliner it would be nice but not for a smokey look. I think I will still to my NYX Jumbo Pencils for that.

Overall: I do not understand this product. Did neone test it out before they released it? It doesn't blend smoothly or well.


  1. hahaha love the 'did anyone test it out..."

    sigh I hope you have some products that are a bigger hit soon! how disappointing.

    1. Ha well that was the question I asked myself while using it. However, there are a couple products I will be reviewing this week that are amazing so those will make up for my recent misses!