Friday, July 5, 2013

EcoTools Fresh and Flawless Five Piece Complexion Brush Set Review!!

I have always been a lover of EcoTools brushes. They were one of the first set of makeup brushes that I have ever purchased and they immediately stole my heart. They are soft and well made yet affordable. I have gotten many compliments from my clients when I am using them saying "oooh these brushes are so soft." Lately I feel as if EcoTools are a dying breed. I have seen them a lot on clearance in my local stores in the past couple months and I have noticed they are becoming harder and harder to find in stores. My panic button was pressed!!! I had seen this complexion set online a while ago but had yet to be able to find it in stores. In fear that it too would disappear I decided to order it on before it was too late.

The set has five brushes for your complexion. All are made of the trademark wooden handles but have a cute little floral detailing on the part where the handle meets the bristles. They looked beautiful in the pictures. The selling point is that the brushes are supposed to have "an airbrush finish" and "soft bristles."

Well I finally received them today in the mail and I was really disappointed!! I am sad to inform you that these guys are going back! Let me explain why....
From the outside of the box everything looks well and good. My excitement is still in tact.
I open the box and that is when my brain goes "oh no." From here it probably looks fine. There are five brushes and the detailing on them is gorgeous. It comes with a flat concealer brush, a buffing concealer brush, a foundation brush, a blending brush, and powder brush!

And here is where the problems lay....
 These brushes are TINY. I mean they are too little to even be travel brushes. The picture above is the "powder brush" next to the normal Ecotools Powder Brush. As you can see it is really small.
 This is the powder brush next to the Ecotools Travel Powder Brush.
And this is all three next to each other. This was the biggest brush out of all the five. So you can only imagine what the other four looked like. The foundation brush is the thickness of my concealer brushes from other kits.

Yes they are soft but they are just way to small to use on your face. Eye maybe but even then the handle is too tiny to try and deal with. With a $15 price tag I would say these are a def bust. I will not be keeping these around. I think I will invest that $15 into another full size set because those I love to death!!

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  1. I so appreciate this review... had these brushes in my cart and was just about to order when I happened to find your review online! Changed to some different brushes instead, thanks! x