Friday, June 21, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Pink Culture Cosmetics

It is time yet again for another installment of Indie Spotlight. I know my blogs have been a little sporadic lately but I have been one busy gal. I am hoping things with start to slow down soon but summer is a crazy time of year in the beauty biz. Anyway.....This weeks review is going to be on an indie company called Pink Culture Cosmetics. I received some samples from them over a month ago and have been wearing their mineral eyeshadows at least a couple times a week. I like to really give products some wear before I give an opinion. I like to be able to really tell you guys how they perform and not just simply swatch them and go "ya that looks good."

I stumbled upon Pink Culture Cosmetics (PCC we will call it for the sake of my fingers) when I was search for cosmetic brands on Etsy. Up until a couple months ago when I thought of Etsy all I thought of was homemade trinkets, knitted baby hats, and jewelry. Who knew that it had so much to offer us makeup junkies.

PCC caught my attention due to it's mineral eyeshadow pigments. From the pictures they looked gorgeous and I instantly turned into the Nemo pelicans "mine mine mine mine."

I ordered 10 samples to try and review for you guys. The samples came in little clam shells which you all know makes me one happy camper. Storing sample baggies is the bane of my existence. The samples are decent size too. Enough for a good test run of the colors before you commit and buy the product full size. You can easily get 5 uses out of them. I tried to pick quite a variety to get a good feel for what products work the best. Some companies are amazing when it comes to shimmer shades but fail at mattes and vice versa so I always try to vary it a bit.

The colors above are over E.l.f  Mineral Eye Primer. From left to right the colors are : Tuscany, Pyrite, Goddess, Fleur, Invasion, Oracle, Meek, Lucid, Meraux, and Green Soft.

Left to right: Tuscany, Pyrite, Goddess, Fleur, and Invasion. 

                  From left to right: Oracle, Meek, Lucid, Meraux, and Green Sofa

The colors I chose are :

Tuscany-Burgundy brown with pink glitter

Pyrite-Taupe with a gold undertone. Shimmer shade.

Goddess- Muted Bronze Shimmer

Fleur- Matte hot pink

Invasion- brown/olive green with a bronze undertone

Oracle-Brick red color with blue/green duochrome

Meek-Dark blueish/green shimmer shade.

Lucid-Bright turquoise with a slight shimmer

Meraux- Deep lavender shimmer

Green Sofa- True lime green matte

Overall I really loved these. All the colors had something of their own to offer and were a bit unique in comparison to my other colors. The pigmentation is nice on all of these. As usual I paired these pigments with a primer and a base. Either the NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin or a Maybelline Tattoo and they preformed pretty well. You are not going to see intense pigmentation in these without using them wet. The E.l.f Lock and Seal that I reviewed a couple weeks ago is great for foiling pigments just like these. When applied dry they do tend to fade throughout the day. Even within a couple hours so I suggest using a foiling agent with them.

The texture is pretty nice. They are all very soft and fine milled which is great.

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