Tuesday, May 28, 2013

E.l.f Makeup Lock and Seal Review and How To With Swatches!

Hey beauties...first off I want to say that I am soooo sorry that I have not done a post in so long. Blogger was giving me a heck of a time and for weeks now it would not let me upload pictures. Finally after completely reinstalling my Internet browser and updating my Dropbox I have got it all figured out...Phew!!! Thank you too those of you who have been so patient.

Today I am going to be reviewing the E.l.f Makeup Lock and Seal. If you have been following my Indie Spotlight series than you know that I have been purchasing/trying a lot of loose pigments lately. I love how a lot of them look without being wet but there were some that I wanted to have a little more oomph!! Now I know I could run out and buy the Mac Fix Plus that everyone uses but girl that's a little costly. I had remembered seeing this product by E.l.f on their website a while ago so I figured I would give it a try.

I found it at my local Kmart for $3. I know they also sell E.l.f at Target and now at select Walmarts so it should be easy to find.

What is it exactly? Makeup Lock & Seal is a liquid used to "lock in" your makeup or make it stay put. However, it can also be a mixing medium for powder products to make them more pigmented or intense. I bought it for the second purpose but I have tried it out for both functions.

To use it as a "lock in" you just simply put it over your eye makeup. You can wet the brush and go over your eyeliner, eyeshadow, or eyebrows when you are done with them and it will help to keep things in place and make them last a little bit longer. I have been using this for setting my brow powder and it is working pretty wonderfully. I have noticed that it has extended the wear. I have not tried it elsewhere because I do not have problems with my eyeliner longevity.

What I have been using it for A LOT is as a mixing medium. When you open the package it comes with a little brush and a little pot. I take a scoop of powder pigment and put it in the pot. Then I add a drop of the liquid. I wet my brush in the liquid and mix it together. The difference it makes is phenomenal. Let's take a look....

The swatches on the left are dry swatches on bare skin without primer. The swatches on the right are using the Lock & Seal on top of bare skin without primer. Do you see what a difference that makes??? It is crazy. It adds so much more vibrancy so these shades. It also makes them much smoother to apply and reduces the amount of fall out you get with these type of shadows.

Overall, I love it. I have now added this as a staple in my arsenal. I am going to continue to try some other similar products like this but for $3 you can't go wrong.

Have any of you tried it? Thoughts?


  1. i also really enjoy it! it also works GREAT with loose glitter. i used it just as you would foil a pigment only using glitter. my only issue is the pot. WAY too small for my fumble fingers. Thank you for the lovely review <3

  2. That's amazing! I just bought this product on an ELF order (can't buy in person here :( ) and was planning to just use it for shadows during the summer when it's more humid, but what a great use. I don't seek out loose pigments, I'm too clumsy, but if I ever end up with any this is definitely something I'll do! Thanks for sharing and good luck with blogger... I just found your blog and I'm a new subscriber so I'm hoping you'll be able to keep posting :)

  3. It made using pigments so much easier for me. I had a huge problem with fall out before but not anymore. I agree the pot is tiny! I have been using it on a steel palette I used to use in my pro kit.

  4. hai anastacia, glad to see your blog. I want to buy this elf lock and seal and search for the review. after see your blog, I'm sure to buy this amazing product :D