Friday, April 12, 2013

Revlon Look Beautiful Be Stronger : New Colorburst Lipgloss!

There are 2 things that I am a complete sucker for when it comes to makeup 1)Bright colors and 2) Sparkles. Well the new Revlon Look Beautiful Be Stronger Spring 2013 Collection has caught me right in it's bright,bold, and summery trap!!!
If you haven't seen this collection yet it looks like that! It has the new Revlon Chroma Chameleon nail color shades which are a lot like the Sherer Chameleon nail colors that are at Riteaid and remind me of the Maybelline Colorshow Fall Collection that had the duochromes. Anyway what really drew me to this display was this... this picture doesn't really do them justice. They are so neon it is crazy! My mind immediately thought summer summer summer! Also I personally have never seen an orange lip gloss that color ever so I had to get it based on plain curiosity. I found these at Riteaid and they were around $6 a piece but Riteaid usually runs buy one get one half off sales so you will pay a little less.
                               The shades from left to right are: Atomic Pink, Killer Watt, and Orange Glow!
In the package they look like a cream/opaque gloss but they are more of a jelly gloss! My first complaint was the applicator. It is unlike one I have seem before and is not a doe foot applicator which you usually see.
It is just a pointed applicator. I hate it! It made putting this gloss on so much harder than it needed to be. It doesn't cover much space so I kept having to dip it back into the tube to get more product. It felt like a hassle.
Here is a swatch of the shades in the same order as the picture above. As you can see they are a sheer/jelly sort of consistency. The colors are still gorgeous but I was expecting a little more color payoff and opacity from them.
                                                    Atomic Pink on the lips!
                                                    Killer Watt on the lips!
                                                     Orange Glow on top of a skin colored lipstick!
                                                         Orange glow on the lips with nothing underneath!
As you can see the color payoff was not as bright as I anticipated. Now I am not saying they aren't pretty in their own right but I was expecting more bang out of them. I don't really enjoy the orange shade. It made me look sick looking and the color just did not compliment my skin tone at all.

As far as texture goes I do like it. It is not sticky or gooey. It feels nice and smooth and creamy on the lips. It doesn't last too awful long. After an hour and a cup of coffee it was gone so it is one you will need to carry around with you for reapplication.

Overall these are just so/so for me. I think they are just such mesmerizing colors in the tube that you think you need to have them. I think that the pink will be nice over a bright pink lipstick. Has anyone else tried these?

Look who wanted to help! :)

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