Saturday, April 20, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Kiss My Sass Cosmetics Review and Swatches!

So we are on the second edition of "Indie Spotlight"! I love doing this series already because I have discovered a bunch of great products I did not even know existed. I already placed a second order with Dawn Eyes Cosmetics for some full size products. I will post another post about that in the future and show you the shades that were not in last weeks Indie Spotlight. You can read my first IS and why I decided to start this series by clicking here!

This weeks IS is on Kiss My Sass Cosmetics. First can we talk about how amazing this name is. I was immediately drawn to their page just because that name just cracks me up. Kiss My Sass(KMS) is an indie cosmetics company that offers a wide variety of products from eyeshadow to cream blushes, lip colors, and more. You can visit their website by going to

I picked out a bunch of eyeshadow samples.
First of all the packaging is adorable. The jars came wrapped in this zebra print tissue paper. I got 12 jars in all. I love that the samples come in jars. This makes them so much easier to use and store and I love that even the samples are shrink wrapped. Just a little touch that I personally like to see.
 I did all of the swatches on top of the E.l.f Eye Primer. All swatches were done with only 2 swipes of product.
 From left to right the colors are: Night Elf, Final Exams, Get Ur Freak On, Rock Star, Vegas, Minx, and Shady!

From left to right: Shady, Naughty Dog, Spellbound, First Nymph, XO, Ferocious!

Yet again this company was another winner for me. These shades are gorgeous. The only one that I didn't care too much for was XO. I found it to be very unpigmented. It was also a lot harder to get the pigment to stick to the skin. The other shades are beautiful though. I am already planning on which ones I want to buy in full size. All of the shadows are loose pigments. They seem to stay on really well also. I had to scrub a bit to get the swatches off. I wore a couple of these shades throughout a day and they stayed well. I noticed only minimal fading throughout an 8 hour period.

Since these are a loose eyeshadow I recommend using a primer and also some sort of base. I usually use a Maybelline Color Tattoo or a NYX Jumbo Pencil underneath shadows like these. That way it gives the pigment something to stick too. You can also apply these wet to get an even more vivid shade.

Each full size jar is only $5 for 1.2 grams of product. That is a wicked steal since you will pay more than that for drugstore eyeshadows. I am going to purchase some samples of other products besides eyeshadows so that I can give them a try. So far I can't say anything but great things about this company and I see myself being a loyal customer in the future.

Let me know what you guys think of this new series and if you like it. Also be sure to mention I sent you if you place an order with either of the two companies in the Indie Spotlight series.

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