Friday, April 12, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Dawn Eyes Cosmetics!

First off I want to talk about this new series that I am beginning. I am calling it "Indie Spotlight," and I am soooo excited! A couple of weeks ago a friend and I were talking about high end makeup products and how sometimes the hype is just that. One thing led to another and we got onto the topic of Indie brands. There are so many amazing cosmetic companies out there that fly under the radar. Whether it be on Etsy or little private companies. I spend plenty of my time reviewing products and companies that everyone and their mother already know about so I figured why not help the under dogs out. So that being said I will start reviewing a new Indie company every week. Even though I have had close contact with a lot of the company owners (who are sweet as pie) I did purchase all the products myself and will continue to do so for the whole series! Onward we go!

My first company I chose was Dawn Eyes Cosmetics. You can visit their website here and can visit their Facebook here! I stumbled upon this company through Facebook actually and immediately fell in love. I really liked the fact that when you look at products you see pictures of swatches and not just a picture of product in a jar which can sometimes be misleading. I chose ten mineral eyeshadows that really caught my eye!

My samples arrived in little sample baggies with stickers that included the ingredients and the name of the shade that I chose on the front. For the sake of being honest I will say that I despise these little things! Not the product just the baggies. They create a mess and are hard to get product out of! That is about whether the cons end for me!
                            These are swatches of all ten shades over the E.l.f Mineral Primer!
From left to right you have: Hellenic Fire (An orange/red eyeshadow with a gold undertone), Azalea (a cool tone Magenta with an almost blue undertone), Chrome Collection #12(blue with a gold overtone), and Prim Rose (a beautiful sparkling yellow)
                                   Next from left to right you have: Very Berry (deep crimson with a purple undertone), Leptotes Marina (a shimmering medium warm brown), Fairy (blackened purple), and Gold Leaf (A true gold)
 The last four are: Moxy (A deep gray with silver flecks), The wuzzles (blue/green shimmer), Dragons Lair (A bronze/taupe shimmer), and Odyssey (black with silver sparkle)

Ugh these are gorgeous! I can honestly say there wasn't one shade that I didn't love. I was trying to pick some of my favorites but I just couldn't. Hellenic Fire is a gorgeous orange unlike any other shade in my collection! What I love most about this brand is how affordable it is! Full size jars are $3! Trust me these are worth any every penny! They are sooo pigmented!

As with all loose eyeshadow I recommend it applied wet. You will get much more color payoff when the product is used wet. You can use a foiling liquid like MAC Fix Plus or if you need to you can use eye drops! They apply best with a flat eyeshadow brush.

Something like this brush (Sonia Kashuk) will work wonderfully! I can't wait to create a look with these ( I am doing it tonight)! I will post pictures!

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As always thank you so much for reading...and please go check out Dawn Eyes Cosmetics! You will not regret it!

The look that I created with some of the shades!

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