Monday, March 25, 2013

Product Fail: Wet N Wild Mega Eyes Eyeliner Pen Review.

As always I love giving you guys honest feedback. Whether it is negative or positive. I always try to give products a true run for their money before I review them. Some I hate at first and then learn to like them and others just fall short overall. This is one of the fall short products. I tried a couple times to like it but I just don't.

It is the Wet N Wild Mega Eyes Eyeliner Pen. For most of Wet N Wild products I have nothing but great things to say but not this time. The idea is that this is an eyeliner pen like that of the Jordana Fabuliner or the Eyeko Skinny Liner. The concept is kind of like a paint marker or a sharpie wherein you just draw it on your eyelids. It was $3.99 at Riteaid.

The first time I used it it wasn't so bad. It was more of a charcoal grey as opposed to black but it went on pretty opaque and even. However, when I went to use it about 2 days later it was completely different. The formula had turned watery and applied sheer. I tried to shake it up/ left it upside down but it didn't change. I will not be purchasing this again! However, I love their gel eyeliner. If you would like a review on that let me now!

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