Thursday, January 3, 2013

Revlon Photoready BB Cream Review!

Well I am still on my quest for a BB cream from the drugstore that actually lives up to all of it's promises. I love my Revlon Photoready foundation and my Revlon Colorstay foundation so when I hear that they were coming out with a BB cream I was pretty excited. I finally found it at my local CVS the other day. It cost $11 outright but I have a $6 CVS Bonusbucks coupon.

Above is a brief view of what the BB cream looks like. Revlon claims that it will act like a primer, foundation, skin perfecter, and a sunscreen. I was actually surprised at the SPF in this. I am always a little hesitant of foundations and stuff with a high SPF because they tend to create a white cast and make you come off like a ghost. I do like to protect my skin though so I usually just use a moisturizer with SPF under my foundation. I was actually surprised when I discovered that despite all of the sun protect it didn't distort the formula. I didn't notice that it gave me that ghosty look that I was expecting.

As far as the cover it is still pretty sheer. Even when I tried to apply more than one coat. You can't really build any coverage. I would not peg this as a foundation but more of a tinted moisturizer. It did help correct some redness in my skin tone so that was nice.

Texture isn't too bad either. It is thick when you first start applying it but it sheers out when you begin to smooth it onto the skin. I like that it didn't leave my skin feeling greasy or sit on my skin like the Garnier BB Cream does.

When first applied it gave my skin a nice dewy fresh look but I felt that that wore off quickly. Overall, I think that it is a good tinted moisturizer but not really a BB cream. If you are a girl who likes a full or medium coverage than this will not be the product for you. I do like it better than some of the other drugstore BB creams I have tried though.

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