Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fergie Take On The Day Eye Primer Review!

Phew there has been A LOT of new products coming out at the drugstore. I did quite the haul about a week or so at Walgreens. It was overwhelming to say the least. The first thing I saw right as I walked into the beauty aisle was the new Fergie core collection display. Man oh man I wanted everything. I had to refrain from buying all the products but I did pick up some gel eyeliner, primer, 2 lip products, and the eyeshadow quads. I will be reviewing them all at some point but I haven't gotten to using them all yet so I am going to start with the product that I actually put to use. I picked up the Fergie Take On The Day Eye Primer. I have used this instead of my Too Faced Shadow Insurance for about a week now. It was $5.99 originally but there was a $1 off coupon so I got it for $5 which is a great deal.

Here are some pictures of the packaging and what the primer looks like. It comes in your basic squeeze tube package. I prefer this over a primer pot for sanitary purposes. The consistency is just like my Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It is a little thicker than the E.l.f Primer but it is not sticky or gooey by any means. When put on the skin it is a neutral skin tone color but sheers out completely when applied on the eyelid. I like that this primer rubs right into the skin. It does not leave the eyelid feeling greasy or sticky.

I have been using this for a week and it works really well. It kept my eyeshadow on just as well as some of my high end primers. I didn't notice any creasing and minimal color fading. I would say that for a fraction of the cost this works just as well as my holy grail Too Faced Primer does. The only thing that I do not like which I have the same problem with with my Too Faced is that the product seems to separate in the tube. When I go to squeeze the product out a clear watery liquid comes out first. Think of what happens when you don't shake up your mustard. It is annoying but I find that applying a little on a tissue first helps.

Overall I love this. It may very well end up saving me a lot of money in the long run. Have any of you tried this product? Let me know :)

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