Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NYX Butt Naked Palette Review And Swatches!!!

When NYX was on Hautelook a couple weeks ago I purchased three palettes that I have been wanting for quite a while. I have had my eye on the Butt Naked Palette ever since I saw some of my favorite YouTube guru's make videos about it. I was pretty excited when it came in. I can't say that it lived up to the hype but it wasn't that awful either. I think it is worth the $15 I spent but I don't know if it is worth the $25 it is full price. So without further adue...let's take a look...
So let's start with the packaging. The palette has 2 tiers. The top are the eyeshadows which are fairly decent size. About that of a quarter in size. The bottom tier has 4 blushes, 2 bronzers, and a highlighter.
This is a close up of the eyeshadows. They are all cool tone neutral shades. Hence the Butt Naked name. There is a nice mix of matte and shimmer shades. The color selection is pretty good. I like that the palette gives you enough shades where you could do a couple different looks like a classic smokey eye, subtle pin up type looks, and nice natural everyday eyes.
The top row are the lighter shades. Mostly used for brow bone and highlighting. The pigmentation is pretty good. It doesn't really look good in some of the swatches but that's mostly because the shades are very close to skin tone. I like that they give you some shimmer and some matte shades because depending on what type of look I'm wearing I don't always like shimmer shades on my brow bone.
The second row is the more medium/taupe shades. They are mostly shimmer shades but they are beautiful. None of the shades in the palette are over the top pigmented but they are all very subtle and smooth which they should be to get a "naked" look.
The last row is the darker and more smokey shades. As you can see these are much more pigmented.

These are the swatches of the face products of the palette. The blushes are pretty nice as well. They are also not as pigmented as I would have liked. They would work for a nice subtle flush. The highlighters in this palette are great. I like that they give you a very shimmery highlighter and also one that is more toned down. The bronzer is way too dark for me and appears a little to orange on the skin. I would not be able to pull this shade off so I don't for see myself using that.

VERDICT: I like this palette. I think for what it is aimed to do it is great. Some of the shades are not as pigmented as they could be but they are all smooth and creamy shades. If you aren't a fan of wearing a lot of makeup than this is a great piece to have in your collection.

Sale Sale!!

I recently went to a couple Kinney Drugs in my area and found some pretty awesome sales. They had a lot of cosmetics on sale for little to nothing. They had some of the Maybelline Eyestudio Quads for $2 a piece and some of the Maybelline Eye Studio Duo's for $1 a piece. They also had Covergirl Olay Foundation, Maybelline Cool Color Eyeshadow Sticks, Covergirl Outlast Lip gloss Duos, and L'oreal Nail Polishes. I don't know that the sales are at every Kinney Drug but they are worth checking out. :) Happy Shopping Beauties!!!

Coastal Scents Go Palettes Review And Swatches!!

A couple weeks ago Coastal Scents was running a sale on their go palettes. They were like $5 a piece or something around there. I have kind of had my eye on them for a little bit but had never really bought them due to the price so when I saw this sale I bought them all. They are little palettes which contain 12 different eyeshadows. The shades in each palette are based on a different place in the world plus they are smallish so I think that is where they got the "Go" part. Some of these are awesome and some were an entire waste of money. I am going to show you guys each ones and give you my opinion on which ones I would have not have purchased!
This is what the palette looks like. They are roughly about the size of the palm of your hand. The packaging is pretty nice. I like the sleek black case and I also like that it comes with a full size mirror on the inside.

The first palette is called Moscow. This is one that I actually really like. I know it doesn't look all that pigmented in this picture but when I used primer some of the shades really popped. I like the purple a lot. I thought it was going to be a dupe for Urban Decay Flash but it is a little more of a blackened purple. The shades in this palette went on really smooth and weren't chalky. They are all shimmer shades and I found them all to be beautiful. This is one I would recommend. One thing I did notice though was that the pans are smaller than I thought they would be. They are about the size of a dime.

The next palette is called Cairo. It is a more natural neutral palette. This palette was a miss for me. The colors looked promising in the pan but when applied on the skin they came out chalky. They are decently pigmented but very powdery. I think their are much better options out there for the price.

This palette is probably my favorite out of all of the ones that I bought. It is called Sydney. All of the shades are pigmented, bright, shimmer shades which happens to be my weakness. The only color that didn't really pay off for me was the green shade. All of the other ones though I really like.

The next palette is called Beijing. This palette is so/so for me. I have found that with most of my Coastal Scents products any of the medium or light matte shades just don't work. The shimmer shades or the darker matte shades are usually pretty nice. The others were not very pigmented and very chalky.

The next palette is called Paris. This is also another good one. All of these shades were really pigmented and smooth. I love the warm earthy tones which are perfect for fall looks.

This palette is called London. Yet again dark matte shades and shimmer shades payed off. Lighter matte shades fell short. Most of these make it worth it but they aren't all worth it. It wouldn't make my top three but I think it was worth the $5.

This next palette is called Nuuk. It should be called Trash. I'm sorry but I will probably never use this. It is unpigmented and chalky. Every shade looks the same in the palette and most of them(if they show up at all) look the same on the skin too.
So overall I would say most of them are worth it but you can clearly see which ones aren't . Since I am going on vacation this week I am going to put these to use.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Coastal Scents Think Pink Palette Review And Swatches!!

Being that it is October which is national breast cancer awareness month, it seems a lot of cosmetic companies are doing their part to help raise money for awareness and cancer research. Coastal Scents is one of those companies. I have been a lover of Coastal Scents for quite some time and find their products to be very affordable. While browsing one day I came across this palette and I had to have it. It is the Coastal Scents Think Pink Palette. It is the prettiest collection of pinks, peaches, and some dark smokey colors. Let's take a look...
 This is what the palette itself looks like. It has 12 shades in varying finishes. You have some matte and shimmer. The pans are pretty decent in size. About the size of a quarter. I like that they come in a removable magnetic palette so you can take the shades out if you want. The packaging itself is not the most durable or well made so I wouldn't suggest taking this palette anywhere where it may be thrown around or have the possibility of being crushed. There is a nice big mirror though.
 This is the top row of the palette. All swatches are done on bare skin without primer. The shades are from left to right:Baby Pink, Rosy Pink, Cinnabar Rose, and Magenta Pink. All the shades but Baby Pink are matte. The eyeshadows are better than I thought it would be. They applied smooth but were a little chalky especially the Baby Pink. The pigmentation was pretty good.
 This is the middle row of the palette. From left to right: Light Pink, Mauve Frost, Pink Frost, and Coral Rose. All of the shades in this row are shimmer shades but they are beautiful. They are smooth and pigmented.
The last row are the bottom smokier shades. From left to right: White Silver, Light Plum, Steel Grey, and Gunmetal.

FINAL VERDICT: Overall I really like this product. The proceeds go to a charity for cancer research which is amazing in it's own right. It costs 6.95 which is reasonable. I also like that these are full size pans and not the tiny ones like you get in the 88 palettes or the go palettes. I also like that this palette gives you the colors you need to do multiple looks from a soft romantic eye to a dark plum smokey eye. They are a bit chalky but not enough that I would say this isn't worth the money. I really like this overall but I would like to see a bit better work on the packaging.

This palette is only available until the 31st so if you want it you need to act soon. I also want to point out that any of the products that I review on here are purchased by me out of my own pocket. I do not review anything for money and give nothing but my honest opinion.


I always like to keep you informed of products that I like but I also like to keep you up to date with products that just really don't work for me. I usually use the Equate Facial Cleansing Towelettes from Walmart which I absolutely love but I didn't feel like running all over town so I bought some at Target. The price was decent and Target products are usually good quality so I thought they would work alright. WRONG!! I did not like these at all. They just don't work all that well. They are supposed to be makeup removers but they should be "sort of makeup removers." Every time I used these I would have to go over and over my makeup to remover it. I would then have to use a liquid eye makeup remover to get what these had missed. They are soft and didn't bother my eyes but overall they just didn't do a good job and taking any of my makeup off. I do not recommend these at all.

Friday, October 19, 2012

New Revlon Photo Ready Primer And Shadow Review and Swatches!

Revlon has released a new eyeshadow palette collection that I spotted today at my local Walgreens. Each palette comes with 3 eyeshadow shades plus a primer and a glittery top coat. The idea is very similar to the Maybelline Eyestudio Color Explosion Luminizing Eyeshadow Palettes.
The display contains 8 different palettes. What I love most is that they include a "try me" palette so you can sort of get a feel for what the eyeshadows are like. I only bought two out of the eight so that I can give them a try and see how I like them before shelling out too much money. They were $9.99 a piece but Walgreens had a buy one get one half off sale so I got 2 for $15.
The two that I chose were Metropolitan which is a neutral brown based palette. I also chose Pop Art which has a bunch of greens in it. This is what the palettes look like. As you can see they kind of map out for you where the eyeshadow should go. The two pans at the bottom are the primer (bigger pan) and the glittery top coat (small pan). The packaging on these is pretty nice. It is a nice thick plastic so it seems pretty durable. They also come with two sponge applicators.

They also show you on the back the requested places to put the eyeshadow.

The palette above is Metropolitan. It the most neutral palette I saw in the collection. I swatched them over bare skin without primer. The first three swatches are the eyeshadows and the fourth over is the primer, the fifth over is the glitter top coat.

The palette above is Pop Art.

Overall these aren't too bad from first impression. They were much more pigmented than I thought they would be. The apply smoothly and evenly. I like that it gives you different option for looks. I like how it gives you the opportunity to go from day to night just by adding the glitter top coat. I don't know how long the eyeshadows last but I am going to put them to the test and will do a more in depth review. As of now I think that they are going to be worth the money. If you don't like shimmery eyeshadows than these might not be for you. It seemed mostly all the shades in the palettes are shimmer. Thank you for reading. As always feel free to email me with feedback or to share what you have been loving lately. Please please please share this with your friends. There are share links on every page so feel free to use them :)!!!

October Birchbox Review!

My October Birchbox finally came a couple of days ago. It was later than usual but hey better late than never right? If you don't know what Birchbox is than you can check out this post for a full description and a look at the September Birchbox.

Above is what the Birchbox looked like when you first open it. It comes in a heavy duty little cardboard box and everything is wrapped in tissue paper. This months theme was transformations. The introduction card said that they included samples "to shake up your beauty routine." They also included another card which gave you 5 minute makeover ideas.
The first thing that you got was a Luna Protein Bar. I hate peanut butter so this went to my boyfriend but I get how it fits into the "transformation" theme.
The next product sample you got was called Benta Berry. Thank goodness they list the products on a card because the whole package was in french. I took french in high school but apparently not enough of it :). After some reading I found out that these were moisturizing face creams. The card described them as "light but extremely nourishing. Regulates oil levels and keeps skin matte." I used one of the tubes a couple times this week and it is very nourishing. It applied smoothly without leaving my skin feeling oily and it smelled really good. I already have a facial moisturizer that I love that is significantly cheaper so I probably wouldn't ever buy the full size.
The next thing that you got was a perfume sample. It is a perfume called Hello made by Harvey Prince. This one I may buy full size. I love the smell of this. It is light and sweet and fruity which is right up my alley. I also like that this sample comes with a spray top. I tossed it in my purse for a little touch up. It says that full size is $26-55 which isn't all that bad.
You also got a little lip butter from Mox Botanicals in Pomegranate and Fig. It is a pretty decent size but also great for traveling. I have used this the last couple days and it is awesome. It applies to your lips smoothly and doesn't make them feel heavy or sticky. I also like that is has a nice fruity smell and a sweet taste. It isn't overwhelming or chemically either. It contained avocado oil and Shea butter. It says a full size is $16. I like this product but I don't know if it is worth $16 dollars. I think I will stick with my EOS and Blistex.

Now for the final and most exciting sample in the birch box. If you read my blog regularly than you know I love The Balm. I have yet to try anything from them that I didn't like but one this I have pondered many times over purchasing is their Mary-Lou Manizer (get the word play here :-P). It is a three in one highlighter, shadow, and all over shimmer. Now I am not really one to use shimmer on my face so much but I love shimmery cream shades for my inner corner of my eye and my brow bone. This one is AMAZING! It is the perfect highlight shade for my skin tone. I have used it for the last three days and I have a feeling I will go right through this sample. It is silky smooth and pigmented. A full size of this is $24 but that is something I will spend that type of money for.

So all in all I was pretty pleased with this month's box. I think I got my $10 worth here. I really like that it came with a bunch of products that I can actually use on the go. This is definitely the time of year for lip butter and skin moisturizer. Thank you for reading. As always feel free to email me with feedback or to share what you have been loving lately. Please please please share this with your friends. There are share links on every page so feel free to use them :)!!!

Sinful Colors Hot Flast Metallics Review and Swatches!!

I can barely keep up with the Sinful Colors displays these days. It seems like every time I think I get all the new colors they come out with something else. So while I was on the hunt for the Enchanted display the other day I stumbled onto the Hot Flash Metallics display. There are 8 colors in the collection total. I only bought 3 because most of the colors are similar to colors that I already own but there were 3 shades that really stood out to me.
 This is what the full display looks like. The red shade I wouldn't even classify as a metallic. It is just a sort of basic sparkly red.
 These are the three shades that I picked up from left to right : Moss Have, Precious Metal, and Zincing Of You.
The swatches are in reverse order but I am sure you can tell which is which. Moss Have is beautiful. It is a jewel tone mint color which I don't have anything like. It goes on very opaque and only took two coats to get a nice even color. Zincing Of You is also great. It is a metallic bronze gold. It also applies very smoothly and opaque. Precious Metal is just okay for me. The color in the bottle looks nice and dark purple in the bottle but it comes off as kind of a light purpley blue color. I applied two coats in the swatch but you would probably need 3 in order to get a nice opaque coat. I found these at Walgreens for $1.99.

Wet N Wild Pick Your Poison Nail Polish Review and Swatches!

I am a bit behind on this review but I have recently seen Wet N Wild Pick Your Poison displays at different stores so I didn't think it would hurt to still do a review. There are 6 polishes total but I was only able to get 5. The green color was out of stock. All of these are part of the Megalast collection and are $1.99 a piece. I have seen them at CVS and Tops thus far.

1-Root Of All Evil
2-Deadly Dose
3-Toxic Apple
4-Lethal Injection
5-Venomous Vixen

As you can see these are all typical fall type colors. They are very dark and rich with a jewel type finish. The brush is a wide brush about twice the size of a normal nail polish brush. It could be either a good thing or a bad thing. If you have small nails than the Megalast Nail Color probably isn't the best choice for you. I do like that these are very opaque. The swatches were done with 2 coats. They go on smooth not streaky and dry fairly quickly. Since the finish is pretty shiny you don't need a top coat except for lasting power.