Sunday, September 30, 2012

Other Notable Deals!

There are some other notable deals going on this week and the drugstores and such. Let's see where to begin....

1)If you did not get a change to take part in any of the Physicians Formula sales that were happening last week then you still have a chance to save some money! At CVS all this week when you spend $10 on Physicians Formula products you get $7 in CVS Extra Bucks. If you don't know what Extra Bucks are they are a lot like Riteaid +UP rewards which I explain here! So for example if you buy any Physicians Formula product over $10 then you can turn around and get another $10 Product for only $3 with you Extra Bucks! You can use Extra Bucks on anything in the store I believe but you may want to ask the cashier just in case. I always use mine or more makeup lol!

2)If you haven't been able to find the L'oreal Project Runway Limited Edition items (eyeshadows reviewed here)  at Riteaid then you may want to check CVS. I spotted the whole collection at mine a couple days ago and L'oreal cosmetics are buy one get one half off at CVS this week. Also if you spend $10 on any L'oreal products you get $3 in Extra Bucks.

3)If you have wanted to pick up any of the Jesse's Girl Eye Dust that I mentioned here this week would be the time to get them. If you spend $15 on any Jesse's Girl cosmetic product or Julie G nail polish you get $10 back in +UP rewards. If you don't know what +UP rewards are then check the post out that is linked in #1. You can only do this twice but it may be a nice time to haul. Spend $30 on Jesse's Girl Products and get $20 for free? I'm in!

4)Wet N Wild Products are buy one get one free at CVS this week. If you have been looking to get any of the Coloricon Blushes reviewed here or here now would be the time to pick them up. You should also pick up the eyeshadow palettes mentioned here for fall. Either way now is the time to pick anything up that you have had your eye on from Wet N Wild because buy one get one sales don't come around often.

5) At Riteaid if you spend $4 on Sinful Nail Color you get $2 in +UP rewards. Sinful Colors polishes are only $1.99 a piece so essentially you buy two and you get one free. I have talked about my love for these before. Check it out here  here and here!

6)Also at Riteaid if you spend $15 on Ecotools brushes you get $5 in +UP rewards. Some of my favorite brushes(talked about here ) are from Ecotools. I might take advantage of this myself and pick up a couple extra brushes to use!

Phew that was some typing....There are always a bunch of other sales and deals at Riteaid, CVS, and Walgreens every week but if I typed them all I would be up all night. You can check out the Riteaid weekly circular and see all of deals by clicking here! You can see the CVS weekly circular by clicking here! I didn't see any notable deals at Walgreens this week so I won't link their circular website but you can always check that out on your own.

*Do not forget that you can also take advantage of the Riteaid Video Values coupons this month. If you visit their Video Values page by clicking here you can get some great coupons. Basically you watch a little advertisement video and you get a coupon to use in store. Check it out. It is a great way to save a couple extra dollars and paired with other sales it can really knock back prices for you!

NYX on Hautelook Monday 8/1

Trying to figure out how to title this was interesting because it in technically Monday now since I do all my blogging in the wee night time :) however, the sale doesn't start until 9am Pacific time so that is noon here. For those of you who didn't get a change to indulge in any NYX goodies from Ulta last week then today might be the time. If you do not know what hautelook it is referred to in my post that you can view by clicking here! Last time NYX was on I picked up my fabulous Nude On Nude palette for ten dollars off. The Nude On Nude palette is a great Urban Decay Naked Palette Dupe. To see a full review and swatches click here! I also ordered my Crimson Amulet palette that I used in this post! Now hautelook is a site where you have to wait until the sale starts to know what products will be included so I am not promising that either of those will be part of it but I sure hope they are. I saved about $10 on each which is amazing. The address is! Check it out tomorrow and let me know what you pick up. As always thanks for reading lovies and feel free to let me know what you think of my blog!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

E.l.f Glitter Eyeshadow Review Continued!

If you haven't read my post on the new E.l.f  Glitter Eyeshadows then click here! I originally only got a few of the shades but after falling in love with them more since I posted that original post I decided to buy a few more shades.

The new shades I picked up were Flirt(left) which is a beautiful blueish purple and then Party Animal(right) which is a dark grape color. For a more in depth review click the link above but I still think if you are anything like me and you love color and sparkle than these are the eyeshadows for you. They are only $2.00 which is practically nothing!

E.l.f Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Review and Swatches!

Along with the Baked Eyeshadow Palette from E.l.f that I reviewed here! I also picked up a few of the new Mineral Pressed Eyeshadows. I only picked out three shades because I wanted to give them a try before I spent anymore money. As usual with E.l.f some things they hit right on the money and some things just come up short. These eyeshadows are $3.00 a piece. The packaging is sleek and seems pretty durable. It is a lot like the packaging for more of their studio line products!
 The first color I got was Wine Tour which is awesome. It is a purple/taupe color with gold glitter.
                                      This shade is called Disco DJ which is a light grey color.
 The last shade I bought is Heartbreaker. It looks like a dark brown but is actually a milk chocolate.
                                        The swatches below are done on bare skin with no primer.

So my final verdict: These are so so. I really like Wine Tour. It is a beautiful color unlike any that I have in my collection thus far. It goes on smoothly though it is a bit powdery and the color pay off is nice. Disco DJ on the other hand is not so good. It is very powdery and chalky and when applied to the lids has barely any color pay off. I was expecting it to be a shimmery shade but it comes off more matte. I don't see myself using this for anything, it really just didn't do it for me. Heartbreaker is a nice shade. It is a shimmery almost milk chocolate shade. The color pay off is decent and the texture is nice. For only three dollars I think the darker shades are worth the money. I also like the mineral eyeshadows because they have no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes. The website states "Our natural mineral formula is infused with Rosemary, Cucumber and Vitamin E to replenish the delicate eye area and provide anti-aging benefits for a more revitalized look." That can't hurt either right?

I will probably buy a couple more of the darker shades and see how they are but I think I will skip anymore of the lighter shades. Well yet again thanks for reading loves :)!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Urban Decay Vintage Eyeshadow Review and Swatches!

Ahhh I am so excited about this post. I finally got myself some Urban Decay Eyeshadows which I have been pining over for years now. If you didn't read this post then you def should because you are missing out! I ended up buying 7 shades all together and I am beyond thrilled. There are a few shades that I don't necessarily love but there are a few that more than make up for it. Let me show you what I got.

The first three shades I got were (from left to right) Lounge, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, and Midnight Cowboy. Lounge is probably my favorite out of all of the shades that I bought. It looks dark brown in the pan but is really more of a cranberry with a green duo chrome. I have yet to find a shade quite like this one and I LOVE it. The next two are the ones that I didn't really go gaga over. They are both pretty chalky and produce a lot of fall out and powder when used. The color is amazing and they are both very pretty however, they are kind of a pain to use.

The next three are (from left to right) Minx, Shattered, and URB. Minx is a bright blue with silver glitter. Shattered is a bright blue with a gold undertone and URB is a beautiful greenish gold. I like all three of these a lot. The blues both look the same in the swatches but they are a bit different. My camera did not pick up the gold in Shattered all that well. All three shades went on nice and smooth and had good pigmentation. Despite being so glittery I found that URB did not produce as much fall out as the others did.

This shade is called Flash and it may be one of the best purples I own. For some reason I do not have good luck finding pigmented purple eyeshadows. I have tried numerous drugstore and high end purple eyeshadows and they just don't work for me but this one is AWESOME! It is so pigmented and is the perfect bright purple. I can't wait to play around with this guy. I am almost even debating buying another one.

So pretty ladies if you don't own any Urban Decay eyeshadows and have wanted to try some then now would be the time. I do not know how long Urban Decay is running this sale so I would take advantage of it while you can. You will not regret it!

E.l.f Baked Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches!

Last week E.l.f was having a really good sale online so I decided to indulge in some products. If you are unfamiliar with what E.l.f is it stands for Eyes Lips Face. It is an affordable makeup brand that you can purchase at Target, Kmart, and online. I have had hit and miss experience with this company but lately they have been putting out some awesome new products. I reviewed some other things I bought recently here! Like I said they were having a great sale online so I purchased a bunch of products. I have had about a week to test some of them out and I wanted to give you my thoughts on them. As I have said before these are kind of initial first impressions. If I have any other thoughts on any of my reviewed products I will post an updated review.

This eyeshadow palette caught my eye because it reminded me of the Sephora Moon Baked Eyeshadows which I love but at a fraction of the cost. You get 10 eyeshadows for $10 which isn't all that bad. Let's take a look.
                                    These swatches were done on bare skin without a primer!
-I like the packaging a lot. It is almost identical to the packaging of the Sephora Moon Baked Eyeshadows. It is sleek and pretty well built. I also like that is came with a nice full size mirror which is great if you are using this palette to travel anywhere.
-The price! $10 c'mon that is awesome.
-Sheer but easy to build formula. As you can see from the swatches the eyeshadows are fairly pigmented on their own. They were surprisingly dark and smooth which I didn't expect. When wearing them I discovered that you could also build them very nicely. That means that you can add more layers of shadow to achieve a darker look. Also these eyeshadows work fantastic when wet.
-I like the range of colors that you get here. You get nice neutral colors but you also get some dark colors. I also like that you get a nice bright blue in case you want to add a little pop
- Infused with active key ingredients Jojoba, Rose, Sunflower, Apricot and Grape to nourish and hydrate the skin...that's what the website claims....that can't be bad can it?
-My only real complaint is that the eyeshadows don't seem to blend together all that well. I found that when I tried they kind of turned into all one color. However, the shades are very nice on their own
-You do need a light hand when you are using these eyeshadows because they are a bit delicate which tends to make them powdery!
Overall this is a nice little palette. I was pleasantly surprised since I didn't really expect much to begin with. It is def worth the $10 that I spent and I just might pick up the other palette they offer!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Manicure Time!

Just popping in the share what I did with my nails this week. Went with a grapey/plum type color with a fuscia glitter. Fall nails with sort of a girly/ fun edge to them! Oh another fun thing-I am now on beautylish. It is sort of a social network for beauty lovers or professionals in the beauty industry to talk about beauty or share their work. If you want to see my profile click here!
 I used this as the base coat. It is Through The Grapevine by Wet n Wild ($1.99). I love these nail polishes because they are opaque and usually only require one coat. They also have a wide professional brush which means only one swipe for my little nails. If you want to try any of them you have till this Saturday 9/29 to take advantage of the sale at Riteaid. If you buy any Wet n Wild, Sinful Colors, or Julie G nail polish $1.99 or more you get $3+UP rewards. So you basically can get another nail polish free!
Then on top of that I applied one coat of this LA Colors Color Craze glitter polish. There is no name on the bottle but it is a purple/pink color glitter top coat.

Thanks for reading lovies!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maybelline Limited Edition Baby Lips Twin Packs 2012!

So I decided to stop into Walgreens today just to look around which is always a bad idea to begin with :) and I spotted something very exciting! The new limited edition Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm twin packs. For those who don't know what Maybelline Baby Lips(MBL for short) they are a lightly tinted lip balm. The promise says that they have 8hr of hydration. I bought two of these about a year ago. I bought Peach Kiss and Pink Punch and after using them almost everyday and using them until they were gone i fell in love with them. They really do do wonders for your lips as far as moisture goes. They are smooth with a light glossy finish. I love them because they are not waxy, greasy, or sticky and feel like they just melt into your lips. They are tinted but as you'll see in my swatches are not overly colorful. You can either wear them under a lipstick or lipgloss or for a subtle little sheen you can wear them alone. So after building my love affair with these I was excited to find these limited edition shades. They are $7.99 for a two pack which seems steep but they are worth it. I also got them on a buy one get one half off sale. There are three different packs but I only got two however, I will def get the other pack that I left behind. Well now that I blabbed on and on lets get to the nitty gritty!!
So above are what the packages look like. Are the tubes not adorable? If you have read my blog before then you know I am a sucker for color and cuteness and I think these would have caught my attention one way of the other. What I like is that the package clearly states which colors are limited edition. Peach Kiss which is the purple tube is a re release, hence why it isn't labeled limited edition above it.
The first shade is Coral Crush which is the most tinted shade out of the four I bought. It is a light coral color as the name suggests and smells like tangerines. Oh that reminds me I will add that these are scented which may or may not be a good thing for you. The scents are actually really nice and nothing to over powering like some other lip balms. They are not flavored which I also like.
This shade is called Twinkle. It looks like a baby doll pink but comes out as just a clear light gloss. It smells like cotton candy or some type of sugary candy.
The next color is Pink Wink which is a very light pink color when applied to the lips. It would be a great balm to put under a baby pink lip stick. It smells just like strawberry milk.
The last one in the packages I got is Peach Kiss which is already part of the baby lips line but I was so happy it was in with these because like I said I bought it before and used it almost completely up. I am literally using a lip brush to get the rest out :-P. This despite being labeled Peach Kiss smells more to me like grape Bubbalicious gum. It is lightly tinted and comes off as a light shimmery taupe color.

VERDICT: Amazing. I love everything about these. They are so easy to toss is your bag and run out the door. Not only that but they are perfect for these upcoming fall and winter months when our lips are really going to need some TLC.

Thank you for reading lovies and as always feel free to email or fb me. Show me some love in the comments too :) it would make my day!!

Dark Green Smokey Look!

So today I decided that I would just randomly reach into my Maybelline Color Tattoo stash and pick out one then base a makeup look off of it. The color I chose was Mossy Green so naturally I decided to go with a dark green smokey kind of look which worked perfectly since I was wearing a dark green shirt. If you haven't read my review of the Maybelline Color Tattoo Limited Edition Fall Collection which Mossy Green was a part of then click here! Read below for a how-to post to recreate your own deep green sultry eye and to view the products that I used!

Products Used:
-Revlon Color Stay Whipped Foundation in Nude
-NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder in Naturally Beige
-Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Blush in Rosy
-Revlon Age Defying Concealer in Light
-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Maybelline Color Tattoo in Mossy Green and Bold Gold
-Almay Intense I-Color Liquid Eyeliner
-NYX Crimson Amulet Palette
-LA Color Eyeliner in Gold
How To:
1)Apply eye primer all the way from your lashes to your brow bone and to your lower lash line. 2)Apply Maybelline Color Tattoo in Mossy Green to your lid and a little bit above the cream. Blend well. Then take your Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold and apply in above the crease where the green ended and use it to blend the green outward. Also apply bold gold to your lower lash line. 3)With a flat shadow brush apply #1 to your lid or any dark green eyeshadow. Only apply it to the moving part of your lid and no higher.4) Take #2 or any matte medium brown and using a crease brush apply it to the crease of your eye in order to blend out the green color and fade the harsh line. 4)Take #3 or any shimmery butter cream color you own and apply it to the inner corners of the eye and the bottom inner third on your lower lash line. Also apply this color to the brow bone. 5) Apply a black eyeliner to your upper lash line and mascara to your lashes. 6) Take #1 shade and apply it to the outer half of your lower lash line. Use a q-tip or smudge brush to smudge it out a bit and give it that "smokey" look!
Thank  you for reading loves and I hope you try this look out.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Physician's Formula Cashmere Blush and Mineral Glow Pearls Blush Initial Review!

So I decided since Riteaid is so close to my work that I would swing in during break the other night and pick up a few goodies I had my eye on from Physicians Formula. Any physicians face product is 40% off this week so I figured now would be the time. I bought two products which I will give a brief review of below. I have used them for a couple of days now. This is just my initial review but as they say first impressions are everything. If for some reason I change my mind about them I will def keep you notified. Sometimes I try products and at first I absolutely love them and then later on I find flaws that I didn't notice the first couple times around. Kind of like a boyfriend let's get this review rolling.

The first product I purchased was the Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls Blush in Rose Pearl. I have a weakness for cute packaging so this just called my name. So after using it once these are my thoughts:
-The packaging is beautiful
-It is easy to use. You don't have to have a light hand or be experienced.
-Little color pay off. I tried layering it and even used a face luck! I got the pay off of the shimmer but none of the color. The package says a soft wash of color but it is really nonexistent. Looks like I have another highlighter in my collection.
-This blush is super shimmery. If you are looking for a product that gives you glow or highlight with little color payoff then this is it. I wouldn't consider it a blush but more of a highlighter.
-There isn't much product here. It looks like there is but once you lift the blush up to get to the brush you realize that you aren't getting a whole lot.
-Speaking of the brush it isn't great at all. It is coarse and produces a lot of fall out. Imagine dragging a horse hair brush through your makeup.
VERDICT:I would skip this product. It is a nice highlighter but that is not what I bought it for. Do not let the beautiful packaging persuade you. This is a product I wish I could have swatched before I bought it because even at 40% off it still ran me around $8...phewy!

The other product that I got was the Cashmere Wear Ultra-Smoothing Blush in Rose. I have had my eye on this for a while but for some reason never decided to buy it but I decided to pick it up while it was on sale and I think I am going to be very glad that I did.
-Full size mirror and decent brush which makes it great for travel. As you can see the mirror is as bit as the package itself almost and is really good quality. The brush is actually pretty good as well. It is soft and so far hasn't shed. Unlike the other brush in the Glowing Pearls Blush it didn't scrape through the product. This makes it great for travel. I love when products can save me room buy not having to bring an extra mirror or brush along.
-Super pigmented:The color pay off is great. It gives you a great pop of color.
-A silky consistency. This blush is not chalky or too soft. It applies to the skin evenly and doesn't fall all over your face.
-It is suitable for many different skin types. I found this blush to be very buildable so you can either apply it nicely for a soft wash of color on fair skin or apply it a little heavier for a nice flush to darker skin tones.
-The finish is mostly matte. The bright pink part of the blush is completely matte and the light pink ribbon has a light shimmer. So based on what you want you could go either way. I like that they made the bright pink big enough where you could get your brush in there without getting any of the shimmer part. It is like giving you two different finishes of blush in one compact.
-It is long wearing. I only used this one day but it def ran it's course. It lasted all day which can sometimes be a problem with my favorite blushes.
-My only real con with this blush was the outside of the package. It is a velvet material. I get the whole "make it soft like cashmere" thing but this was just poor thinking. Velvet packaging equals a mess. It attracts dirt and lint like a magnet. I found this to be the same with my Naked Palette. Both products are great so I guess I can't complain too much.

Overall it was a hit and a miss but I recommend the Cashmere Blush whole heartedly. :) Thanks for reading lovies!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Favorite Physician's Formula Products!!

Due to the amazing sales on Physician's Formula products this week I decided to go through my stash and find my favorite Physician's Formula products!

My first favorite is the Happy Booster Mood Enhancing Blush in Rosy. I absolutely love this blush. It is smooth and give the perfect amount of glow. I also like the fact that depending on what part of the product you use, you get a completely different color. It is a great blush to have for traveling because you can get a couple different looks out of it.

The next is by far the best product I own from them. It is the Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Cream/Gel Liner in Blue Eyes. I love this product for many reasons: 1)You get three different colors all in really nice convenient packaging. 2)These last forever. After giving them a minute to set you can rub them and they will not go anywhere. Even with  a makeup remover it takes a little effort to get the liner to come off. 3)The black color is quite unique. It is a matte black but it has tiny little blue flecks which when worn give the eyes a nice bright appearance. You can see them a bit in the pictures but it doesn't do them justice. I don't have another black cream liner nor have a found one quite like this one.
The blue as you can see is not the greatest but the other two make it worth it. I have used the blue before as a base or as a pop of color on the lower lash line but as a main eyeliner it isn't the best. It comes off uneven and is not as dark as I would have liked.

The next product is my Shimmer Strips Highlighter and Blush in Rosy Glow (on the left) and Healthy Glow (on the right). The swatches are Rosy Glow on the bottom and Healthy Glow on the top. I love these blushes for the summer because they give that nice healthy glow. They can also be used in the winter on the high cheek bones to add a pretty shimmer for holiday looks. I also like that you can use them as a pink eyeshadow or get different colors based on what park of the product you use. I love products that are multi-purpose. To get the swatches above I just swirled all the colors together!
 The Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Collection in Nude(left) and Smoky(right)

                                                    Above is the Smoky Palette swatches
                                                  Above is the Nudes Palette swatches
Please excuse how the eyeshadows look in the pictures above. I got the Smoky one over a year ago and have gotten quite a bit of use out of them. There are a lot of eye collections from Physician's Formula and I own above 5 others besides these to but I don't love them. A lot of their eye sets are hit and miss for me. You may get 4 or 5 shades that are beautiful but the others are not so great. I wanted to only include the collections that I love from top to bottom and these two are it. The Smoky palette is great for "smokey" looks as it implies. It gives you everything you need to do a brown smokey eye, or a gray/black smokey eye but it also gives you that nice bright blueish purple for a pop of color. The textures are nice and smooth and the shades apply evenly. The Nude palette is just as good. I will tell you though that both of these palettes only offer shimmery finishes so if you are not a fan of that then don't waste your money. Anyway, the Nude collection gives you all the colors for a nice natural look in an easy to carry little compact. Not to mention both of these are packaged so adorably. I love the little gem detail and the lace. I buy a lot of products based on appearance and these succeeded in appearance and functionality.

My last product is the Kohl Kajal Custom Eye Liner in Brown Eyes. Now this set comes with another eyeliner which is black but that one didn't really wow me. I felt like on my eyes it just didn't last. I usually only use pencil or kajal liners on my lower lash line or water line and the black just didn't last long enough and ran all over my face. However, the other two colors are great. The brown is nice and opaque but it isn't too too dark. I love using it for daytime neutral looks when I want a good long lasting brown that isn't too intense. I also love the purple shade especially for this fall time of year for a little bit of color on my lower lash line.

Well I hope if you are heading to take advantage of the sales this week that you try a few of these items. I know there are a couple more things I want to pick up and try out like the Cashmere Blushes and the Organic Wear Mascara. Happy shopping ladies!!!