Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wet N Wild Fergie Eye Kit Collection Review and Swatches!

For those of you that have been living under a rock or are not on top of things in the beauty world than you may be going "What? Fergie has makeup?" Well yes and no. Fergie and Wet N Wild have teamed up to create a bunch of products based on the singers attitude and style. Earlier this year she released a bunch of nail polishes but more recently has released eye kits. I found mine at Kmart for $8 but I know they have also been popping up at stores such as Walgreens and CVS. First off can I just say how pleased I am that the display has product you can swatch! I know the idea of that is gross to some people but girls you do not use this to put on your face. I like that I can actually see what the pigmentation is like before purchasing it. I wish more drugstore displays did this because nothing is more disappointing than opening a product and realizing it stinks. Anyway, the collection comes with three different kits. One for your edgy side, your hip side, and your glam side. I only picked up 2 of these because the Edgy Side kit looked to similar to things that I already owned and were colors that I wouldn't wear to often so I passed on that. The contents of the kits are pretty similar except for the eyeshadow. The pencils and liquid liners are different also but the colors are very typical. Let's take a closer look.

Above is the first kit which I picked up called For Your Glam Side. As you can see each kit contains a pencil eyeliner, a liquid eyeliner, an eye shadow quad, a mini mascara, and 2 makeup brushes. The packaging is cute but a little unnecessary. It is sort of a cigar box type of idea. On the inside of the box it has a picture tutorial of a look that you can create with this kit. I took all of my products out of the box and threw the box out for the sake of space. I just found it to be too big and bulky.

Above is the quad in this collection. Since this kit is made by Wet N Wild I thought that the eye shadows would be amazing. If you have read any of my Wet N Wild posts in the past then you know that I typically adore them. However, this quad left me with a lot to desire. I found that the eye shadows were not very pigmented. I needed to layer the product to get a good desirable color when I used them. I also found that the texture came off rather chalky and produced a lot of fall out. None of these things are typical in the Coloricon line that Wet N Wild makes so I wonder what the heck happened here. The color selection looked so beautiful too so I was disappointed here.

This kit also came with a black glitter liquid liner. It is the Wet N Wild Mega Liner which they offer in the permanent line. I have never used a Wet N Wild liquid liner but I know there are some Youtube gurus who love this stuff. It does apply very opaque and is not overly glittery. It applies with a brush tip. The one thing I did notice about this is that is takes a long time to dry. I literally had to sit there and fan my eye lids because the first time I used it it transferred when I opened my eye. I think in a pinch this is a good little liner but it will not be placing my go to L'oreal Lineur Intense anytime soon.

You get a mini Mega Length mascara. I wish I could tell you what this is like but I cannot due to both of mine being dried out beyond use. The brushes can just be thrown out. The actual feel of the eye brush is nice but it is so poorly shaped that you wouldn't be able to get any precision. The mascara brush is alright. I suppose you could toss it is your bag for travel.
Here is a swatch of the brown pencil you get. It is a nice soft bronze color. The pencil goes on smooth without tugging. It is pigmented and looks really nice. It is not smudge proof so I wouldn't recommend it if you have watery eyes or oily lids.

Overall this kit just didn't wow me at all. I feel like all of these products are just okay. I think Wet N Wild has much better options in their line already. I would rather by some of the Coloricon eye shadows. Fergies permanent collection will be surfacing here shortly. I would suggest just waiting until then so you can pick and chose the products you want separately instead of having to get everything all together like you do here.
 The next kit is For Your Hip Side. The colors are more bright and vibrant.

This quad is a bit more pigmented than the first. I still felt that compared to other eye shadows that Wet N Wild makes this was not very impressive. The blue and the black are pretty nice. The black is a matte eyeshadow with silver sparkles and is probably one of the most pigmented blacks that I have in my makeup collection. The purples were awful. They are pretty sheer and chalky and did not apply well at all. You are pretty much buying this quad for the black.

This set comes with a royal blue liquid liner and as you can see from the pictures above is CRAP! Ugh I was so disappointed. The color of it is gorgeous but the texture and formula is awful. It applies watery and uneven and takes even longer to dry than the black does. I waited quite a while and fanned the swatch and it still smudged that bad when I did the smudge test. I didn't even bother to keep this and threw it right in the bin.

The other contents of this kit are the same as the first. You get the same mini mascara and brushes. You get a black pencil instead of a brown pencil but it is pretty typical and not thrilling.

Overall I think I would have passed on these sets. Wet N Wild has much better products that are available already. I do hope that the Fergie permanent line that will be releasing will be a little bit better than these.

Let me know what you guys think if you have purchased these also. Maybe it is just me but I wasn't impressed. As always thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Please follow me :)

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  1. i'm a huge fan of wet and wild eyeshadows but i'm not impressed with any of these kits! haven't gotten them cause i've seen a lot of bad reviews about them!