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Stay Soft From Head To Toe This Winter!

I don't know about anyone else but I suffer from winter dry skin like no other. Moisturizing is very important when it comes to my winter beauty routine. I hope this isn't TMI but I get dry skin from my scalp, lips, face, and body and I hate it! After years of trial and error I have found some holy grail products that keep my skin supple and soft through the cold months. Keep reading if you would like to learn about some amazing products that may come in handy for you as well.

1)Garnier Fructis Fortifying Anti- Dandruff Shampoo $4- This shampoo is a savior when the winter comes. Not only does it rehydrate my scalp but it gives me other benefits like more volume and shine. It cuts down on my dandruff significantly but I also always get compliments on how my hair looks and feels.

2)Herbal Essence No Flakin' Way Anti- Dandruff Shampoo $4.50- This shampoo is also great. I like to switch between this and the others listed just to give myself some variety. I really like the fruity fresh smell but I also like how soft it makes my hair feel. It does significantly cut down at my dandruff at the same time.

3)Neutrogena T-Gel Daily Control Dandruff Shampoo $7- This is my go to shampoo when my dandruff is really getting on my nerves. This will get rid of your dandruff for sure. It helps to control the oil and flakes so your hair is left feeling as clean as it ever has before. This however, can leave your hair feeling a little limp. I will usually wash my hair with this but only every other time.

1)Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Hair Mask $5- When my hair really need some TLC this is my turn to product. I will apply it to damp hair after a shower and leave it in for about a half hour while I do errands like the dishes or laundry. It is like a makeover for my hair. My hair always feels a million times softer and stronger once I rinse this out.

2)Garnier Fructis Deep Fortifying Conditioner $8- This works about the same as the Aussie but like I said I like to switch up my products so I will bounce in between. I use the same process when I use this. It makes your hair feel so healthy without feeling heavy.

3)Neutrogena Triple Recovery Hair Mask $7- I am beginning to see a trend with brands that I never noticed before. This is really a miracle in a bottle. I have yet to find a drugstore hair mask that leaves my hair feeling like this does.

I also make sure to use my Tresemme Thermal Heat Protectant Spray whenever I am using a styling tool. This will help your hair from getting damaged which can cause dry frizzy hair and scalp.

1)Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Creme- I use this as a night cream. It is a very rich moisturizing cream that does wonders for dry skin on the face. It is a bit heavy so I usually apply it at night while I am a sleep. Not only does it rehydrate your skin but it also helps to fight fine lines and wrinkles.

2)Eucerin Facial Moisturizer SPF 30- This is a great every day moisturizer. It applies light and smooth while really giving your face the moisture that it needs. I also like that this still contains SPF. I think most people have the misconception that because it is not summer they don't need to protect their skin from the sun. The sun is still shining even in cold weather and your skin still needs to be protected though not as strongly. This gives you the best of both worlds.

3)Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash $5- It is important to make sure that what you are cleaning your face with is gentle and non abrasive. Most facial washes contain alcohol or harsh chemicals that dry out your skin and can create dryness in problem areas like around your nose and mouth. This cleanser is for sensitive skin so it is gentle and cleans without drying.

4)Almay Makeup Removing Towelettes $2- These are a great wipe for removing makeup. I preferred them because they are soft and sensitive on my skin. They do not both my skin when it is irritated and leave the skin nice and soft. I use these when my skin is already dry.

5)Dove Daily Hydrating Cleansing Clothes $7-I use these clothes to prevent the dryness. They leave your skin so soft even though they are a makeup remover.


1)Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion $9-Goodness I could marry this stuff. When my skin is beyond dry this is my god send. Not just because it moisturizes but because it really helps to stop the itching that I get when my skin is dry. It is gentle and doesn't irritate. I have to be careful when I chose lotions because the skin on my hands and legs is sensitive. Anything with too much fragrance gets really irritating. Amazing that is all I can say!

2)Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion$9- I love this for the same reasons as the Aveeno. It is a great moisturizer that lasts for hours yet relieves itchiness and is nice and gentle on the shin. No overwhelming fragrance or irritants.

3) Lubriderm Intense Dry Skin Repair$9- Yet again same schpeel for this one. All three of these I have to have throughout the winter months.

To be honest I usually use the same lotion on my hands as I do for my body. I buy those little travel reusable bottles that you can get from Walmart or Target in the travel aisle and just fill them with whatever lotion I am using at the time. That way I can carry it in my purse or bring it with me at work. I sometimes use this stuff called Bag Balm that my mother has used since I can remember. It is a think gel type consistency. It is a bit greasy and has a not so pleasantly smell so I usually apply it at night before bed. Let me tell you what. If you are ever in desperate need of some hydration on your hands such as super dry skin or cracking than this is worth putting up with the scent. This is also amazing for your feet. If some of you ladies aren't country girls like I am than you may not know what Bag Balm is and why if you find it does it have a cow head and utters on the tin. Well, is was originally used on cow teats (and still is) to keep the sensitive skin of a cows udders from getting chaffed during the milking process. It works great for cows haha but also for human skin. Don't let that deter you though it is perfectly safe to use. You can find it in the lotion aisle at more drugstores now but I have been using it since I was a baby pretty much. That and Corn Huskers Lotion but more on that another time!


1)Carmex Lip Balm $1.25- I love this lip balm. It is a savior when it comes to dry chapped lips. It has a strange medicine type smell but it works wonderfully. Especially now that it is cold out and the weather is really getting to be a pain. I have one of these in my car, purse, and work bag!

2)Blistex Lip Medex $1- This is probably going to be the best dollar you ever spent. The is a great product during the winter season. It is a lip balm but not only that it is a external analgesic. So it has the hydrating properties of a lip balm but the nasal/chest clearing properties of Vicks Vaporub. That may sound strange to you but if you have a cold or the sniffles you are going to thank me for this. I like that you can feel it working. It gives your lips that tingly feeling that feels so nice ha!

3)Vaseline Lip Therapy $1.50- I am a sucker for product mini's so when I saw this cute little guy I had to have it. Then once I bought it and used it I realized not only was it cute but it was effective. This feels just like the original Vaseline so it is a bit waxy at first but it works really well. It keeps your lips smooth and soft and I really noticed that it helps my chapped lips heal really quickly


Here is a few more tid bits that can help in the winter months. Another good product to have around is cuticle oil. Hands tend to get really dry and your cuticles usually are affected first. This can causing cracking and soreness around your nail beds. I recommend buying a cuticle oil and applying it once or twice a day! I bought a cuticle oil pen from E.l.f Cosmetics for $1 and it works wonderfully. Many drugstore brands sell cuticle oil products such as
-Revlon Expert Effect Cuticle Oil
-Essie Smooth Trick Dry Brittle Nail Cream
-Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream
These are all great products that will get the job done and you can find these at almost any drugstore.

I would also recommend keeping a pumice stone in the shower. Pumice stones are a rough stone bar that you use to scrub dead skin off of your feet or elbows. It works great to keep your feet from developing cracks, calluses, or rough patches. You can find these at the dollar store or drugstore in the area where you buy loofahs and bath sponges.

Thank you guys so much for reading. I know this was a long one but I hope it was helpful for people who suffer with dry skin like I do. As always I would love to hear your feedback. You can email me at . You can follow me on instagram littlemadeupmomo or twitter momotime620

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