Saturday, December 1, 2012

Smashbox Studio Pop Ultimate Palette Review and Swatches!!

Ahhh I am so excited about this post. I have been pining after a Smashbox palette for forever and always deemed them too pricey! However, when this palette came out and I saw it on the Smashbox website my brain immediently went into "I must have..." mode!  So in normal Staci fashion I could not wait until Christmas to just receive this (if you saw my Santa post you will get the reference). During Black Friday Smashbox was running a 25% off sale and well I just couldn't resist! I have used it every single day since I received it! Do I love every single part of it? NO! However, it is a pretty snazzy little palette that I think could really fit nicely into any ones collection! I must say before I start to review this that 1) I bought this palette with my own money. 2)There are going to be a lot of pictures so be prepared that this post is a big one

This is what the palette looks like when you take it out of the box it comes in! Hello there reflection! It is very nicely packaged in my opinion! The outside is durable and it would be able to travel nicely. This palette would be pretty good for travel since you get a lot of essentials in here.
I had to borrow this picture because apparently I didn't take a picture with the palette all the way open! The palette is set up in a tri-fold type way with magnetic closure. On the one side you have a decent sized mirror and instruction cards  that tell you how to create looks within the palette. The palette itself is about the size of a reading book ( Fifty Shades of Grey Size haha). You can comfortably hold it and store it.
The instruction cards are housed in a little plastic sleeve so they are easily accessible. They aren't incredible detailed but if you have some makeup experience they give you a good idea of some looks you can do! There are 4 double sided cards. They show you how to do Subtle Smolder, Blue Smokey Eye, Screen Shot, Multi- Flash, an Earth Tone look, Pop of Teal, and an Amethyst Cat Eye.

You also get 2 brushes which are housed in the bindings of the palette. On the right side you get a thin brush which can be used for lip gloss or gel eyeliner. I use it for the eyeliner. On the left side you get a duo ended eyeshadow and liner brush. Eh don't let the brushes sell you they are not very good. The eyeshadow part of the brush is crap. It is so hard and plastic feeling that I feel like it would just destroy your shadows. The liner brush is okay though I used slanted brushes so this wouldn't really work for me. However, the thinner lip/liner brush is pretty nice and I have used that for my gel eyeliner a couple times this week and I love it.

Now let's get down to what we really got this palette for...the eye shadows!
 When you open the palette the eye shadows are in the middle. They have a plastic covering over them that lists all the eye shadow names on it. It is attached to the palette so if you don't like having it there you will have to cut it off. I like keeping mine just for reference and it keeps the palette less messy. There are 45 Photo Op eye shadows in total here. I am not going to lie I was a little disappointed at the size of the shades. They are not very big. I would say about the size of a chiclet ( if any still remembers the size of those ). If you find a shade you love in here you may be going through it rather quickly.
 Here is a close up of the top five rows without the plastic. You can't really see until the swatches but you get a very nice range of finishes in this palette. Some matte, light shimmer, really intense shimmer, and some are more of a satin.
These are the bottom four rows. You do not get a whole lot of color in this palette. There is a brightish pink and turquoise but other than that the palette is mostly earth tones and neutrals. If you are looking for a palette to create a bunch of crazy looks than this is not the one. However, it does contain some beautiful colors.

I swatched every single row for you. I will post them below in the order of the palette top to bottom.

All of the swatches were done on bare skin without primer! Ladies these are what you want to buy the palette for. I don't think there was a single shadow that I swatched that I didn't absolutely love! They are all buttery smooth and richly pigmented. I have used them everyday since receiving this and they are amazing. They blend nicely and you can create soooo many looks. As you can tell you get lots of options as far as finish goes also. In some palettes that I own the mattes are awesome and the shimmers are not or vice versa but in this palette I think every shade is just as good as the others.
 The right side of the palette is where you have your blushes, gel eyeliners, and lip glosses. The blush and bronzer are down the left side. Gel eyeliner in the middle. Then your lip glosses are on the right side. You get 5 blushes and a bronzer, 9 gel eyeliners, and 6 lip glosses. As you can see this side also has the plastic sheet over it.
 This is a close up of the top of the palette.

 Here is a close up of the bottom of the palette.

Here are swatches of the blushes on bare skin without a primer. The blushes are left to right as they are top to bottom in the palette. As you can see all of the shades are very natural looking. You are not getting anything to crazy bright or to dark with this. If you have darker skin than this is not going to be a good palette (blush wise) for you. The colors they give you I feel would only really compliment light to medium skin tones. Even the brightest pink isn't all that bright and it swatches the least pigmented out of all of them. Now as far as the bronzer goes you would have to be the color of snow for it to really show up. It is not pigmented very well and showed up the color of Snooki on my swatch. It is very orange. The texture is nice but they could be much better.

 Above are swatches of the gel liners. From left to right, top to bottom in the palette. The last two shades are underneath.

Okay the picture above is of the smudge test. Can you tell why these are not my favorite? If you guessed it's because they rub right off than you are correct. I let them set for quite some time too. When I swatched them they had almost a greasy texture. They went on smooth but you could tell they were going to work. The texture was very thin and too creamy. As you can see they rub right off. I think this part is complete garbage.
I didn't bother to swatch the lip glosses. They are all your basic lip gloss colors. They are lightly tinted and pretty sheer for the most part!
VERDICT: As far as the eye shadows go this palette is amazing. When you get to the face side though that's when it loses it's luster. The Studio Pop Palette (the original one) is just eye shadows which I think would probably be way more worth it. You do get twice as many shades in this palette but I feel like you will end up also wasting so much of it. The palette is normally $59 on
Thank you ladies for taking the time to read this! I hope you found it helpful. As always if you have any feedback feel free to leave a comment! I love hearing from you guys. Also make sure to follow my blog, twitter : momotime620, instagram: littlemadeupmomo, and find me on beautylish

 Some looks I created with this palette!