Sunday, December 16, 2012

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Review!

I have been using the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream for a couple of weeks now and I figured I would share my honest opinion. I have tried quite a few BB creams by now and I am sorry but I am just not super wow'ed by them. For those of you that do not know what a BB cream is I will explain. BB stands for Beauty Balm. Though these multi faceted balms are fairly new to the U.S. they have been around in Japan for some years. BB creams are essentially supposed to be your whole face routine in one. They are a moisturizer, primer, corrector, and sunscreen all in one! Sounds amazing right?

Now I got pretty blessed when it came to the skin gene and am not one of those girls who need to use a full coverage foundation everyday. I am however, one of those girls that likes to take care of their skin. I use a moisturizer and sunscreen almost everyday. I usually use a light coverage tinted moisturizer. So when I heard about BB creams I was all "HECK YES"!! I thought this would be right up my alley. So over the last few months as BB creams took off and the drugstores started to stock their shelves with them I gave a few a try. I tried one from Garnier, L'oreal, and Maybelline and all were no goes for me. I felt like they made my skin greasy feeling and just sat on top of my skin. Half way through the day my face looked shiny and felt like it had half melted off.

So to sum this up I decided maybe the drugstore brands just weren't cutting it and I needed to try something a little more upscale. I received a sample of the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream with a purchase and I also got a sample while I was at Sephora. This gave me enough for quite a few applications and to really be able to tell if it was worth the $39 price tag! Eek I know that is quite a price tag but if it can replace all my other products I use on my face daily than it would be worth it.

VERDICT: Omg the difference between this and the drugstore brands is HUGE!! Now this puts the cheap BB creams to shame! The application is pretty matte. It did not make my face feel dry nor did it make it feel greasy initially! After a couple hours it made my face feel a little right. Also if you do not touch it up it can develop a sort of chalky effect. You do have to work it into the skin a bit but it isn't awful time consuming. As far as coverage go it is light to medium! If you like heavy coverage when it comes to your face products than this will not be for you. I still topped mine with a translucent powder but that is just my preference. I don't think you would need it. Overall I would say this isn't bad. It is a great product for on the go or if you are trying to save some time. I don't think I will rush out and buy it but I will grab it if Smashbox runs a sale!

Let me know what you think if you have used this product.

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  1. you're like me with the genetics and good skin that doesn't need a full coverage! -high five!- haha i haven't tried this product but great review :)

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  2. I was wondering what shade you are in? I have great skin and just wanted something sheer. I got a sample of this from an Ulta order, but it was in Light/Medium, was too dark for me. Are you using Light or Fair?