Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick Review and Swatches!

Finally I was able to find these suckers. I have been looking for quite some time and for some reason all of the drugstores near where I live were taking forever to get them in stock. Walgreens finally got the collection and when I saw it I was pretty excited. I will tell you ahead of time that I only picked up the lighter shades in the collection since those are the ones I can actually see myself wearing. So if you have your eye on the darker shades you won't find them here. I will however, be able to give a run down of the formula, wear, and feel of the lipstick in general.

I have no other Rimmel lip products so I wasn't really sure what to expect but I was intrigued by the "matte," label. I am not a big fan of super shiny disco ball lip products so I really wanted to give these a go.
I love the packaging of these. They are so sleek and cute. I really love her little signature as well. I can't recall how many are in the line but I want to say 10! All of the colors looked beautiful but I couldn't foresee myself wearing them all so I picked up the ones I would wear normally.

As you can see above the colors are designated with a number and not an actual name! Maybe I am strange but I like actually putting a name to a face so I thought that they could have been a little creative here. Overall, the colors are beautiful and nicely pigmented! I would show you them on my lips but they are a chapped mess right now so arm swatches will have to do. For being a matte lipstick I was surprised at how creamy this formula actually was. Normally I associate matte lip products with a sort of chalky/ dry feel but this wasn't like that. It is so creamy that I thought it felt almost greasy on my lips. After about a half hour it started to dry out and was a little more comfortable to wear but upon initial application it is slippery feeling.

As far as formula goes I would not call this a true matte. There is no shimmer in this formula but it is more of a semi matte since it still gives your lips some sheen. I find it beautiful none the less but it is not a true matte like say MAC Ruby Woo.

If you have read some of my past blogs you know that for me smell is very important. I have a good nose and if something smells weird it makes products a no go for me. Well this may fall into that category. This lipstick has a floral/cucumber smell. It smells like cucumber melon. At first I was like "ooo it smells fresh" and then I changed my mind. I don't know if it is just me but I found the smell to be so strong that it was almost overwhelming.

I found that it wore for a decent amount of time. It is a lipstick that will need touch ups after drinking something or lots of talking but that is typical. I didn't see true fading until about 2 hours but it was slight!

Overall I would say that if you are buying this for a real matte finish than you may want to look elsewhere. I do like it though. It isn't the best quality but it is not the worst. For the $6 price tag it is a good lipstick to have in your car or purse for when you need a little something extra.


  1. the colors look gorgeous but i think they are somewhat expensive compared to the quality and price of the wet and wild lipsticks! great review!

    1. They are expensive compared to WNW but in comparison to some other lip products they are pretty affordable. I will always love my WNW lipsticks though that is for sure!

  2. Replies
    1. There are a few other colors that I want to get. They are really nice. I went to Walgreens the other day and they had a new display of them up but with all the other new products I had already reached my spending limit :)