Monday, December 3, 2012

Covergirl Outlast Review and Swatches!

My boyfriend always laughs at me for sitting down on Sundays and clipping out the coupons or spending hours filling out surveys or what have you to get them. Until now :) The other day I went to Riteaid and with the coupons and what have you that I had I was able to get $80 worth of Covergirl products for $4! I tried to pick up some of their new products to review for you and to also get some basic essentials that I use all the time. Amongst the new products that I picked up were the new Covergirl Outlast Nail polishes! I only picked up four and I will explain why but let's take a look at the ones that I did get first.

The first color I got is called Tickled Pink. It is your basic hot pink shiny nail polish. I didn't find anything to exciting about this. It did apply nicely with only one coat but I honestly have a million other versions of this in my collection from other companies. The brush is your standard nail polish brush. I didn't notice anything different or exciting about it. The bottle is cute but I will also explain why I don't like that soon!

The next color I picked up is called Forever Festive. Fitting for this time of year I suppose. It is a dark shimmery red with tiny micro glitter in it. It is a nice deep red if you are looking for a good color to wear for the winter. They say that this formulation is supposed to be "more shiny and pigmented" but I think that it hits about average. I think it compairs to my Julie G polishes and to my Revlon polishes! They packed on a lot of claims with this line but I don't know if I feel it lives up to most of them.

The next color I got was Vio-last which is a flat bright sort of lavender color. This one was probably the only color out of the collection that made me go "wow I don't think I have anything like this color." I have a lot of purples but none like this one. It applied opaque with just one coat and dried only a little darker than it appears in the bottle. Now here is where my dislike for the bottle comes in. When I went to twist the top off the whole top fell apart. The square part totally seperated from the part that holds the brush. I was a bit irritated. The whole construction of this bottle is so cheap!

This last color however, is hands down my favorite. It is a beautiful golden shimmer polish called Golden Opportunity! It is so shimmery and amazing! I am a sucker for gold polishes to begin with but this one is pretty nice. It is however, not as opaque as all the other colors. I had to apply 3 coats to get it to a shade that I really liked.

Overall, I think these are good but they are not amazing. I do not think that for a drugstore nail polish that they are worth the $6 you pay for them. Their are many other polishes out there like the Julie G polishes, Maybelline Color Show, and Sinful Colors that work just as well for half the price. My main gripe with these are that the shade options are not that thrilling. If you are not a nail polish junkie and you are looking for your basic colors than this might appeal to you but yet again you can find cheaper options. Their were not very many colors that really called out to me. You had your basic red, a black, a dark cherry color, a light pink, a hot pink...that's all I can remember besides the colors that I got. Overall, I don't see anything special. Maybe that is just me but I almost had a hard time picking the colors I did get and I basically got them for free. I have worn them on my nails now for 4 days and with a base coat they lasted about as long as usual without chipping. I noticed the first chip on day 3 and excessive chipping by day 5. Let me know if any of you have boughten these and let me know what you think about them. I would love to hear some of your thoughts on these.

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  1. I don't think it fell apart - it's similar to the Butter London style bottles in that the square part comes off, then you twist off the cap with the brush attached. Do I think it's annoying, yes....but it's definitely not due to cheap construction! It is made that way on purpose :)

    There are also 30 new colors in the line releasing this month so hopefully your gripe about limited options will change as well.

  2. My Riteaid recently got a whole new display which has a few colors that I want to pick up. For some reason the purple still is the only one that the square part just falls off of. The others will come off if I tug at it a bit but the purple one just won't stay on. I just super glued it because it was annoying!