Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara Review!

To go with my Covergirl Outlast Nail Color post I also picked up what was my first ever mascaras from Covergirl. I picked up the new Clump Crusher which I have seen all over the place as far as stores and ads go. I also picked up the Covergirl Lash Blast 24 Hr Mascara. I have never used a mascara from Covergirl before so this is literally my first ever experience with them.

No offense to Covergirl lovers but this brand has never really called out to me. I very often see products from them that I have to have. The only reason I bought most of these was because I didn't have to buy them. All of my experience with most of their products leave a lot to be desired. However, a bright lime colored bottle just makes me want to try it.

I have worn this mascara for most of the week so at this moment I am only going to review the Clump Crusher. I will do the other later on when I can tell you what I think after having used it.

The claim is that this mascara is "clump free and gives you 200% more volume." Big claim right? Can I say that it did exactly that? No. Can I say that I was pleasantly surprised? Yes. It does build my lashes long and strong after a swipe or two and has yet to smudge on me. One of my major gripes with mascara is it transferring to my under eye. I work pretty long shifts so I normally struggle to find a mascara that gives me that dark full look without smudging all over the place. This mascara def passed the test as far as that goes. It really lasted a long time during my long days. I also did feel like this added some length to my lashes. I did not however, see the volumizing part that they promise. It made my lashes much darker but I did not give me the volume that my Prestige Blackest Lashes or my Rimmel Scandalash does! As far as the clumping goes it did a decent job. Did it not clump at all? No but it didn't clump much. The brush doesn't seem like anything super unique. It is your curved plastic bristle brush. It reminded me a lot of the new Maybelline Cat Eyes Brush!

Overall I would say that this is a decent mascara that delivers most of what it promises. This mascara is good for daytime everyday type lashes but if you want that dramatic night time look I would opt for something different!


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