Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Clean Brush Is A Happy Brush!

Let's face it a good set of quality makeup brushes are not cheap. Even the "cheap" brands cost a pretty penny to build a good collection with. As with any investment that we make it is important to maintain them. With a car you give it oil changes and replace brakes. With makeup brushes you also need to give them the love and tenderness that they deserve. One of the best ways to show your brushes that you care for them is to give them proper and timely cleaning.

First of all this is important for basic hygiene reasons. Your brushes touch your face everyday. That also means that they are touching your faces oils, germs, and eye parts everyday. Makeup brushes are the perfect place for bacteria to grow if not properly kept up with. If you are a makeup artist hygiene is extremely important and unless you use disposable applicators than disinfecting your brushes is a must.

Secondly keeping your bristles clean and properly shapes will help prolong their life. The more product you put on a brush then more it will be weighed down and unshapened! This will also help how they feel. If you like your brushes to feel silky smooth on your skin than cleaning them is essential.

Now I understand that not everyone knows how to properly clean and take care of their little helpers so that is where I will assist you today! Their are many gadgets and solutions that are good to know about. I will go through with you how I clean mine step by step. I will then list for you some great little tools that are important and where you can get them.


1) Gather all your brushes that have come any where near your face or body! You will need a towel, brush shampoo, and warm water (running sink but if not you will need 2 separate bowls with warm water in them)

2) Take one of your brushes and wet it with the warm water. Next take a pea size amount of brush shampoo and massage it into the bristles. (This is about the point when you will see how dirty your brushes really are by the amount of nasty gunk that you see on your hands).

3) Once you have a nice lather on the brush or once you can tell the shampoo is worked through the bristles well, begin to rinse under the warm water. Rinse until the water no longer looks discolored or until there is no more residue coming off of the brush.

4) Take your towel and gentle pinch it around the brush to remove excess water.

5) The take your brush guards (which I will explain below) and slip them over the brushes. If you do not have a brush guard then with your fingers reshape your brushes to the desired shape that they were in before.

6) Place your brushes spread out on a clean surface to dry. If possible place them where the sun will hit them for faster drying purposes. DO NOT use a dryer to dry the brushes. Applying heat can melt the glue that holds the brush together melt or melt artificial bristles!

7) Once they are dry remove the brush guards and place them back in their homes :)

Some great products to know about for keeping your brushes beautiful:

-E.l.f Cosmetics offers brush shampoo and daily brush cleanser for only $3 at you can also find this at Target and Kmart!

-Coastal Scents sells the Brush Guards that I use. Brush Guards are little mesh tubes that expand to fit your brushes. You simply pull your wet brush through the tube and leave it on to dry. This will help your brushes keep their shape and prevent fraying. They offer a couple different combinations and sizes! I swear by these suckers!!! You can also find brush shampoo there as well!

-Sally Beauty Supply offers a wide variety of brush shampoo, towelettes, and cleansers all for around $6 you can buy these in store or at

-BH Cosmetics also offers a brush cleanser.

Now all of the cleansers I showed above are a reasonable price. Somewhere in between $3-$10! I would not spend more than that due to the fact that you just don't have to. All of these will get the job done just fine.

Homemade Brush Cleansers:

There is also a million and one ways to clean your brushes with some basic things you have around the house. I purchase my own just for the sake of easyness but you can make your own also. Here are some pretty easy recipes.

-1 cup water, 1.5 TBS baby shampoo, and 1 TBS baby oil. Mix together and voila.

-1 cup water, 2 TBS rubbing alcohol, and 1 TBS baby shampoo.

-1.25 cup warm water and 2 TBS Woolite.

Like I said when I began this article keeping your brushes clean is very very important for the longevity of your brushes and for hygienic purposes. Thank you ladies for reading and I hope this was helpful :)

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