Monday, November 12, 2012

Sephora Pantone Universe Palette Review And Swatches!

Well this review comes to me with great joy and sadness. Sadness because it went on sale about a week ago and I got so excited about what a great deal it was. However, I just went to the Sephora website to find that it was no longer available :(. Hopefully this review will at least help you decide if you may be interested in purchasing the new Sephora Pantone Universe Precious Metals Palette which you can see here ! The set up of the palettes look the same and if the quality is similar then it would be a nice little palette to own. Phew that was a bit of a strange introduction but I hope you keep reading the rest of this post anyway :)!! I would also quickly like to apologize for my lack of posts this week. It has been a hectic one with lots of exciting happening but not a lot of sleep or free time. I will do better this week my loves I promise!!!

Sorry about the darkness in these photos but it has been crappy weather and I tried my best to work with the lighting. Here is the over view of the palette. I will say that this palette is one of the nicest in craft that I own. It is a very durable metal case that is a sleek white. It also has a full size mirror. Now when I say full size I mean it is literally the size of the whole palette which is great for traveling. The whole packaging reminds me of a laptop actually. As you can see inside you get 35 eyeshadows all separated by color scheme. Each section goes from lightest shade to darkest. You get a mixture of shimmer and matte shades which you will see in the swatches. The size of the eyeshadows themselves is pretty decent. I would say about the size of a postage stamp a piece.

Here are some close ups. As you can see this palette offers such a range of shades. You have endless possibilities of looks you could create with this palette. I love almost every one haha! I also love the arrangement. For some reason I feel like organizing them from lightest to darkest looks more more appealing that the scattered affect that most palettes use.

The swatches are done by row on bare skin without primer. As you can see there are a lot of stand out shades in this palette. I love the texture here. The eyeshadows apply smoothly and evenly. They are a bit soft so you need to have a light hand when using them but they did not come off chalky. You get a nice mixture of matte and shimmer shades. For the most part all the shades are highly pigmented and blended very well. I can not wait to have fun with palette. I am a sucker for color and this gives me many options.

Now I am not sure how the new palette pairs up to this one. I read through the reviews on Sephora and I can't decide yet if I want to purchase it for myself. If you can still find this palette kicking around than I highly recommend you pick it up because it is worth every penny that I spent on mine.

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