Saturday, November 17, 2012

Prestige My Perfect Pair (My Blackest Lashes and My Glittery Lashes) Review!!!

So amongst all the other products of the sparkly kind that I have hauled from the drugstore lately I also snagged another glittery mascara. I swear anything shimmery or shiny has some sort of magnetic device inside of it that just draws me to it. Then my brain goes "I must own this". Therefore, within a one week span I have added not one but two sparkly mascaras to my collection. One which I have previously blogged about in this post! My newest one is called Prestige's My Perfect pair. It is a duo mascara collection from Prestige which contains their popular mascara My Blackest Lashes and a glitter lash top coat called My Glittery Lashes. I found this at Riteaid for $10 which I didn't think was too bad seeing how the My Blackest Lashes was $7 on it's own.
Both tubes are full size and seem to be part of a holiday theme. The package says "Small flecks of glitter give eyes a dazzling, sparkly look. Pair with Carbon Black My Blackest Lashes for the ultimate dresses up eyes".

Above is the My Glittery Lashes part of the duo. In the package it looks as if the mascara is a black mascara with silver sparkles but when I applied it on my hand I realized that it was actually a clear mascara with black and silver glitter. What I like about this is that you get a lot of mascara in the tube so you aren't fishing around to pick up the glitter on the wand. I used it last night and one brush of the wand (which we will talk about in a bit) gives you a nice even coat of glitter on your lashes. I find with other glitter mascaras like my Hard Candy one I have to apply a couple coats to really get that nice shimmering affect. I also found that this dried fairly quickly. Now for the wand. I was a little "what the heck" when I first pulled this out. It looked like a lollypop stick covered in glitter but at a closer look I realized it had a tiny little spiral of bristle. You almost can't even see it. I didn't think that htis was going to work all that well but to my surprise it didn't do a bad job. I actually think this applied the glitter better than the bristle brushes in my other glitter mascara's.

The second part that was included was the My Blackest Lashes mascara. I have heard this talked about many times on Youtube and never really got in on the hype. I am still have mixed reviews on this one. I have used it a couple days in a row and even used it on 3 clients today but I am not sure how I feel about it. It is super dark and gives your lashes a very dark black affect. However, I do not like how much product comes out on the brush. I have to swipe mine on a paper towel everytime. I feel like they didn't even put the part on the top of the tube that is supposed to pull of extra product. When I do that the product applies pretty well and coats my lashes nice and evenly. If I do not do that it comes off way to clumpy and makes all of my lashes stick togehter. I am a low manintanence girl. If I have to work to make a product work for me than I don't usually like it. I feel like the consistancy is also a bit wet. I will play around with it some more and see how I really feel about it.

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