Monday, November 5, 2012

NYX Box Of Smokey Look Review and Swatches!

I received a bunch of palettes from NYX right before I left for vacation. I tried to get to reviewing as much of them as possible but I couldn't get to all of them. One of the palettes I bought was the NYX Box Of Smokey Look palette. I am soooo glad this came in time for my trip because it was the perfect palette to bring along with me.

Above are pictures of what it looks like. The top compartment has two layers. Two sections for eyeshadows and the face products. There is a pull out drawer below that contains correctors, lip colors, and glitter. The packaging is really nice. It is sturdy and also comes with a decent sized mirror.
As you can see they eyeshadows are separated into sections to make it simple to achieve the perfect smokey eye. You have a grey section, purple section, warm browns, and cool browns. Above is swatches of the first section which is the greys. The longer row of swatches are the vertical rows of eyeshadows and the row of 4 swatches are the horizontal eyeshadows. The swatches were done on bare skin without primer.

Above are swatches from the purple section. Same as before the longer row of swatches are the vertical eyeshadows and the small row or swatches are the horizontal eyeshadows.

The right side of the palette are all of the neutral, natural, and brown shades. The section above is the left set which are the warmer tones. Here you get a lot of nice bronzes and golds. While on my trip it was Halloween and three of us were Greek Goddesses so we used the crap out of this side.

The next section is more of your cool tones. You have more taupey/deep cool browns and some good highlighting shades.
Above are swatches of the blushes and bronzers which are under the eyeshadows. This palette provides you with a bronzer, highlighter, and contour. As well as three decent sized blushes.
The lipglosses are pretty sheer. I did not swatch all of them because when I tried most of them looked the same. The glitter is pretty true to color on the skin so they appear exactly how they look in the pot. I used the glitters and they work awesome. They are not gooey like some glitter palettes I have boughten so they stay on the skin for a LONG time. They also don't feel sticky or weird on the face.
This palette was AMAZING. I am so glad that I brought it along with me. I was able to create so many looks with this and it gives you lots of options to play around. When you are doing makeup for 5 girls this is crucial. Now not all of the eyeshadows blew me away. I found that the horizontal rows on the top really didn't wow me. They are less pigmented than the other shades and I found that they were hard to work with due to the smallness of the strip of color you get. Most of the eyeshadows apply really nicely though. Even the matte shades worked pretty well. They can be a little bit chalky so I made sure to use a primer with them. I love love the packaging. You have so much product in a very travel friendly package. I also like that they give you product for a complete look. You even get correctors with this :)!! I think overall it is worth the $25 especially if you are someone who is on the go a lot!
Thank you for reading lovies!! Yet again my prayers are with all the Sandy victims and with all my friends who are in need due to this catastrophe. Please help out anyway you can!!

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