Friday, November 30, 2012

My Favorite Drugstore Eyeliner Pencil...Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeliner Trio Review and Swatches!

Hey there beautiful ladies! Sorry that I have gone so long without a post but my computer was having technical difficulties that needed to be fixed! Not that everything is back in order and running much better I will catching up on a lot of things. I have recently been trying a lot of new products that I want to fill you in on so expect many new blog posts soon! Not to mention there are lots of exciting new things happening in the world of drugstore makeup that I will be following up on and keeping you up to date with! Today's post is about something that I am so excited about!

About 2 months ago I was at Riteaid and I saw that Physicians Formula has these new Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trios. I had never tried anything but their eye shadows and face products before so I picked them up and figured I would try them. I didn't have very high hopes because I knew that Physicians Formula isn't normally raved about for the quality of their eye products but boy was I surprised! I think this may be in my top 3 now!

The first set I picked up was for Blue Eyes. It comes with a black, brown, and blue eyeliner. They are all in a twist up pencil type form with the built in sharpener! They are pretty awesome! They are decently pigmented and the colors are beautiful! What makes them so amazing though is the fact that they stay on forever. Later in this post I will show you a smudge test so you can get an idea of what I mean for yourself.

This week Riteaid is running a buy one get one free sale on Physicians Formula eyeliners and after how much I loved the first three I decided to pick up two other sets that caught my eye!

The first set I picked up was the Smokey Eyes collection. It comes with three shades for a Smokey Eye. The eyeliners are long wearing, water resistant, and they do not smudge. The set comes with a silver, a charcoal, and a sparkling black. The package gives you a diagram on how to apply it perfectly on the back.

Now though I really like the eyeliners I don't think I would waste my time on this set! They are all beautiful colors and they are all long wearing but they are also very similar. There isn't much of a difference between any of the colors. They all appear about the same even the black is kind of a muted brown black in color. If you really need brown eyeliners than I guess this would be the set to get.
This is the result of the smudge test. When I say smudge test I mean "me vigorously rubbing my arm" test. As you can see they all fared pretty well except for the nude set. Even that set though didn't do to bad. The regular set for blue eyes and the smokey set both passed with flying colors. Even with a makeup remover wipe it took a little bit to get them off. I have used the black eyeliner dozens of times within the last month or so and I can't stress enough how much I love it! VERDICT: amazing!

Thank you ladies for taking the time to read this! I hope you found it helpful. As always if you have any feedback feel free to leave a comment! I love hearing from you guys. Also make sure to follow my blog, twitter : momotime620, instagram: littlemadeupmomo, and find me on beautylish!

P.S.- Like I said Riteaid is running a bogofree deal on Physicians Formula products through Saturday so get them while you can :) You will save yourself $11


  1. wow id love to try those!!! they look great!

    1. They are pretty awesome. At least for me! They have almost replaced some of my UD 24/7's and at a fraction of the price.

    2. Thank you for the info. That's good to know.

  2. I'm totaly going ot keep an eye out for these to go on sale again.