Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Black Friday and Cyber Monday Purchases!

Well I did an amazing job (for me) at not buying a million things this year as far as beauty went. I did pick up a few things which will be coming up in further posts. I thought I'd just quickly tell you what I purchased and I would love to hear what you guys picked up! There were many amazing deals this year that were so hard to avoid.

I finally picked up the Smashbox Studio Pop Ultimate Palette which I got for 25% off! I guess I am Santa to myself this year since I included this on my $200 Santa Shopping List Tag.

I also picked up two sets of brushes from Ulta from the Real Techniques Brush line that I have been hearing raves and raves about. It is the brush line made by the sisters and Youtube gurus that are Pixiwoo! I got the Starter Kit and Core Collection. They were buy one get one half off. I can't wait to grace my face with these :)

I also took advantage of the sale on The Balm at and got myself the Nude Tude Palette which I have been lusting after for a long time now! It was only $18 which is considerably less than the normal price tag.

That sums up my beauty related purchases. More fun stuff for me to play around with and more stuff to share with all of you guys! As always please feel free to share with me all of the things you picked up either for yourself or others. Also please follow this page if you like. I am also on instagram: littlemadeupmomo and twitter:momotime620. You can add my pinterest or my beautylish page!  I would love if you guys would show your support and as always thanks for reading :)


  1. OOOHHHH WEEEE!!!!!!! Im tempted to try these out especially the smash box!!

    1. It came in today :) and it is from first appearance, swatching, and using it today, AMAZING! I am going to test it out a bit more then I will put a review up.

  2. Hi sweetie!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I'm following you now, great blog, keep posting!