Thursday, November 22, 2012

Maybelline Color Show Sequin Nail Polish Review and Swatches!!!


I don't know if anyone else feels this way but I feel like there are a lot of collections coming out that are all about glitter. Every where I turn I see nail polish, mascara, etc...AND IT'S ALL SPARKLY!!...If you know anything about me than you know this is a problem. So in true Staci fashion when I went to Tops and saw the new Maybelline Color Show Sequins collection I about died. This collection is made up of 8 different shades. They are all extreme glitter nail polishes. When I saw the display and I saw the bottles it reminded me of the Sally Hansen Gem Polishes. That made me super excited because those nail polishes are $7 or so and these are only $3.50. I decided to skip out on a few that were like polishes I already own. I did not buy the silver or the red. I actually just bought a nail polish from the L'oreal Diamond Collection that looks a lot like the red glitter polish in this collection. So back on track...I ended up buying the other 6 shades. After testing all of them I am not the biggest fan. I will explain why in a minute. Since I found the look, application, and staying power of each of these to be so vastly different I am going to go through them one at a time.

Let's start with the pink shade called Rose Bling. I really like this one. I will say that I don't own anything like this. It's a clear base with light pink micro glitter and large glitter pieces. It also contains magenta and silver large glitter flakes. I found this one to apply pretty well. All of these are fairly chunky due to having so much glitter in them so expect them to be a little thick. I would recommend a top coat and base coat. I painted a different one of these on each nail and wore them around for a week to see how they would all hold up. I would recommend a base coat for longevity. So this shade did apply a bit think but it applied fairly evenly.

The next shade is called Sea-Quins. It is a blue/clear gel with turquoise micro glitter and large dark blue glitter. This one also applied fairly well. There is a lot less large glitter in this shade so I found that it applied a lot smoother than some of the others. However, it did not have as much coverage. If worn alone this will take two coats or so. This shade wore really well. I didn't notice much chipping or flaking.

The gold shade is called Gold's Night Out. I am a little saddened by this color. It is a clear base with large and micro gold glitter. I have a soft spot for gold nail polishes so when I saw this I was in love with it. However, it didn't play a very good game. It was the first to chip and after a couple days it had literally all flaked off. I am going to try and play around with it and see if I can find a base or top coat that works better with it because it does look amazing. It applies pretty well and is the perfect shade for the holidays. Hopefully (fingers crossed) I can make this work!

The next shade is called Cocktail Dress. I found this to be the most unique out of the collection. It is a black/clear base with very fine milled black glitter and small red glitter. OMG this polish is so cool. It would have been more suitable for Halloween but I love it anyway. I didn't immediently love it from the bottle but after putting it on I really like it. It applies smoothly and evenly.

Least favorite goes to Sapphire Masquerade. This color is a clear base with purple micro glitter and large purple and hot pink glitter. Ugh this looked so pretty too. It sucks that I dislike it so much. Application was a nightmare. It was very chunky and I could not get it to apply evenly. I felt like the glitter just clumped together. I took it off and tried it over again and had the same problem.

The last shade that I bought is called Lavender Sparks. It is a light purple micro and large glitter polish. This and Rose Bling are very similar in color pay off and application. This color is going to be so nice for spring. I love love love it.

Overall I think these are okay. If you are looking for an alternative to the gem polishes this is a bit of a cheaper alternative. However, I do not think they apply as nicely. The gem polishes apply much more even and uniform. These will take a little bit of work but it is worth it. These are not going to work very well as a layering glitter polish just because they do apply so thickly. I haven't tried it but I feel like it would take FOREVER to dry.

If any of you have boughten these than let me know what you think. I would love to hear your opinions. Also feel free to leave comments on suggestions or things that you would like to see. Also please feel free to share my page with your friends. It would be much appreciated!!

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